Wednesday, May 29, 2013



              In Bowdoin 26th inst., by James Porter III, Esq., Mr. David Wait, formerly
          of Boston, Massachusetts to Mrs.  Martha Carr of Bowdoinham.
              In Limerick, Abner Burbank, Esq., to Miss Eliza A. Harmon.
              In Paris, Maine, Mr. Soloman Chase to Miss Nancy H. Stephens. This
          Soloman Chase is not the politician from Maine.
              In Livermore, M. Daniel F.  Putnam of Rumford, to Miss Lucinda Walker
          of Livermore.
              In Bath Mr. Samuel McCucnon of Waltham, Mass., to Miss Hannah
          Springer of Bath.
              In Jefferson, Lincoln County, Christopher Erskins,  Esq., to Miss Lucy
          Andrews, formerly of Brunswick. 
              In Waterville Mr. Augustine Perkins to Miss Ruth W.  Springer.
              In Ellsworth, Mr. A. B. McFarland of Blue Hill to Miss Rebecca Carter
          of Ellsworth.  Mr. Ephriam Wentworth of Hancock, to Miss Eliza Moore.
              In Blue Hill Mr. William P. Abbot to Miss Julia P. Dodge. G. A. Witham,
          Esq., to Mrs. Sarah Barry of Machiasport. Mr. Andrew Warren to Miss
          Susan Billings.
              In this city Mr. Matthew L. Pennell to Miss Louisa to Miss Louisa H.
              In Boston, Mr. Joseph Stevens formerly of Wiscasset, to Mrs. Sarah L.
         Woodland, of Boston.


               In this city at the hospital on Sunday evening, of small pox, Seward
          Sawyer of Westbrook, 18.
              In Freeport Mrs. Marriet Thomas, 31.
              In Saco Mr. Luther J. Milliken, 35. Mr. William Grace, 71.
              At St. Albans, suddenly, Mr. Phineas Parker, formerly of Bloomfield, 64.
          Bloomfield was annexed from Skowhegan in 1861.
              In Norridgewock, Mr. Eliphalet Robbins, 80.
              In August Levi Rogers, Esq., 48.
              In Vassalboro, Miss Mary Roberts.
              In this city Mrs. Mary S., wife of Benjamin Andrews, 34.
              In Cape Elizabeth, Mr. Charles Dyer, 56.
              In Machias, Mr. Joseph Getchell, 80.
              In Jonesboro', Mrs. Tinney, 102.
              In Cornish on  Tuesday last, Mr. Royal Lincoln, aged 83. A
          Revolutionary Pensioner.
              In Hallowell Captain Daniel Smith, 60.  Mrs. Mary Getchell, 31.
          Mrs. Harriet E. Lewis, 21.  Mr. James Arskin, (Erskin?) age 50.
             In Lincolnville, Mr. John French, 45.
             In Bangor, Mr. James Swett, aged 50. Mrs. Nancy Thompson, 38.
             In Durham, Androscoggin County 5th ult.,   Mrs. Nancy, wife of Captain
          Paul Duglas, only daughter of Captain Ebenezer Warren, aged 39.Durham is
          part of both Lewiston and Auburn.
             In Buckfield 24th inst., Mr. Robert Martin, 98.

Sunday, May 26, 2013



             In this city June 29th William H. Sanborn and Georgie A. Crockett, both
          of Portland.
             In this city July 1st, George Curtis of Bowdoinham and Mary A. Heldelberg,
          of Portland.
             In this city June 29th, Elvin C. Swett and Miss Elvira Leighton, both of
             In Boothbay June 27th by Wilmot Lewis II, Esq., Alden B. Barter and
          Miss Mary J. Giles, both of Boothbay.
             In Frankfort, Maine, June 24th, William P. Whitehouse, Esq., of Augusta
          and Eva Maria Treat, of Frankfort.
             In Vienna, Maine, June 20th, Asa R. Moore and Mill Vill Ladd.
             In South Windsor, June 16th, Moses J. Donnell of Pittston and  Ann
          E. Bryant, of Windsor.
            In Belgrade June 6th Hiram  Ellis of Augusta and Ella R. Ellis, of Belgrade.
            In Bowdoinham June 24th Mulvy Partridge of Woolwich, and Miss Susan W.
          Curtis  of Bowdoinham.
            In Hebron June 19th, Lafayette Starbird and Malvina J. Young.
            In Hebron June 20th, Eleazer Snell of Buckfield and Cyrena Decoster,
          of Hebron.      
            In Newry June 20th, George Crooker and Mary  G. Smith.
            In Lock Haven, Pennsylvania  June 24th, by Rev. George W. Shinn,
          Alonzo M. Millett  and Miss Georgie Short, both of Portland.
             In Hallowell June 8th, Nathaniel L. Francis, of Rutland (Vt?) and Julia
          P. French of Chelsea (Mass?)
             In Brunswick June 27th, George T. Pratt and Miss Jennie Noyes,
          both of Yarmouth.
            In Hallowell June 24th, George H. Woodard of Gardiner and May
          Lizzie Niles of Hallowell.
            In Kennebunkport, William W. Buzzell and Abba Plummer.
            In Orono June 24th, Mr. David G. Stone and Nancy W. Welch, both
          of Perkins Plantation.
            In Livermore Falls June 5th David Stone  and Nancy A. Welch, both
            In Livermore Falls June 24th, Horace A. Briggs of Minot, and Laura M.
          Nason of Livermore Falls.
            In Gardiner June 27th, Nathan P Lyon, Esq., of Augusta and Celimena
          Mains, of Gardiner.
            In Farmington June 26th, George A. Stewart and Nellie A. Harvey, both
         New Vineyard.
            In Machias June 12th, Martin Foss of Marshfield, and Evelyn C. Seavey
          of Whitneyville.
            In Rockland June 27th, George Bond and Martha E. Huntley.
            In Skowhegan June 27th, Samuel E. Smith and Joana P. Perkins, both
            In Boston June 27th, Philip W. Remick and Cora W. Niles, of Topham.
            In Lewiston June 29th, Albert P. Hardy of Lewiston and Mary  B.
          Ladd of. Abbott.
            In Lewiston June 29th, Chris G. Atkinson of Old Town, and Eliza
          E. Huntington of Lewiston.
           In Fayett June 30th, Seth W. Johnson and Augusta C. Gile.


              In this city June 30th, Dana L., son of Mary E. and A. Ames, both of   
             In this city June 29th, Mrs. Mary E. Smith, aged 37.
             In South Paris, Me., Mrs. Nancy P. Hill, aged 50.
             In Poland, Me., June 24th, Mrs. Wealthy Schellenger, aged 79.
             In Farmington June 19th, Nathan S. Davis, aged 69.
             In East Wilton June 22nd., Mrs. Sophia Burbank aged 45.
             In East Machias May 15th, Mrs. Margaret Greenwood aged 80.
             In Saccarappa June 23rd, Mrs. Mary F. Goold, (sic) aged 28.
             In Augusta June 28th, Mrs. Jane C. Tibbets aged 54.
             In Pittston June 18th, Enoch Hollis  aged 75.
             In Bancroft June 13th, Mrs. Mary Pomeroy aged 90.
             In Mechanic Falls June 23rd, Mr. F. A. Duran aged 32.
             In Poland, Me., June 14th, Mrs. Filena A. Bradeen aged 23.
             In Eastport June 20th, Elijah Harrington aged 82.
             In Sanford June 21st., Jacob Stanley aged 84.
             In Lyman June 17th, Miss Bessie A. Trip  aged 27.
             In Bath June 24th, James Dolan  aged 48.
             In South Berwick 20th, Daniel Smith aged 62.
             In Brownfield June 7th, Ezra H. Meserve  aged 72.
             In Temple June 18th, Phineas Parker  aged 65.
             In Auburn June 29th, Mrs. Betsey Davis  aged 78.
             In Kingfield June 11th, William Dagget  aged 61.
             In Thomaston June 25th, Honorable Atwood Levensaler aged 70.
             In Bowdoin June 23rd, Daniel Carter, aged 46.
             In Thomaston June 27th, Major David N. Piper aged 73.
             In Thomaston June 19th, William Moody.
             In Warren June 16th Job Spear aged 69.
             In Bangor July 1st, Charles E. Parker aged 36.
             In Clinton June 12th, Jonas D. Burrill, Esq., aged 76.

                                                       CITY ITEMS

               Frank Merrill, silver plater, was very seriously injured by the accidental
          discharge of his gun on  the islands last Friday; one half of the jaw was shot away
          and his  face terribly lacerated, but the chances are in favor of his recovery, though
          badly disfigured. 

              We have received an appreciative obituary notice of Mrs. S. A. E., wife
         of Mr. C. P. Beckett from one of the many friends to whom her memory
         is dear.

              An insane man named William Johnson was taken charge of by the police
        last week; he says he is sent by the Savior to redeem the world, and is on a
       mission to save sinners.

              A young lady named Elizabeth Coffin, from Prince Edward's Island, who
        has served as a domestic in the family to Mr. Lowell, on Elm Street, and also
       in the family of the editor of this paper, was arrested last week for larceny and
       and a large number of articles belonging to both families, found in her possession;
       clothing, jewelry, groceries and money were among the articles stolen, and she
       so managed that the larcenies extended through a periods of several months, she
       was not suspected till just before the arrest

            The Bowdoin Class of 1844 celebrates its 25th Anniversary at the coming
      commencement. Among the member are Judge Godard, of the Superior Court,
      Honorable Josiah L. Pickard, Superintendent of Schools of Chicago, Honorable
      D. R. Hastings of Fryeburg, General Samuel J. Anderson and Henry P. Deane,
     Esq., of Portland, Honorable H. J. Herrick of Lawrence, Mass., General William
     Wirt Virgin of Norway, Me., and Honorable H. K. Bradbury of Hollis.

          David A. Bradley was found dead in his bed at the Oxford House, Fryeburg,
     on the 28th ult., and an examination showed his death to be the result of an
     internal hemorrhage.
           A lad named James Brown was instantly killed at Auburn last week by falling
     three stories in attempting to slide down  the bannisters  of the school house.
          Alexander Hughes of Hodgdon on the 25th ult., was upset with a load of
     clapboards, which fell upon him, causing instant death.
          Colonel Alfred E. Buck formerly of Hallowell, has been nominated for
      Congress by the republican on the 1st Alabama district.
          F. W. Bickford escaped from Alfred jail last week and  a reward is offered for
      his capture.

         Messrs. H. M.  & B. Hall, of Ellsworth ship $1000 worth of lumber per day.

         Mr. Herrin of Houlton has sold a colt to a New York gentleman for $2,000.

         Mr. Sinclair of Lisbon attempted suicide quite deliberately a few days ago.
     He shot himself in the head with  a pistol before a mirror  in order to be  sure
    of his aim. But he was surprised to find himself alive, the ball hitting  his skull,
    and glancing upward.  He was unwell, despaired of recovery and this was the
   cause of the rash and unsuccessful attempt.  He received only a scalp wound.

        Several aged people who were among the earliest settlers of Belmont have
     died recently.  Mrs. Rachel Belcher, aged 92; Mrs. Sarah Elms aged 83; Mr.
    Joseph Dunton aged 67.  All have lived in one school district and died within
    five days of each other.

          The house and store of T. J. Merchant of Damariscotta were burned on the
   27th ult.  Loss $10,000 or more; no insurance.

          A monument to the late Dr. Ezekiel Holmes of Winthrop is not being made
   of Hallowell granite. 

          William Russell of Farmington, a young man of 17 years is missing since
    Sunday last week.

         On Sunday last Mr. Lane, of Readfield went in bathing with a little girl and
   both were drowned.  The same day a child of Isaac Perkins of East Winthrop
   was drowned.

          Rev. N. J. Wheeler, pastor of the Baptist church at Skowhegan has tended his

         J. P. Greenough recently killed an otter 5 1/2 feet in length at New Sharon.
        A rigger  named James Silver fell into the hold of the new ship Pacific on the
    1st , and was fatally injured, his skull being badly fractured.

       Miss Maria Johnson for more than twenty-five years matron of the Insane
   Hospital at Augusta, has resigned her position on account of failing health.



Saturday, May 25, 2013



               Parsonsfield, May 1st,  the wife of A. P. Moulton, a daughter, Genie May.
               Lancaster, New Hampshire, May 7th, to the wife of William Cushing, a
              Skowhegan May 20th, to the wife of G. C. Dooley, a son
              Skowhegan May 21st, to the wife of  John F. Judkins, a son.
              Cornville May 17th, to the wife of W. K. Evans, a son.
              Norridgewock May 17th, to the wife of Henry Murphy, a son.
              East Livermore May 29th, to the wife of F. J. Folsom, a son Freddie


              In this city May 25th, Ephraim T. Townsend and Lucretia J. Sinclair,
          both of Portland.
              In this city May 26th, by Daniel W. Shaw, Esq., James M. Brown and
          Matilda Thompson, both of Portland.
              In this city May  23rd, Judge G. F. Shepley and Helen Merrill, both of
              In this city May 21st, George E. P. Tukey of Portland and Alice Bella,
          Thurston of Belfast.
              In this city May 22nd, Alvin A. Dennett and Flora J. Gilman, both of
              Waterville May 15th, by Rev. A. W. Pottle, N. W. Tayor of Sidney,
          Maine and Louise N. Lane of Georgetown.
              Saco by Rev. N. T. Ridlon, Oliver W. Austin of Charlestown, Mass.,
          and Ella A Knight of Salmon Falls, New Hampshire.
              Machiasport May 17th, John F, Sprague and Leaphy A. Larrabbe,
          both of Machiasport,
              Lewiston May 17th, George F. Lunt and Nellie Staples, both of Auburn.
              Florence, Italy April 16th, Henrietta W. Dyer of Portland and Preston
          Powers of Florence.
              Cape Elizabeth My 22nd, William L. Libby and Maria Parsons, both of
          Cape Elizabeth.
              Boston May 15, J. Clark Flagg and Elia Gary, both of Portland.
              Bath May 16th, Charles H. Grant and Eliza J. Bryant.
              Lewiston May 18th, George Greenbank of Lowell and Nellie J Plummer,
          of Lisbon.
              Bridgton May 12th, Danile Harmon and Sarah H. Trumbull.
              Hodgdon May 18th, Daniel Jones and Diantha T. Geraw, both of
              Lewiston May 19th, Joseph Bryant and Isabella Steel.
              Auburn May 19th, Watson H, Keith of Auburn, and Viola M.
          Larrabee of Lewiston.
              North Conway, New Hampshire May 19th, Adelbert Foster of Bridgton
          and Hannah Brown of Naples.
              Lewiston, May 22nd, Almon Young of Auburn and Isabelle Jones of
             Freedom May 18th, James M. Andrews of Albion and Amanda F. Twitchell
          of Freedom.

              In this city May 25th, Nettie S. Lovejoy, aged 21.
              In this city May 28th, Mrs. Julia M., wife of G. B. Nash, aged 29.
              Steep Falls May 26th, Albert, son of Irs D. Wood, aged 21 years,
           9 months.
              East Machias May 12th, Mrs. Eliza F., wife of J. Harris Talbot, aged 53.
              Saccarappa May 22nd, George Riggs, aged 72 years, 9 months.
              Scarboro May 17th, Lucy H., daughter of Dominicus and Harriet Libby,
          aged 13 years, 9 months.
              New Gloucester May 20th, Joseph Marr of Webster, aged 83.
              Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth, Mrs. Mary Jackson, aged 32.
              North Yarmouth Mary 19th, Sumner P. True, aged 21.
              Bethel May 15th, James Knight, aged 61.
              Raymond May 7, Ai (?) Plummer, aged 72.
              Warren May 6th, Mrs. Amelia A., Wallace, aged 26.
              Augusta May 21st, Mrs. Susan Fitz Morris, aged 69.
              Brunswick May 16th, David S. Dunlap, aged 81.
              Topsham May 16th, Mrs. Betsey Barron, aged 74.
              Sedgwick May 3rd, Deacon Jesse Billings, aged 94.
              Lewiston May 16th, Mrs. Abigail Sprague, aged 65.
              Deer Isle, May 3rd, Abijah Haskell, aged 91.
              Buckfield, May 4th, Mrs. Adline Atwood.
              Warren, May 19th, Percy Lermond, aged 73.
              Bangor May 21st, Mrs. Sarah H. Perry, aged 86.
              Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 14th Tillie Y. Cluff, aged 24.
              Temple May 15th, Mrs. Maria L. Bursdell, aged 38.
              Farmington May 13th, Mrs. M. L. Manter,  aged 47.
              Bangor May 13th, Mrs. William Fletcher, aged 50.
              Waldoboro May 16th, Mrs. Bertha Reed, aged 50.
              Addison May 15th, Captain Robert Look, aged  65.
              North Auburn May 19th, Luther H. Bolster, aged 43.
              West Waterville, Mrs. Adra Hall, aged 62.
              York, May 12th, Dr. Caleb Eastman, aged 89.
               Bath May 20th, Mrs. Olive M. Hamblen, aged 34.
               Brownfield May 19th, James Weeks, aged 83.
               Gorham May 19th, Mrs. Eleanor Waterhouse, 52.
               Limington May 17th, Isaac l. Mitchell, aged 65.
               Camden May 21st, Joseph Sherman, aged 89.
               North Haven May 19th, Mrs. Lucy V. Beverage, aged 56.
               Rockland May 20th, Thomas Verrill, aged 67.
               Rockland May 22nd, Mrs. Rebecca G. Sylvester, aged 49.
               Camden May 8th, Deacon Joseph Stetson, aged 80.

               Branford, Vt., April 29th, Fannie Emillie, daugher of W. H. and B. C.
          Haskins, aged 13 years, 4 months, 6. days.
               The subject of this notice was grand-daughter of Thomas Chase, Esq.,
          formerly of Farmington, Me., and was also great grand-daughter of Widow
          Sarah Barton, who died in Norway, Me., February 1869.  Fanni was was a
          favorite in her large circle of acquaintances in Grammar school, Sabbath school
          and in her neighborhood. She gave promise of usefulness in the literary world-
          having several months contributed "local items," to a neighboring  county paper
          which were duly appreciated and often copied into exchanges.  By the kindness
          of friends she always had the Portland Transcript at hand. She considered it
          necessary to her enjoyment, of saying "I could part with any other paper better."
          During the past winter she boarded with her oldest brother in Littleton, N. H., and
          attended an excellent school, bringing home a good report and many pleasant
          memories. This brother and family could be with her in her last days of illness.
          It was a sad sight to see her embrace her little niece and nephew and sister,
          calling them little dears, when we knew she could never more  enjoy their
          childish sports.  Her second brother residing in Newark, New Jersey was
          permitted the painful pleasure only of attending her funeral; but it was
          consolation to the "loved onee at home."  Two other brothers were necessarily
          absent, the third brother in San Francisco, Cal.  Her death caused a shadow to fall
          over her pleasant native village.  Her funeral  services  day,  were attended
          May 1st, at the  Methodist Church, Rev. Mr. Sherman of Piermont, N. H., happily
          officiating while many youthful friends who were wont to meet with her on former
          joyful occasions of this festive day, now mingled their tears and those of the
          bereaved and mourning relatives.
                San Jose, California, May 4th, of hemorrhage of the lungs, James A.
           Harmon, a native of Buxton, Maine, aged 27 years, 6 months.  Deceased
          had been a resident of San Francisco for fourteen years; he was an only son,
          loved and respected by all who knew him and leaves a wife and two children
          in San Francisco, and father, mother and sisters in Maine who mourn the loss.





Wednesday, May 22, 2013



                                                              MAINE MATTERS

              Lauriston Brown, Washburn, has been granted a pension.
              Mrs.William Morris a few days since, while washing saw a small spot of
          Paris green that was on the clothes that were unknown to her. She was very sick
          for awhile, but the proper antidotes were administered.  This is the second time
          she has been poisoned with it.
              A fourteen year old daughter of D. D. Hemore of Smyrna, while leading a horse
          to  water was kicked in the face by the animal, breaking her lower jaw in two places
          and considerably lacerating the flesh.  A physician of Houlton was summoned and
          found it necessary to fasten the boned together with a silver wire. Although a critical
          case the doctor has hope of her recovery.


              E. P. Pomeroy of Rochester, N. Y., while visiting his sister,  Mrs. Elijah Kellogg
          at Harpswell  hung himself Monday morning, Ill health and temporary insanity were
          cause.  He was 50 years old and a travelling man.
              George Thompson, the Standish livery stable keeper, let a horse Thursday evening
          to a stranger and the team has not been returned. Thompson is looking for his property.
              A child belonging to Mr. J. Harry Fisk of Brunswick, fell from a second story window
          of his residence on Pleasant Street last week, striking on its head in the middle of a
          newly plowed flower garden.  The Telegraph says the little one got up without help and
         was playing when found by its mother.
              Professor C. C. Everett of Harvard College will deliver the oration at the celebration
          of the 150th Anniversary of the settlement of Brunswick.  Professor H. L. Chapman, of
          Bowdoin College will deliver the poem upon that occasion.
              Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Libby of Saccarappa celebrated their Golden Anniversary Monday
         and were presented by friends with $55 in gold.
             Thomas Dunning, 81 years old of Cape Elizabeth, shot himself in the head Friday,
          killing him instantly.
             In East Baldwin the other day George Richardson was trying to throw a ball over the
          top of an ancient pine, about 150 feet in height. The ball lodged in the top of the tree,
          and Mr. D. Shaw undertook the task of recovering it by climbing the tree.  After much
          trouble he succeeded in performing the daring feat.

              Mr. E. K. Woodman of Farmington, has bought the four-year-old mahogany bay
          stallion Gideon Chief, of Dr. J. B. Twaddle for the sum of $1,000.
              John G. Chapman of New Sharon, about the age of 38 years of age, committed
          suicide by hanging on Thursday of last week. No cause is assigned for the act.
              The wife of Deputy Sheriff C. B. Millay committed suicide in Bowdoin Center
          Saturday night.
              News received in Bath Saturday of the death of James T. Patten at Wayneswille,
          North Carolina, Friday.   He was one of the leading business men at Bath having
          been interested in the Patten car works. Afterwards he went into the oil business at
          Brooklyn. Mr. Patten was mayor of Bath two years, and served two terms in the
          Maine Legislature.  He leaves a widow and several children.
              Saturday morning the New England Ship Building Co., launched the passenger
           steamer Nahanada, owned by the Eastern Steamboat Company, and designed to
           run on the Bath and Boothbay Harbor route.  The steamer is very strongly built in
           every particular, and is 97 feet overall, 236 in breadth and 7.6 in depth. The
          The Nahanada was designed by Mr. William Pattee, who designed the Shappo and
          he was made her hull very similar to that of the speedy Bar Harbor Ironworks, and
          is considered a very fine one, and it is thought the new steamer will be able to log
          sixteen miles an hour easily.  She will be ready for duty in about a month. The New
           England yard now contains but one vessel, a three-masted, 500 ton schooner, to be
           owned by parties in Dover, N. H.


              Mrs. Parker Williams of Madison, has a fuscbia, taken from a slip last summer
          that has 97 blossoms upon  it.  She also has another with variegated leaves, taken
          from the slips last October that is 40 inches high and budding to blossom.
              Henry Smith of Skowhegan died Saturday morning of dropsy, having been
          confined to the house but one week.  Mr. Smith was baggage master at Skowhegan,
          and well known throughout the state, having been a conductor on the Maine Central.
           He  leaves a wife and daughter.
              A pension has been granted to Oliver E. Otis of South Norridgewock.
              Bert Dawes of Madison was drowned while at work on the logs of Spencer stream
          Thursday.  He was the principal actor in a tragedy enacted at Madison bridge fourteen
          years ago.  He was then a lad of ten or twelve years of age, and was playing with a
          little girl half his age, named Spear when they discovered a gun.  He took it up pointed
          it at her, killing her instantly.  He was arrested and pleaded that he did not know the gun
          was loaded, but was simply trying to frighten his playmate.  This statement was not
          credited and he was sent to the Reform  School.

              Mr. Alvah E. Stimpson of Belfast has formed a co-partnership for the purpose of
          making of wigwam slippers.  They have rented a section of the second floor of C. J.
          Hall's foundry building where their machinery is set up.
              News have been received that William E. Park, Jr., first officer of the schooner Lina
          C. Kaminska, was drowned on passage from New York to Port Royal South Carolina.
          He was the son of Captain William H. Parks of Searsport, and was about 26 years of age.
              Pensions have been granted to Francis Matthews, Liberty; Surmandel K. Richards,
          Belfast; Dorinda A., widow of William Richardson, Prospect; Stephen Thurston, Belfast.

              Orrin H. Anderson, Milltown, has been granted a pension.
              Mr. F. J. Moore, a telegraph operator in Machias with the exception of short
          vacations has been at his post in that place 36 years.
              A young son of Captain Wass of South Addison, had a narrow escape from drowning
          recently.  He was playing in a yard where a tub of water was standing and accidently
          fell in, but was rescued by his sister, 3 years old, who by taking hold of his dress hauled
          him out.  She then took him to the house and told her mother that the baby had
          fallen in the water.





Saturday, May 18, 2013


                                                              MAINE MATTERS

              Miss Rilla Berry of Winthrop attempted to commit suicide in Auburn on
          Thursday morning by cutting her throat.  She is employed in  a shoe shop in Auburn. 
          Despondency is supposed to have caused the act.  The wound was not fatal.
              Mrs. Sophia W. Rowell died at Livermore Falls on Monday, aged 96 years and
          2 months. She was the widow of the late  Abijab Rowell, and mother of John A.
          Rowell of Livermore Falls, Edwin W. Rowell of Lewiston and Major E. Rowell 
          of Hallowell.  Two of her grandsons, George S. and W. W. Rowell are connected
          with the Portland Advertiser.
              L. C. Reyson a prominent Auburn horseman broke his leg at the State Fair
          track while exercising a trotter Wednesday.


              The Ellsworth American says that in a fit of anger a man named Davenport,
          of that city threw an axe at a young man named Gordon, the blade striking him in
          the thigh and inflicting a wound so serious that he could not be moved home, but
          cared for at the house of Mr. Davenport.  Mr. Davenport is naturally, it is said a
          kind-hearted man but has a quick and most ungovernable temper.
              Deacon Dudley Bridges of Penobscot, 83 years of age, recently dropped and
          and covered 700 hills of potatoes in one day, wheeling most of the seed in the field
          on a wheel barrel.
             At North Harbor, Mount Desert several new cottages are going up and Honorable
          Erastus corning of Albany is having some extensive improvements made on his
          property, under the direction of a landscape gardener. At Seal Harbor, Mount Desert
          a large amount of building is going on and many summer cottages are going up
          for Boston and New York people.
              A once famous dweller on Mount Desert Island was Mme. Milliken who lived to
          be 100 years of age.  Her home was on the side of Pretty March harbor.  Here the
          madam and her husband Milliken (who was descended from a Scotch baronet, Sir
          Hugh Milliken of  Aberdeen, Scotland) spent long, useful and happy lives.  Mme.
          Milliken was a doctress, and there living being no road, but only foot and bridal paths
         at that time on Mount Desert she rode on horseback all the time to all part of the
         island, and some times to the main land which could only be reached with a horse at
         low tide. She also rowed and sailed to and from the neighboring islands, attending to
        her professional duties.  Ellsworth American.
             "The Bluffs" at Mount Desert Ferry, have been leased by G. T. Stockham who
          has been one of the head clerks at the Ebbett House, Washington House, D. C.
          the hotel will be opened for the entertainment of guests about the first of July.


              L. C.  Jones of Hallowell recently sold his fast horse to Boston parties for
              It is denied that the Kennebec Democrat is to be removed to Ellsworth. It
          will still be published by at Waterville by Colonel Butler. 
              Martin Witham of Albion was arrested Wednesday, charged with robbing the
          post office at Benton, and in default of bail was committed to jail.
             Rev. S. S. and Mrs. Sargent of Augusta celebrated their Golden wedding
          anniversary on Thursday last week.
             Monday week an unfortunate resemblance caused Detective True, of Hallowell
          and Bangor officers to arrest a man on the Pullman  train going west on suspicion
          that he was "Shang" Campbell, wanted by Inspector Byrnes, of New York for
          burglary.  The man had a large sum of money with him, including $600 Canadian
          bills, leading the officers to believe he was the man wanted.  He was lodged in jail
         at Augusta, but was released the next day, one of Brynes' force saying he was not the
         wanted man. That evening a telegram received from Ottawa stated that the man
         arrested was Charles Stubbs, a lumber man of that city who left for the States two
       weeks ago.

              Honorable A. P. Gould, one of the leading lawyers of Maine died at  Thomaston
          Sunday after a long illness from chronic nephritis.  He was born in New Hampshire
          in 1821 and studied law in the office of Daniel Webster, and settled in Thornton in
         1848. He represented that town in the Legislature in 1861 and in 1863, and had been
         the candidate of the Democracy and the United States Senate. He leaves a widow, a
         son three years old, and two daughters from a previous marriage.
              Chauncey Hodge, head hammer man at the Camden Works died Saturday night
          from blood poisoning caused by getting a little finger jammed about two weeks ago.

              Consul general Phelan Monday night received a dispatch stating that the fishing
          schooner Ambrose H. Knight of Boothbay, Me., Captain Higgins, had been seized
          at St. John, Newfoundland, and the crew arrested for selling bait at St. Pierre,
          Miquelon.  Captain Higgins gave bonds and he and the crew were released
          thereupon with their vessel.
              Ozro Bryant of Nobleboro, played the same fife for the G. R. A. Post
          Wednesday in the service at Port Hudson.

              Burglars broke into the drug store of Dr. F. H. Packard and the confectionery
          store of Erastus Cummings, at West Paris, Friday night, getting ten or fifteen dollars
         in money from the money drawers and a lot of tobacco and cigars.  An overcoat was
         stolen from Mr. Benjamin Davis.  As yet there is no clue to the robbery; it is supposed
         to be the work of tramps.
              S. H. Burnham, formerly of Norway, Me., is a successful banker of Lincoln,
             The $10.00 prize given by A. E. Herrick, Esq., at the prize debate of Gould's
          Academy students was awarded to John J. Elliot of Rumford.
             Pensions have been granted Elizabeth N., mother of A. F.  Ryerson, Paris, Me.,
          Pulaski Hodge, Canton; Charles C. Burt of Norway.

              A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Mrs. Orrin Boothby of South
          Waterboro, for assault with the intent to kill on Mrs. Ivory Bean of that town
          last week. The attending physician says that Mrs. Bean cannot recover. Jealousy
          was the cause of the assault.  The trial will be held before the justice of South
          Waterboro on Wednesday. Several citizens of the town have been summoned.
              Imogene Emerson of Biddeford, aged 21 who was frightfully burned by her clothing
          coming in contact with the kitchen stove last winter, died Sunday night.  She had been
          a terrible sufferer ever since the accident.
              The Democrats of the 1st Congressional District last week nominated William
          Emery as Representative.  Samuel L. Lord is Presidential elector.
              Ralph Chadborne of Saco, successfully passed both mental and physical
          examinations at Annapolis Naval Academy and is now in the naval service as a cadet.
              Nate Haines was arraigned Saturday in the Saco Municipal Court, on charge of
          assault.  He retracted his plea of not guilty and pleaded guilty. He was fined $10 and
          cost to $30, which he paid.  The young Maddox boy who Haines assaulted is rapidly
          improving.  He has an abscess under his knee but will undoubtedly recover from the
          effects of the assault.
              A young son of George F. Bryant of Biddeford on the river bank on Friday
          afternoon and was carried over the falls. The body was not recovered.
              A three year old daughter of John Kneeland of Saco, lies at the point of death
          and the physicians who have been summoned since her sickness, have been unable
          to decide upon the disease from which she suffers, says the Biddeford Journal.
          Twelve weeks ago from apparently perfect health she was suddenly taken with
          chills and the joint of the limbs began swelling. The first physician  who attended
          pronounced it a case of rheumatic fever, and a little later some worm medicine was
          given to the child.  Since then she has been unable  to hold anything like nourishment
          and has steadily wasted away, until at present the child is simply a living skeleton.
          She seems to experience but little suffering, and is so faint is the spark of remaining
          life that several times she was thought dead. The physician are completely baffled by
          the disease and give no hopes of the child's recovery, and her death is expected at any
              Henry U. Haley of Saco died Wednesday from blood poison caused by some
          poisonous dye stuff getting into a slight scratch on his finger about a month ago.
             A daughter of Louis Nadean of Biddeford died recently from a trouble thought
          to have been contracted by an excessive indulgence in jumping the rope.
             Isreal Shevenell the oldest truck man in York County, was the first French
          Canadian to settle in Biddeford.  He walked from Quebec to Biddeford 43 years
          ago. Now there a nearly 7,000 of his county men in that city.
             Charles H. Haley of Biddeford, recently attempted suicide by taking laudanum.
          B. R. T. Collins, of Kezar Falls, received the degree of Bachelor of Science, after
         the graduation exercises at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, last
              John Raymond of South Waterboro was very dangerously injured recently be
          being caught between a car and a lumber wagon.
              William K. Trafton formerly of South Berwick, one of the oldest and best known
          reporters of the Produce Exchange, New York, died Friday aged 70.



Wednesday, May 15, 2013



               In Bristol May 27th, Rev.  P. Rowell, George W. Thurston and Mrs. Mary
           E. Sprowl, both of Bristol.
              In Saccarappa May 27th by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Charles M. Stuart, of
          Windham and Miss Rebecca J. Ingersoll of Falmouth.
              In Bowdoinham May 23rd, by Rev. E. Purinton, Hiram Frost and Miss
          Esther V. Adams, both of Bowdoinham.
              In Bethel May 23rd by Rev. David Garland, C. E. Chapman, of Portland,
         and Miss Fannie E., daughter of T. H. Chapman Esq., of Bethel.
             In East Pittston May 13th at the residence of the bride's father by Rev.
          J. I. Brown, James E. Matthews of Boothbay and Miss Nellie T. Brown
          of East Pittston.
             In Westboro', Mass., by Rev. Dr. Flanders, Mr. Charles I. W. Robinson,
          of Island Falls, Me., and Miss S. A.  Sibley of Westboro'.
             In this city May 26th, Fred J. J. Smith of Portland, and Miss Lydia M.
         Johnson of Falmouth.
             In this city May 28th, . by Rev. D. B.  Byther,  J. Perley Barker of
        Portland, and Miss Mary F. Stuart of Sweden.

             In Salem, Me., May 9th, Mary Wood wife of Henry Davidson, age 28
         years, 9 months.
             In Flushing, New York May 10th, Henry W. Scott, 1st Assistant Engineer,
         U. S. Navy aged 30 years, son of captain Andrew Scott, formerly of this city.
            In this city May26th Florence True, aged 8.
            In this city May 25th, Nettie C. Hill, aged 8 years.
            In this city May 28th, Mrs. Sarah Tobey, aged 85.
            In this city May 23rd, Mrs. Abby Kennard, aged 68.
            In this city, May 29th, James O. Harmon, aged 40.

           In Windham, May 19th, Mr. Ephraim Legrow, aged 67 years, 6 months.
         In the death of Mr. Legrow a worthy citizen, a faithful husband, an indulgent
         father and a kind neighbor has passed away. In all these relations in life he
         stood preeminent.  In 1854 he represented Windham in the Legislature and for
          several successive years he was a selectman of the town. In him the unfortunate
          found as friend most sympathizing and helpful. Towards others his conduct was
          what he would have others be to. He believed in God our kind and heavenly
          Father and in his Son Jesus Christ as our merciful and divine Savior.  The wife
          of his youth, now well  stricken in years, with whom he has walked more than forty
          years in the greatest cheerfulness and affection, together with a family of eight
          children and a large circle of friends mourn his loss. All these hold his memory in
          grateful affection, and upon them may the mantle of his integrity and benevolence
          of his disposition abide continually.


             Mr. Stephen Mills, a farmer in easy circumstances, residing in Glenburn
         about six miles from Bangor, committed suicide on Saturday by hanging
         himself in the carriage house.  Temporary insanity was the cause.

            Miss Gillard  on Thursday week, lost a finger in the machinery of one of
         Lewiston Mills.

           The Farmington Chronicle say that "B. M. Eastman of the firm of Eastman
        Brothers, of Portland this place Thursday, on the first through train from
        Sacramento, California to Farmington, Me., making the trip in nine days."

          Daniel  McCully a Scotsman 24 years old, was drowned at Upper
       Stillwater on Thursday week, while at work on the logs in the mill pond.

          Miss D. L. Cook, 18  years old, and of remarkable personal beauty formerly
       of Maine, came to her death recently in San Francisco from taking a large dose
       of arsenic to improve her complexion. 

         Asa Farnsworth, now about 86 years of age and in feeble health for some time
       past, morning of May 16th, fell from the bed in his room and broke his leg. He had
       one foot amputated about two years ago.  It was his well leg that broke, says the
       Machias Union.

         The store of John Eveleth in Greenville was destroyed by fire on the 21st inst., most
     of the goods saved. No Insurance. 

        The counting  house of Charles and Elias Milliken, lumber manufactures was broken
     into the night of the 26th inst., the safe opened and $30,000 worth of stock, consisting
    of Bank and Ticonic Water Power shares were  carried off.  The robbers went deliberately
    to work, and were evidently familiar with the premises. 

       The Biddeford Journal says that in the orchard owned by Mr. Jefferson Raitt of  Elliot
     stand some very ancient pear trees.  His grandfather, who was born in 1730, picked up and
     ate a pear from one of the trees when he was six years of age.  One of the trees is two feet
     in diameter.  

      From the Press we learn our friend Luther Billings, Esq.,  of Bridgton, one of the oldest
    merchants in the town, as well as one of the best known and most public spirited  citizens,
    is selling his stock of goods, and will devote his energies to the tannery business in which he
    has recently become largely interested.





Sunday, May 12, 2013



            In this city by Rev. Mr. Vail, Mr. Charles C. Colley to Miss Eunice C.
            In this city by Rev. Mr. Chickering, Mr. Robert Smith to Miss Mary
            In Gorham by Rev. Mr. Crockett, Captain William B. Freeman to Miss
          Mary Johnson. By the same, Mr. Andrew Sawyer of Bangor to Miss
          Harriet Lombard.
            In Brunswick, Mr. Isaac Groves to Miss Hannah Wilson.
            In Camden, Mr. James Gregory to Miss Mary Jane White.
            In Bangor, Mr. Oliver Robinson of Lincoln, to Miss Ann L. Cummings
         of Bangor.
            In Nantucket, Massachusetts, Mr. George W. Marston, Cutler, Maine to
          Miss Mary R. Marston, of Nantucket.
            In Saco, Mr. Cotton B. Huff to Miss Margery Berry.
            In Bangor Mr. Samuel White of Orono, Me., to Miss Mary A.
            In Monmouth, Colonel James R. Bachelder of Readfield, to Mrs.
           Ann White.
            In Freeport, Mr. Simon B. Prescott of Winthrop, to Miss Sarah Edes, of
          this city.
            In Waldoboro', Mr. Henry Young, of St. George to Miss Betsey A.
          Sweetland.  Mr. Solomon Stahl to Miss Rebecca Kaler.
            In Cushing, Mr. James Grafton to Miss Margaret Davis. Mr. Jesse
          Robinson to Miss Eliza Robinson.
            In Deer Isle, Mr. Henry A. Noyes to Miss Lydia Smith.
            In Belfast, Captain Elias Libby to Miss Nancy Paterson.  Mr. William
          A. Swift to Miss Rebecca T. Rose.  Mr. Samuel N. Libbey to Miss
          Mary E. Greely.
             In Lewiston, Mr. Elijah D. Robinson of Winslow to Miss Belinda
          N. Rowe, of Lewiston.
            In  Vienna, Maine, Mr. Asa Wood to Miss Betsey Graves.
            In Mt. Vernon, Mr. Joshua Wells, Jr., to Miss Mary S. Gilman.
            In Winthrop, Mr. Luther Cobb to Miss Rachel Howard.
            In Livermore, Mr. Moses Hillman to Miss Hannah Safford.
            In Brunswick, General T. Dunlap to Miss Harriet Titcomb.
            In Oxford by Rev. Daniel Libbey, Captain Samuel Robinson to
          Mrs. Elizabeth William, late of Worcester, Massachusetts.
            In Phipsburg, Mr. David Doughty of Cumberland, to Miss Almira
            In Brunswick, Mr. Hiram Whitehouse of Unity, to Miss Martha Dunlap.
            In Eastport, Mr. Joseph Smart to Miss Sarah Jane Heney. Mr. James
          B. Tukesbury to Miss Margaret C. McKenny.
            In Lubec, Mr. Samuel L. Hovey to Miss Olivia S. , daughter of the late
          Captain Samuel Muir, of Portsmouth, N. H.   Marriage published December
          23, 1836 in Vital Records of Lubec, Maine, by Patricia McCurdy Townsend.
            In Mercer, Mr. George C. Hyde to Miss Henrietta Mary Thatcher.


             In this city December 31, 1835, Miss Francis Eustis of Eastport, aged 21.
             In this city Nathaniel F., son of Hero Joss (Jess?), aged 8 years, 8 months.
             In this city 1st inst., John Jay, only son of John Sanborn, aged 2 years.
             In Bangor, December 30, 1835 of lung fever, Mrs. Hannah, wife of  Captain
           John Pearson, aged 67.
             In Scarboro' on Wednesday last, December 6th, Mr. Arthur Fogg, aged 23.
           On Saturday last, December 9th, Miss Almira Fogg, aged 20 years, 4
            months, children of the late Joseph Fogg, Esq.
             In Augusta, Mrs. Susan consort of Mr. Richard F. Perkins, and only
           daughter of the late General Cony, aged 23.  Mr. John Soule, aged 79.
             In Bangor Mrs. Ellen wife of John Hart, aged 26.
             In Hallowell, Mr. James Sawyer, aged 26.
             In Paris, Maine on the 4th inst., Mrs. Nancy G. Ward wife of Mr. Asa
           Ward, and daughter of Thomas Clark, Esq., aged 25 years.
             In this city on Saturday  9th, a child of Mr. Ephraim Johnson, Jr.,
           aged 4 years.
            In this city on Wednesday 6th in the morning,  Mary Elizabeth, daughter of
           Jedediah Jewett, aged 19 months.
             In this city Saturday 3rd inst., Miss Eliza Ann Malloy, formerly of
           Limington, aged 17 years.
             In Monmouth, Miss Nancy daughter of Captain Thomas Kimball, aged 24.
             In Mt. Vernon, Mrs. Solome Browe (Browne?)
             At Batavia (Jakarta?) September 25th, 1835 on board ship Laconia, Mr.
           Thomas Ward, seaman of Eastport, aged 35.
             In United States Marine Hospital, Chelsea, Massachusetts, November
           24, 1835, Mr. Enoch Merrill of Cumberland, Maine, aged 40.
             In Kennebunk, Mrs. Eunice Kimball, aged 54.
             In Phipsburg, Mr. John Foote.
             In Harpswell, Mrs. Eliza Scolfield (Schofield?)
             In Boston, Massachusetts, Mrs. Mary, wife off William Cummingham,
          formerly of Wicasset, aged 58.