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          In Bowdoin, 26th inst., by James Porter, III, Esq., Mr. David Wait,
          formerly of Boston, Mass., to Mrs. Martha Carr, of Bowdoinham.
          In Limerick, Abner Burbank, Esq., to Miss Eliza A. Harmon.
          In Paris, Maine, Mr. Solomon Chase to Miss Nancy H. Stephens.
          In Livermore, M. Daniel F. Putnam, of Rumford, to Miss Larinda
          of Livermore.
          In Bath, Mr. Samuel McCucnon, of Waltham, Massachusetts, to Miss
          Hannah Springer, of Bath.
          In Jefferson, Christopher Erskins, Esq., of Palermo, to Miss Lucy
          Andrews, formerly of Brunswick.
          In Waterville, Mr. Augustine Perkins to Miss Ruth W. Springer.
          In Ellsworth, Mr. A. B. McFarland of Bluehill to Miss Rebecca
          Carter, of Ellsworth. Mr. Ephraim Wentworth of Hancock to
          to Miss Eliza Moore.
          In Bluehill, Mr. William P. Abbot to Miss Julia P. Dodge. G. W.
          Whitham to Mrs. Sarah Barry of Machiasport.  Mr. Andrew Warren
          to Miss Susan Billings.
          In this city, Mr. Mathew L. Pennell to Miss Louisa H. Pyler.
          In Boston, Mr. Joseph Stevens, formerly of Wiscasset, to Mrs.
          Sarah L. Woodland, of Boston.


          In the city hospital on Sunday evening of small pox, Seward
          Sawyer, of Westbrook, 18.
          In Freeport Mrs. Marriet  (sic) Thomas, 31.
          In Saco, Mr. Luther J. Milliken, 35. Mr. William Grace, 71.
          At St. Albans, suddenly , Mr. Phinchas Parker, formerly of
          Bloomfield, 64.
          In Norridgewock, Mr. Eliphalet Robbins, 80.
          In Augusta, Levi Rogers, Esq., 48.
          In Vassalboro, Miss Mary Roberts, 18.
          In this city, Mrs. Mary S., wife of Benjamin Andrews, 34.
          In Cape Elizabeth, Mr. Charles Dyer, 56.
          In Machias, Mr. Joseph Getchell, 80
          In Jonesboro, Mrs. Tinney, 102.
          In Cornish on Tuesday last, Mr. Royal Lincoln, aged 83-
          a Revolutionary pensioner.
          In Hallowell, Captain Daniel Smith, 60.  Mrs. Mary Getchell, 31;
          Mrs. Harriet E. Lewis, 21.  Mr. James Arskin, 50 (Erskin?)
          In Durham, 5th ult., Mrs. Nancy, wife of Captain Paul Daglas,
         and only daughter of Captain Ebenezer Warren, aged 39.
         In Buckfield, 24th ult., Mr. Robert Martin, 98.

          Fire at the State Prison at Thomaston.  A fire was discovered about
         half past 12 o'clock on Thursday night last, in the wheelwrights shop in
          the State Prison, which was entirely consumed with it contents.  The
         loss is supposed to be $3000.  The warden was absent at the time in New
         York. Our information was derived from a passenger in the packet General
         Knox.  Some of the convicts were taken from the cells to aid in extinguishing
         the fire. One new coach for the state company and two chaises were burnt.

         Fire- We learn of a ship from the office of the Bath Telegraph that the brig
         Lapwing, loading at McLellan's wharf in that town, was nearly destroyed by
        fire on Thursday morning last. After all the cabin and quarter deck, including
        the planking and most of the timbers aft the mainmast and most of the standing
        rigging together with several sets of sails were completely destroyed, the
        flames were arrested by scuttling the vessel.  She was owned by the Messrs.
        McLellan's and is understood to be fully insured.  The damage is estimated
         $3000.  The fire is supposed to be the work of an incendiary.



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PORTLAND TRANSCRIPT, September 13, 1888

                                                   PENOBSCOT COUNTY

         Captain Joseph Abbott, Jr., of Jordan's' River on the Penobscot is doing well
         in the eel business. He fishes from a boat built like a lobster smack, and
         containing a well in which the fish are easily kept alive.  The fish are packed
        alive in ice for the Boston and New York markets, and bring about seven cents
        a pound, selling readily.
        William F. White a young man employed in the yard of the Maine Central at
        Bangor was run over while coupling cars Wednesday night, and has his right
        leg badly crushed below the hip, though it is hoped the leg may be spared.
        He belongs to the Providences.
        Whitney and Foster, the robbers of Peter Bennett were sentenced Friday to 10
        and 8  years respectively in state prison.  They received the sentence with
                                                         YORK COUNTY

        Thursday afternoon George York of Kennebunk was found lying unconscious
         in the rear of the Highland House, having taken laudanum.  After six hours he
        was restored to consciousness.
        A free high school has been opened in Buxton with a total attendance of 90-55
        upper department, and 35 in the lower.  Mr. Larrabee a graduate of Bowdoin
        College is the principal.
        For about six weeks a good sized bundle  loosely wrapped in brown paper
        has been lying under the counter of the Saco House office.  It was opened
        recently and found to contain dynamite cartridges enough to blow the
        whole house up. No explanation is given.
        At Biddeford, Wednesday morning Mrs. Joseph Cantara gave birth to a child
        with two heads. Both heads were perfectly formed and rested upon  perfectly
        formed necks, with faces turned slightly toward each other. The child live    
        but  a few hours.
        Detective Nicholas Powers, of Halifax who has begun a suit against the Saco
       and Biddeford  Saving Institution to recover the reward offered for the arrest
       of the defaulter McNeally, is   in Biddeford looking after his case which will
       come to trial this week in the Supreme Court at Alfred. The deposition of the
       witnesses are being taken.  Mr. Powers feels confident of the legality  of his
       claim and reward.

                                                   WALDO COUNTY

      Friday afternoon the Waldo county jail was set on fire in the attic by two
      prisoners, with a view to escape.  Damage, a few hundred dollars.
      The Progressive Ages, the Democrat paper in Belfast was sold, and this
      week the new proprietor Captain Winfield Pendleton with take possession.
     The paper will be under the editorial management of Mr. Mark  P. Pendleton.
     It is said $5,000 was paid for the paper.
     Mrs. Margaret Kilman of Prospect will be one hundred years old on April
     21st.  Mrs. Kilman  possess her facilities in a remarkable degree, and is able to
     walk  out  and visit neighbors.

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          In this city 21st inst., by Rev. G. W. Bosworth, Mr. John R. Berry to
          Miss Helen M. Neal.
          In this city 21st inst., by Rev. Dr. Dwight  (?) , Mr. Albert Rideout, of
          Cumberland, to Miss Harriet S. Thomas of Portland.
          In Gorham, New Hampshire, 23rd inst., by Rev. Mr. Tewksbury, Mr. W. E.
          G. Worthley to Miss Maria S. Curtis, both of Yarmouth.
          In Columbus, Mississippi, 12th inst., Mr. David Shepley Mitchell, formerly of
         Yarmouth, to Miss R. C. King, only child of Hon. A. H. King of Columbus.
          In Yarmouth, 21st inst., Mr. James Leavitt, of Saco, to Miss Sarah Lutkin of
          In Saco, 17th inst., Mr. William Howard to Miss Emily Drake, both of Saco.
          In Biddeford, 14th inst., Mr. Ezra W. Leland to Mrs. Sarah Scribner, both of
          In Richmond, Rev. Barnard Goodrich, of Gardiner, to Mrs. Margaret Plummer,
          of Richmond.
          In Minot 18th inst., Mr. John B. Woodman to Miss Cynthia Goss, of Turner.
          In Westbrook of 26th inst., by Rev. Dr. Chickering, Mr. Orland Libby, of
          Portland, to Miss Frances A. Randall of Westbrook.
          In Pownall, 21st int., Dr. William Warren Greene, of Gray to Miss Lizzie
          A. Lawrence of Pownall.
          In Bowdinham, 17th inst., Mr. Charles S Anderson to Miss  Rebecca A.
          Williams, both of Bath.
          In Owl's Head, 12th inst., Mr. Cyrus Robbins to Miss Hannah Radcliff, both of
          South Thomaston.
          In Worcester, Massachusetts, 16th inst., Mr. James Baxter Smith, of Worcester
          to Hattie A. Hawks, of Windham.
          In Bath 14th inst., Mr. Horace Curtis to Mrs. Mary Thomas, both of Bath.
          In Rockland, 14th inst., Captain T. A. Kennedy to Miss Deborah W. Davis,
          both of Rockland.
          In Fryeburg 3rd inst., Mr. David W. Severance, of Cornish to Miss Sarah A.
         Jackson of Madison, New Hampshire.


          In this city, 24th inst., S. Elizabeth, wife of Captain Charles M.
          In this city, 23rd inst., of quick consumption Louisa R., wife of William H.
          Walker, aged 29 years, 6  months.
          In this city, 24th inst., widow Ann Hatch, aged 80 years, 3 months.
          In this city, 22nd inst., of quick consumption, Sarah Elizabeth, wife of
          Edward C. Fountain, aged 25 years, 6 months.
          In this city, 22nd inst., Frances Ellen Pennell, daughter of William and
          Eliza Ann Griffin, aged 18, 8 months.
          In this city, 20th inst., Ann Maria, wife of Captain Stephen Ilsley, aged
          57 years, 10 months, 5 days.
          In this city 23rd inst., Emily T. Cushman, with of Prede (?) P. Nesmith,
          aged 28.
          In this city 23rd inst., Mrs. Hannah Harris, aged 78 years.
          In Saco 24th inst., Dr. Benjamin Colby, aged 74.
          In Georgetown, Sagadahoc County, 16th inst., Charles Hanna, son of  
          the late Captain Thomas Hanna, of this city, aged 28.
          In Washington, D. C., 19th inst., Mr. Charles T. Pope, formerly of
          Portland, aged 48 years, 6 months.
          In Bath 19th ult., Elizabeth, wife of William Ede, aged 73.
          In Louisville, Ky., 20th inst., of pneumonia Samuel S. Moody, youngest
          son of the late Enoch Moody, of Portland, aged 42.
          In Scarborough 10th inst., after a short and distressing illness, Roscoe
          Gilman, aged 14 years, 3 months, son of Daniel and the late Nancy
          Libby, formerly of Westbrook.    
          In Augusta, 16th inst., Lamson Dean, Jr., of Rockland, aged 34 years,
          7 months.
          In Rockland, 13th inst., Mr. Daniel Cowing, aged 64 years, 4 months.
          In Pownell, 10th inst., Miss Marcia H., daughter of Captain Isaac and
          Sarah Lodell, aged 25 years, 6 months. (Massachusetts paper please
          In Westbrook, 23rd inst., Irene, wife of Peter W. Files, aged 28.
          In Standish, 20th inst., Gilbert F., son of Josiah and Martha Moulton,
          aged 22 years, 9 months.
          In Boothbay, 12th inst., Hannah, widow of William Lewis, a Revolutionary
          pensioner, aged 83; 18th inst., Mr. Elbridge Learmond.
          In Shapleigh, 10th inst., Amasa L., son of Ellsworth Pillisbury, aged
          17 years.
          On board ship John J. Boyd, 16th ult., on the passage from Liverpool
          to New York, of inflammation of the brain, Antonio Juzer, seaman of




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                                                            OXFORD COUNTY
          Mr. C. Clark Bean, who died in Berlin, N. H., last week, at the age of 73, lived
          in Mason, the greater part of his life, going to Berlin a little over a year ago to
          make his home  with his daughter, Miss Nellie Bean.  He served four years in the Civil
          War. For more than 60 years he was an active Christian and a member of  the
           M. E. church..  He leaves one brother and four children to mourn his loss.
          James  Tucker, proprietor of the Maple House at West Paris, has sold the hotel
          to Asa Jackson who will take immediate possession..  Mr. Tucker was elected
           High Sheriff last September and he has moved to South Paris to take charge
           of the jail and county buildings.
          Frank Rich, of Bethel was arrested in Auburn last week for threatening to shoot
          his two daughters, 15 and 18 years of age. He was placed under bonds to keep the
          peace for six and in default of bail went to jail.
          Mr. Lemuel Cotton has an order for 550 dozen axe-handles and employs six men
          in his factory at Hiram.
          Recently at Rumford Falls two children were left alone in a room for a few minutes,
          and when the mother returned she found the elder of the two had wound a string
          around her baby sister's neck so tightly that he was unable to speak and was nearly
          News has been received at Bethel of the death of Arlon Jordan at Copper River,
          Alaska. No particulars have yet been received.
          Messrs. Guy and Salon Curtis, of Paris (Me.) have contracted to haul 1200 cords
          spruce pulp wood from the Chapman Brook lot of Elias Thomas of Portland to the
         Androscoggin River.  This timber was cut and yarded by Mr. L. U. Bartlett in
         in the early winter for Hasting Brothers of Bethel, who bought the stumpage.
         Curtis Brothers are now at work with a number of teams and are putting this
         timber into the river in a lively manner.
         Francis Marion Noble died at his home at North Norway, Me.,  Friday, after
         a sickness of only a few days.  He was the son of Nathan Noble, Jr., and Mary
         Jordan Noble, born March 31, 1845.  He was one of Norway's prominent citizens.
         He served the town as one of its municipal officers for several terms and has been
         a member of the Board of Trustees of the Norway Public Library.  His wife, Myra
         Hall Noble, and three sons, Frank G., Fred H., and Natie A., survive him. He
         severed in the War of the Rebellion and was a member of Harry Rust Post,
        No. 54 G. A. R.  In  politics he was a  Republican.



          In this city April 22nd,  Phebe E. G., wife of Elijah L. Thompson, aged 61 years,
          3 months, 16 days.
          In this city, April 21st, Carl J., youngest child of Nils C. and Paulina Hanson,
          aged 3 months.
          In this  city April 21st, Lendell C. Morton, aged 24 years, 6 months, 17 days.
          In this city April 19th, Theodore Stone, aged 83 years.
          In the city April 24th, Converse Owen Leach, aged 68 years, 6 months, 7 days.
          In this city April 25th, Edmund J., son of Patrick  J. and Nora E. Sheehan,
          aged 15 years.
          In this city April 26th, William F. Hardy.
          In Knightville, April 22nd, Lydia A., wife of George Dixon, aged 22 years,
          2 months, 21 days.
          In Deering, April 24th, Mary Lucetta, widow of Lot C. Nelson, aged 69
          years, 1 months, 26 days.
          In Boston April 19th, Almon Augustus Strout, aged 63 years, 11 months.
          In Deering April 19th, Annie A., wife of William P. Goss, aged 46.
          In Deering April 19th, Willard E. Riley, aged 33 years.
          In East Hebron April 8th, Mrs. Nathaniel Merrill, aged 80 years.
          In Pittsfield April 9th, Mrs. Sarah Jacobs, aged 78 years.
          In Vinalhaven April 8th, Mrs. Lydia M. Webster, aged 79 years.
          In Saco April 5th, Mary E. Holmes, aged 29 years.
          In North Baldwin, Marion Blackford, aged 84 years.
          In Windham, Joseph Elder, aged 76 years.
          In Eastport, April 10th, Catherine Bridges, aged 90 years.
          In West Sumner, April 5th, Linnie T. Chandler, aged 17 years.
          In South Portland, April 20th, William Ballmore, aged 76 years,
          6 months, 3 days.
          In Scarboro, April 20th, Benjamin F. San
born, aged 72 years, 6 months.
          In Winthrop, April 14th, Cyrus McCully , aged 70 years.
          In Rockland, April 12th, Gilbert M. Day, aged 28 years.
          In Thomaston, April 6th, Mrs. Lucy R. Flint, aged 72 years.
          In Farmington, April 13th, Mrs. Lydia E. Kittridge, aged 73 years.
          In Jefferson, April 9th, Albert Richardson, aged 83 years.
          In Biddeford, Charles T. Moorhouse- no age given.
          In Saco April 11th,  Walter S. Moore, aged  38.
          In Saco April 11th, Mrs. Nellie Wilde, aged 38.
          At Great Chebeague Island, April 20th, Lydia A., widow of Frank
          Hamilton, aged 73 years.
          In Deering April 11th, Bertha H., daughter of Annie E., and the late Walter
          S. Pennell, aged 15 years, 10 months.
          In Belfast, April 13th, Mrs. Jane C. Brown, aged 84 years, 3 months.
          In South Thompson, April 20th, Zilpha, wife of Asa M. Glover, aged 91
          years, 5 months.
          In Machias, Flora , wife of Luther Pinkham, aged 22 years.
          In Springfield, Illinois, April 5th, Almira, widow of Captain
          Rueben Keazar, formerly of Portland.
          In Chelsea April 11th, Peter McAuly, aged 78 years.
          In Rockland April 13th, Francis F., wife of Edgar Crockett, aged 53
          11 months.
          In Augusta April 11th, Isaac A. Hammond, aged 92 years.
          In Belmont, April 10, Allen Murch, aged 30 years.
          In Rockland, April 13th, Albert Staples, 83 years.


Sunday, March 24, 2013



          In Gardiner, widow Sarah Heath, aged 75, formerly of Plaistow, N. H.
          In Wiscassett, Mrs. Susan Churchill, aged 75.
          In Lincolnville, Mrs. Mary Matthews, aged  68.
          In Bowdoinham, Mr. William Booker, aged 65.
          In Thomaston, Jacob, son of Captain Jonathan Crocket, aged 12 years-Miss
          Laurania Rider, aged 18.
          In Augusta on Sunday morning last, Mr. ISAAC PLUMER, aged 23 years.
          His death was occasioned by a fall from the United States Arsenal, now erecting
          in that place,  He was for several years a resident in this town, during which time he
          much respected for industrious and sober habits.  He has left a wife, (to whom he
          had been married but a few months) and numerous friends and acquaintances to
          mourn his early exit.  Kennebunk Gazette

          In the death of Mrs. Maria Peaks, wife of Mr. Benjamin H. Peaks, of Fairfield,
          (whose death was mentioned in out last,) a husband is bereft of a kind and a
          affectionate companion, a young family of a faithful and affectionate mother,
          and the neighborhood in which she lived, of a well tried friend and good
          neighbor. In regard to Mrs. Peaks religion, she was not a stranger to God, for
          for in the days of her youth she remember her Creator and espoused the
          cause of the Redeemer. At the age of 14 she joined a Calvinistic Baptist
          church, and manifested the Christian spirit in her life and conversation.
          In mature life, after reflection more deliberately on the inconsistency of the
          principals she had embraced, and contrasting them with the immutable
          character of God, and his sacred revelation to man, she was led to embrace
          more liberal views of the Christian religion, which removed from her mind a
          great  source of painful anxiety for the future welfare of her fellow beings; and
          often has she been heard to say-the more confirmed she felt in the doctrine of
          universal love, the more happy and resigned she was.  Though confined by a
          lingering illness more than a year, yet she bore it with Christian patience .  Her
          affection for her little ones  strong to death, were   not only under the protection
          of a kind earthly father, but more particularly in the hands of an Almighty and
          enteral Father, whose protection would never fail them. Her last expiring whisper
          to her husband was-"Mourn not for me, for we part only to meet again with all our
         friends in the mansions of eternal rest. (Communicated)

          Suicide. John W. Mellen, Esq., formerly practicing attorney in this state, attempted
          suicide at New York last week by cutting his throat; but he was arrested in his
         design  and the flow of blood was stopped.  Subsequently he drank off a vial of aqua
         fortis and expired in a few hours afterwards.  He was the late cashier of the Dover,
         New Hampshire bank.  He was graduated at Harvard University, and always
         sustained a high character  for integrity.

        A New Mode of Fishing.   Mr. Arno Buttues of Augusta, Me., observing a Salmon
       swimming near the shore on Monday last, laid hand of the first fishing apparatus that
       came in his way, which happened to be a common roasting spit, and when the
       opportunity presented itself, plunged the spit through the fish, and took it out of the
       water.  it weighted 19 2/4 pounds.



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Portland Transcript March 3, 1860


          At Woodford's Corner, Westbrook, 26th inst., by Rev. H. M. Blake, Mr. Albert
          H. Woodford of Westbrook, to Miss Harriet A. Huckins of Portland.
          At Saccarappa 25th inst., by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Mr. William Dingavan to
          Miss Margaret Conway, both of Westbrook; also by the same 27th ult., Mr.
          Charles T. Roberts to Miss Harriet McIntosh, both of Gorham.
          In Wayne, 18th ult., James Moulton, Esq., to Mrs. Rosaline Bean, both of
          In Fryeburg January 31st, Mr. William Thompson of Cumberland to Miss
          Lucretia Dillingham, of Freedom.
          In Poland, Me., 17th ult., Mr. Eben Witham, of Abbott to Miss Eliza Stedman
          of Poland.
          In Greene, 14th ult., Mr. Jefferson Sprague to Miss Celestia A. Wilkins, both
          of Greene.
          In Buxton, 21st ult., Mr. R. C. Harmon to Miss Cordelia L. Rounds, both of
          In Oxford, 26th ult., by Rev. A. Moore, Mr. John W. Chadbourne to Miss
          Harriet E. Wolcott, both of Oxford.
          In Harpswell, 4th inst., Mr. Albert T. Trufant to Miss Sarah B. Watson, both of
          In Southport 2nd ult., Mr. Warren E. Allen of Bath to Miss Martha E. Pierce of
          In Gardiner, 13th ult., Robert Forbes, Esq., of Brandon, Vermont, to Miss
          Martha S. Nutting of Gardiner.
          In Bristol, 16th ult., Mr. Thomas W. Baker to Miss Mary A. Hanley, both of
          In Livermore Falls, 12th ult., Mr. Samuel Knowles, Jr. to Francis E. Robbins,
          both of Chesterville.
          In Brookville, 15th  ult., Mr. Richard Condon to Miss Abby Cousins.
          In Waterville, 15th ult., Mr. George W. Terry to Miss Bertha Wentworth.
          In Rockland 7th ult., Mr. Alvin H. Fogg, of St. George, Knox County, to Miss
          Emily L. Lewis, of South Thomaston.
          In Biddeford, 12th ult., Mr. William C. Littlefield of  Kennebuck to Miss
          Olive Ann Drew of Saco.
          In Temple, 19th ult., Mr. Henry Conant to Miss Augusta Mitchell, both of
         In Kingfield, 20th ult., Mr. Emerson S. Phillips to Miss Huldah P.Abbott,
         of Kingfield.

          In this city, 26th ult., Cora Bell, only daughter of S. L. and C. E. Carleton,
          aged 11 months, 3 days.
          In Pownal, January 27th, Amos so of George and Sally Allen, aged 27; 26th
          ult., Anna,  widow of the Samuel Scales, of Freeport, aged 91.
          In Gray 25th ult., Mrs. Lizzie C., wife of W. W. Green, aged 29 years,
          4 months.
          In Brunswick, 21st ult., Bernard, son of George and Abby Whitman, aged
         10 months.
         In Brunswick, 20th ult., Miss Joanna Staples, formerly of New Gloucester,
         aged 18 years, 10 months.
         In Jay ult., Moses Stone, on of the earliest settlers of the town, aged 82 years,
         6 months.
         In Machiasport, 17th ult., Captain James Crocker, aged 56.
         In Boothbay, 11th ult., Captain Joseph Tibbetts, aged 74.
         In Norway, 16th ult., Mary W. P., wife of Abner F. Jackson, and daughter
         of Col. John Millett, aged 80 years, 2 months.
         In Arrowic (Aroostook) , 5th ult., Mr. John G. Oliver, aged 55.
         In Lewiston, 20th ult., Mr. Josiah Ester, aged 56.
         In Fryeburg, January 12th, Simeon C. Walker, Esq., aged 84 years.
         In Phipsburg, 19th ult., Captain Hugh Patten, aged 71 years.
         In Fiskdale, (Sturbridge) Massachusetts, 19th ult., Jane S., wife of Augustine
        Snell, and daughter of the late Joseph Cox, of Steven's Plains.(Westbrook)
        In Boston, 13th ult., Frances Ellen, daughter of the late William Henry
        Gilbert, formerly of Gorham, aged 12.
        In South Weymouth, Massachusetts, January 31st., of consumption, Mrs. Helen
        G., wife of Bethuel W. Thomas, aged 20 years, 10 months, 15 days; 21st ult., very
       suddenly of congestion of the lungs, Mr. Nathaniel Shaw, aged 56 years, 28 days.
       In Middleton, Connecticut, 23rd ult., after an illness of a few days Lucy A., wife
       Rev. George W. Quinby, aged 38 years, 9 months- her remains were taken to
       Yarmouth, her native place for interment.
        In Aspinwall, PA  8th ult., of active sanguineous effusion into the air-cells of the lungs,
       Lucy J., wife of Mr. John F. Bateman, Superintendent of motive power, Panama
       Railroad, formerly of Portland aged 31.
       In Roxbury, Massachusetts, 27th ult., Mrs. Elizabeth Seaver, aged 85 years, 9
       In San Francisco, January 16th, Samuel Thurston, son of Samuel and P. I. Adams,
       a native of Hallowell, aged 19 years, 8 months.
       In Downieville, California, January 10th, E. D. Porter, formerly of Maine, age
       19 years, 18 months.
       In Liverpool, England, January 29th, Captain Charles M. Morrill, last master of
       ship  Katahdin, aged 60.
       Lost overboard January 23rd, on the passage from New Orleans to Antwerp,
       Henry L. Sweetser, of North Yarmouth, first officer of ship Corinthian, of
      Portland, aged 25.


          Sudden Death.  Isaac Heaton, Esq., an old and respected citizen of Washington,
          was found lying senseless, on the floor of his barn one day last week, and
          remained unconscious till his death, a day or two  after. W. P. Cushing of
          Brewer, who had been ailing for several days with a cold stepped out of doors
          on Thursday week, fell on his face into woodhouse, and died in twenty minutes.
          It was thought his death was caused by congestion of the lungs, His age was 62.

          A letter in the Belfast Age tells how Captain Kinney, and his crew of the brig
          B. G. Chaloner, of East Machias were seized by a gang of armed men while
          lying in the Saltilla River, Georgia, and brutally beaten until their backs ran
         blood, because they were "damned Northerners."

         Mr. Reuben E. Ester of Holden, Maine while on a hunting expedition, last week,
        shot himself through the his hip by carelessly putting his gun out of a sleigh.  He
        survived by a short time.
        A woman named Mary Curtis was found dead in Rockland on Monday  week.
        It is supposed she got intoxicated and fell down and froze to death.

        Daniel McAllister of Stoneham, aged forty-five years, has killed or captured
        eighty-three bears on or about the range of mountains separating the Oxford
        and Androscoggin valleys.

        Infamous Crime.  A correspondent of the Bangor Whig says that Richard
        Grindle of Sedgwick, who for some years past has run a wood coaster between
        that place and Rockland, has been committed to jail for vicious and inhuman
        conduct toward his own daughter.  Last summer, instead of hiring a cook for his
        vessel, he took his oldest daughter, about 14 years of age to act in that capacity. 
        By severe pains and sad penalties he compelled her to submit to the most cruel
        licentious treatment, both by himself and the men employed on board the vessel with
        him.  The girl at last disclosed the matter, and Grindle was arrested and brought
        before a Justice of the Peace.  He pleaded guilty and offered to go to jail alone or    
        directly to the State Prison at Thomaston, if it was wished.  He was committed to
       jail at Ellsworth to take his trial at the April term of Court.



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Portland Transcript, December 18.1869


            In this city, December 7th, by Rev. A. Dalton assisted by Rev. J. Pratt. D. D.,
            Rev. D. A.  Easton, of Danbury, Connecticut and Miss Margaret Ellen, youngest
            daughter of T. Corser, E. Esq., both of Portland.
            In this city, December 8th, by Rev. W. H. Fenn, T. Coleman Allen and Helen
            Bailey, both of Portland.
           In this city, December 7th, Rev. Charles A. Hayden and Carrier Ormsby, both
           of Farmington.
           In this city, December 7th, Hiram S. Libby and Jennie E. Moody, both of
           In this city, December 9th, Charles F. Libby, and Alice Bradbury.
           In this city, November 18th, at the residence of the bride's father, No. 241 Congress
           Street, by Rev. Mr. Root, John S. Green and Mary F. J. Colburn.
           In this city, December 5th,  by J. W. Edwards, Esq., Thomas G. Kimball of
           Albany, and Margaret Good, of Portland.
          In Saccarappa, December 12th, by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Isaiah D. Leighton, of
          Falmouth, and Abbie M. Bodge of Windham.
          In Westbrook, November 11th, by Rev. George A. Tewsbury, John M. Jordan
          and Mrs. Frannie Jordan, both of Westbrook.
          In Standish, November 2nd, William Thompson and Miss Maria Dow,
          both of Portland.
          In  North Bridgton, y Rev. E. F. Borchers, William Carsley of Harrison, and
          M. Augusta Smith, of New Brunswick.
          In Wiscassett, December 7th, by Rev. John N. Marsh, A. P. Thompson, of
          Minneapolis, Minnesota and Rose Alley  of Wiscassett.
          In Wells,  December 5th, by Rev. J. W. Sawyer, George N. Dockam and
          Mary E. Furbish, both of Wells.
          In this city, December 8th, M. E. Black, aged 13.
          In this city, December 7th, William Causer, aged 40.
          In this city, December 9th, Miss Ann Davis.
          In this city, December 7th, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Doyle, 25.
          In this city, December 12th, Mrs. Eliza P. Sweester, aged 65.
          In this city, December 13th, James H. Westwood.  Funeral l Wednesday, P.M.
          1 o'clock from No. 33 St. John Street. Friend are invited.
          In this city, December 11th, Mrs. Emily Emery, formerly of Halifax, N. S.,
          aged 82.
          In New Durham, New Hampshire, December 5th, Cassie M., daughter of
          Eli P. and Sarah L. Watkins, aged 1 year 29 days.
          In Chelsea, Massachusetts, December 12th, of quick consumption, Mrs.
          Jennie P., wife of William M. Libbey, formerly of Portland  and daughter   
          of Deacon R. Rideout of Cumberland Center, 38 years, 4 months.  Funeral
          Thursday 2 o'clock from her father's residence.
          In Winthrop, December 9th, Benjamin J. Robbins, aged 80 years, 8 months.
          In Denmark, Me., September 19th, Mrs. Priscilla, wife of Cyrus Ingalis, aged
          years, 9 months, 8 days. [Wisconsin paper please copy]
          In Palemo, Me., Samuel H. Worthing, Esq., aged 74 years.
          In Hingham, Massachusetts, November 27th, Mrs. Bertha Hobart, 80 years.


          Sloop Stephen Orr, Capt. Harriman, of Cape Elizabeth , loaded with stone
          and run into during the storm of Monday last in Seal Harbor. No lives lost.

          Miss Ada Penley of Biddeford, caught her hand in some machinery in one
         of the mills, crushing two fingers of the right hand severely.  

          A  little daughter of Isaac Martin, of Kittery, six years old, was burned to
         death the other day by her clothes catching at a fire her little brother had made
         in the woods near their home.

         The cooper shop of the Paris Flouring Co., South Paris was burned, loss
         $800 to $1000. C. H. Durell and Col. R. Parson lost valuable sleighs which
         were in the paint shop.

          Edgar Emery and James Avery have been sent to jail to await trial for
          breaking into and robbing the store of Mr. Lougee, on Factory Street,
          Saco, of about $1000 worth of property on Thursday week.

          Mr. William Wagner of Rockland, on Thursday week, was knocked down
          and robbed of seventeen dollars while on his way to visit his daughter.

          Seth Kelly was instantly killed on Tuesday week by the bursting of a large
          grindstone, in Hubbard, Blake & Co.'s scythe shop at West Waterville.  He
          leaves a wife and one child.
          Mr. James Roger of Bath, had his right hand badly crushed, by being caught
         between the body and the tongue of his cart.

         Mr. I. P. Longfellow of Machias narrowly escaped drowning a few day since
         while skating.

          E.  Harlow of Canton, slaughtered a pig six months old, which weighed
         278 1/2 lbs.




Monday, March 18, 2013

Portland Transcript April 14, 1838

                                                PORTLAND TRANSCRIPT

                           A Weekly Journal Devoted to General Intelligence, Etc.

                                           Portland, Saturday, April 14, 1838


In this city, Mr. Samuel Pearson to Miss Mehitable Richards

Mr. John Carter to Miss Frances b. Blake, both of Gorham

In Saco, Mr. Ebenezer Card of Gorham to Miss Sarah L. Milliken of Saco.

In Norridgewock, Mr. Charles D. Ferrin to Miss Mary Savage.
Mr. Asa Blackwell of Madison to Miss Lucy B. Withee

In Anson, Mr. Josiah Paine, Jr. to Mrs. Lovina Bryan both of Portland.

In Boston, Mr. John Hardy of Kittery to Miss Jane Sackett.


In this city, Miss Caroline P. Ingraham, daughter of Mr. James M. Ingraham aged about 22.
Angeline Avilda, daughter of Mr. Joshua Cole, aged 2 years and 6 months.

In Gorham, Mr. Noah Pillsbury, of Scarborough, aged 23.

In Standish, Robert H., son of Mr. Gideon Swett, aged 15 years.

In Sebago, 24th ult., Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Robert Libby, aged 70 years.

In Brownville, 13th ult., of canker rash and fever, Elizabeth A. Chapel, aged 5 years, 14th, Emily Ann Chapel, aged 13; and Joseph Chapel, aged 12 years, all interred in the same grave, and on the 19th, Catharine Chapel, aged 2 years-all being children of Dyon and Sally Chapel.

In Waterville, Mrs. Tabitha, wife of Mr. Benjamin Deering, and daughter of Mr. John Atkinson of Buxton, aged 33.

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This blog has been created because their is a great deal of information in old newspapers that people don't  always have access to.  I am publishing excerpts from the hundreds of old Maine  newspapers that I have in my personal collection.  The papers contain Births, Deaths and stories that may be useful to other people who love genealogy as much as I do.


                                              The Portland Transcript  and Eclectic                                    
                                                            December 15, 1855

                                                             "This is the end of Earth"
                     In this city, 11th inst., widow Susan Pearson, aged 78.
                     In this city, 1st inst., Miss Ellen Gray, aged 53
                     In this city, 5th inst., Mrs. Sarah D., widow of the late James L. Body, aged 49.
                     In Gorham, 3rd inst., Mr. Edwin M Burton, aged 29.
                     In Augusta 2nd inst., Elizabeth A. Lombard of North Windham; 1st., Mary J.  
                     Annable, aged 37.
                     At sea, Oct 2nd, on the passage from Genoa to Palermo Capt. John A. Lee
                     of Boston, master of barque of Tally Ho.
                     In Salem, Mass., 2nd inst., Mrs. Sarah J., wife of Mr. P. H. Foss of Saco,
                      In Fryeburg, 6th inst., Rev. Carlton Hurd, D. D., aged 60.
                      In Bangor, 5th inst., Mr. Royal B. Smith aged 55 years.
                      In Norway, 3rd inst., Mr. Levi Crockett, aged 24.
                      In Gardiner, 1st inst., 1st inst., Mr. Reuben Griffin, aged 72.
                      In Jonesboro, 8th ult., Hannah, widow of the late G. F. Whitney, aged 62.
                      In Cape Elizabeth, 6th inst., Miss Rhoda Phillsbury, daughter of Enoch L.
                      and Roxana Pillsbury, aged 27.
                      In Bath, 6th inst., Caleb Leavitt, Esq., formerly of Hingham, Mass.,
                      aged 75.
                      In Newcastle, 6th ult., Charles Cargill, Esq., aged 53.
                      In Round Pond, 25th inst., Mrs. Mary T. Hinds, aged 86.
                      In Presque Isle, 9th ult., Mr. George Forster of Machias, aged 80.
                      In Lawrence, Kansas Territory, Oct 10th, Nathan Herrick, Esq., formerly
                      of East Corinth, aged about 70.
                      In Cape Elizabeth, 8th inst., Margaret T., wife of Capt. Noah B. Knight, aged
                      In Thomaston, 1st inst., Mary S, daughter of  A. Fales, aged 18.
                      In East Machias, 6th inst., Loring Bryant, seaman aged 21
                      In Hollis, 7th inst., Mrs. Sarah Bradbury, relict of the late Deacon Samuel
                      Bradbury, aged 85.
                      In Buxton, 9th inst., suddenly Nancy, wife of Mark Dresser, aged 86.
                      In Bath, 8th inst.,  Frances W., daughter of the late David Morse, aged 18.

                      Church Burning.  Joseph Stowell of New Gloucester and Samuel M. Hardy
                      of Raymond have been committed for trial on a charge of setting fire to the
                      Congregational meeting house in New Gloucester, Nov. 20th.
                      Sad Accident. William Allen, aged about 13 years, while at work in the factory
                       in Yarmouth, had his hand caught in the "picker' and before he could clear
                       himself, his right arm was ground to a pumice nearly to his shoulder.  The
                       arm was amputated, and the lad is  doing as well as could be expected.


Welcome to Mainelygenealogy! The posts on this site will include excerpts from 19th Century newspapers and will include names, dates and happenings from around the State of Maine. Enjoy!