Friday, March 11, 2016


          In this city, July 19th, John J. Murphy, aged 50.
          In this city, July 13th, John P. Kerrigan, aged 22.
          In this city, July 15th, of diphtheria, Richard D., son of Richard and Katie K.
      Berry, aged 9 year 5 months.
          In this city, July 15th, Joseph H. Pettengill, aged 36 years 8 months.
          In this city, July 16th,  Julia Steele, aged 87.
          In this city, July 16th, Maggie, daughter of Mary Crane, aged 6 years 7 months.
          Cape Elizabeth, July 12th, Edgar E. Peabbles, aged 23 years 3 months 4 days.
          Danforth, June 24th, Aaron, youngest son of H. H. and F. A. Putnam, aged 3
     years 3 months 4 days.
          Harrison, July 13th, Leonard C.  Libby, born June 16, 1815, died aged 71.
          Dayton, York County, July 7th, Olive N., wife of Henry T. Moers, aged
     83 years.
          Rockland, July 14th, Mrs. Bertha Spaulding, aged 25 years.
          Phipsburg, July 13th, Mrs. Rachel S. Elliott, aged 88 years.
          Biddeford, July 11th, Mrs. Daniel Ross, aged about 68.
           Lewiston, July 17th, Mrs. Mary Hall, aged 84.
           Frankfort, July 16th, Marcus Merrill, aged 55 years 1 month.
           Bangor, July 15th, Mrs. Hannah M. Saunders, aged 61 years.
           Alfred, July 15th, Hannah J., wife of William G. Conant, aged 51 years.
           Biddeford, July 12th,  Minnie Belle, daughter of Henry A. Harding and Bertie
     A., aged about 6 months.
           Dayton, W. T., July 6th, Octavia B., wife of Rev. John F. Naugle.
            South Framingham, Mass., July 13th, William Benner, formerly of Waldoboro,
     aged 69 years.
           Cincinnati, Ohio, July 14th, Daniel Hussey, formerly of Biddeford, aged
     85 years.
           Yonkers, New York, July 11th, Anna W., wife of Edward R. DeWolfe and
     eldest daughter of George Woods, formerly of Yarmouth.
           Lincolnville, July 11th, Mary E., daughter of Joseph and Mary Marriner,
     aged 12 years 5 months 9 days.
          Washington, July 11th, Jeremiah Peaslee, aged 53 years.
           Farmington, July 12th, Mary S., wife of Russell Macomber, aged 33 years,
     8 months 8 days.
           Calais, Me., July 10th, Hebert H. Gibson, aged 55 years 10 months.
          Brownsville, July 18th, Charlie F., only son of George and Betsey A. Bishop,
     aged 2 years 4 months 3 days.
           South Windham, July 19th, Eliza, wife of Edmund Douglass. a daughter of
     the late Thomas Mayberry, of Windham.
          Freeport, July 18th, Ann S., wife of Captain Eben, Davis, aged 79 years 11 months.
          Augusta, July 18th, Mattie A. Gaze, aged 40 years.
          Biddeford, July 18, Mrs. Eliza S. Head, aged 75 years 6 months.
          South Boston, July 18th, Calvin S. Titcomb, formerly of Portland, aged 78 years.
          Bucksport, July 10thk, Joseph B. Bradley, aged 71 years.

          Charles H. Holmes, Esq., a son of the late Honorable John Holmes, of Alfred,
     died on the 14th inst., in Topsfield, Mass., where he had resided for half a  century,
     at the aged of 76 years. He was a lawyer by profession, but devoted his life to
     agriculture. He was the tallest man in Essex County, being six feet and eight inches

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


          Camden, July 7th, to the wife of Alonzo N. Fitzgerald, a son.
          Waldoboro, Center, July 4th, to the wife of Walter Chapman, a son.
          Burketteville,  (Camden) July 4th, to the wife of George Grinnell, a son.
          South Hope, July 7th, to the wife of A. A. Carter, a daughter.
          South Hope, July 10th, to the wife of C. E. Fernald, a daughter.
          Rockland,  July 5th, to the wife of John Jackson, a son.
          Rockland, July 12th, to the wife of Fred F. Burpee, a son.
          Rockland, July 12th, to the wife of Warren Nutting, a son.
          Industry (Industry) Franklin Co., July 12th, to the wife of Charles Oliver, a
          North Anson, July 12th, July 12th, to the wife of L. A. Thompson, a daughter.

          In this city, July 14th, by Rev. J. W. Bashford, George L. Smith and Edith L.
     Fickett, both of Portland.
          In this city, July 12th, by Rev. Henry Blanchard, John J. Crittenden, of
     Brooklyn, New York., and Alice May Norton of Portland.
          In this city by Rev. J. M. Lowden, Charles W. Starbird and Florence E. Wyer,
     both of Portland.
          Cape Elizabeth, July 10th, by Rev. A. D. Dodge, Lewis E. Mason and Hattie J.
     Abbot, both of Westbrook.
          Lewiston, July 14th, John F. Brown of Hartland and Lizzie L. York of Lewiston.
          Cornish, July 10th, Dr. Arthur E. Morrill, of Parsonsfield and Nellie C. Guptill
     of Cornish.
          Topsham, July 10th, Edward C. Ricker of Brunswick and Betsey A. Wilson, of
     North Harpswell.
          Hallowell, July 15th, Newell T. Hovey and Carrie C. Sheaff, both of Hallowell.
          Camden, July 14th, Lewis Dunn and Marion Upham, both of Rockport.
          Bangor, July 16th, Alexander Henry and Lovina Smith, both of Bangor.
          Palermo, July 11th, Ulmer S. Bruce and Clara B.Greeley.
          China, July 13th, Ansell W. Morrill of Winslow and Agnes N. Delaney of
          New York City, Major-General Schuyler Hamilton, of New York City and Mrs.
     Lewis Francis Paine Cavanaugh, formerly of Sanford, Me.
          Farmington, July 5th, William Watson of Stark and Emma Daggett of Industry.
          Farmington, July 7th, Edward W. Bragg of Farmington and Martha A. Packard,
     of Medfield, Massachusetts.
          New Vineyard, July 11th, Arthur Leavitt and Emma F. Pratt, both of New Vineyard.
          Dresden, July 8th, Herbert Pettengill and Lilla Brown, both of Dresden.
          Portsmouth, N. H., July 8th, Benjamin F. Adams of Wells and Lizzie M. Hutchins
     of York.
          Rockland, July 4th, Frank L.Wadsworth and Lucinda O. Jameson, both of
          Milltown, July 3rd, William H. Keon and Nellie A. McBride, both of Calais.
          Amity, July 6th, Peter R. Moores of York County, New Brunswick, and Isabel
    S. Smith of Amity.
          Brighton, July 10th, George C. Brown of Mayfield and Rosa M. Brown of
          Round Pond, July  2nd, Clarence J. Poland and Etta M. Huey, both of Bristol.
          Hallowell, July 15th, Newell T. Hovey and Carrie C. Sheaff, both of Hallowell.