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              In this city, 19th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Chickering, Mr. Charles P.
          Winslow to Miss E. K. Herrick.
              In this city, 20th inst., by Rev. Mr. Brown, Mr. G. N. Marwick to Miss
          Rosilla Merrill.
              In Buxton, on the 23rd inst., General S. P. Strickland of Bangor, to Miss
          Ruth W. Bacon, daughter of the Doctor D. Bacon of Boston.
              In Biddeford  16th inst., Mr. J. P. Clark to Miss E. A. Banks.
              In Limerick, 16th inst., Mr. Charles P. Pinkham of Waterboro', to  Miss
          H. A. Leavitt, of Effingham, N. H.
              In Norway, Maine, 12th inst., Mr. Joseph S. Rounds of Norway, to Mrs.
          Esther Hilborn of Oxford.
              In South Berwick, Rev. Mr. James Cushing to Miss Elizabeth H. Raynes
          of South  Berwick.
              In Barnstead, New Hampshire, on the 19th inst., by Rev. Mr. George, Mr.
          George M. Bowker,  of Brunswick, to Miss Charlotte, daughter of Joseph Walker,
          Esq., of the former place.
              In North Yarmouth, 23rd inst., Mr. M. G. Millikin, of Scarboro to Miss  A.
          C. Chandler, of New York.
              In Thomaston, Captain H. T. Ellms to Miss Sarah J. Eastno, both Thomaston.
              In Augusta, Mr. George S. Hall to Miss Anne A. Nichols.
              In Windham, 19th inst., Mr. Jason Plummer to Caroline M. Libbey, both
          of Gorham.
              In Bangor, 17th inst., William Thompson, of Bangor to Miss R. G. Osborn,
          of Exeter, New Hampshire (?)

              In this city, 29th inst., Adelaide M., daughter of P. W. Richardson, aged
          2 1/2 years.
              In this city Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Samuel Maxwell, aged 28.
              In this city 28th inst., Mr. John Mahan, aged 28.
              In this city 28th inst., James Chase, son of George Chase, formerly of
          Brunswick, aged 17 years.
              In Hollis, Salmon Salmon Falls Village, (York County,) 24th inst., Mrs.
          Apphia S., wife of Mr. James Brown, aged 35.
              Lost overboard from the ship Splendid, of Eastport 25th inst., on the
          passaged from Mobile to New York Richard Chase, seaman. From schooner
          Mayaguez, John Forster of Bristol, Me.
              In Cape Elizabeth, 23rd inst., of lung fever, William Cummings, Esq.,
          aged 69 years.
              In York, 17th inst., Miss Ruth Emerson, aged 79 years.
              In Gray, 9th inst., Rev. Elias Blake, aged 60.
              In Waldoboro'9th inst., Mrs. C. Keizer, aged 94.
              In Effingham, New Hampshire, 12th inst., Mr. John Colley, aged
          about 74.
              In Hollis, 7th inst., Mr. William West, aged 65.
              In Westbrook, Mr. Richard Johnson, aged over 80 years.
              Lost overboard, 10th inst., from brig Ponce, on the passage from Guamyama
          Puerto Rico, to New S. Elliot, seaman of Maine.
              In Paris, Maine, 15th inst., of consumption, Mr. Amos Fuller, aged 44.
              In Boothbay, 8th inst., Captain William McKnown, aged 76.
              In Worcester, Massachusetts, 14th inst., Edward Palfrey, Esq., aged 41.
              Lost overboard 1st inst., from brig Sea Bell, on the passaged from Cardenas,
          Cuba ?, to Boston, Mr. J. Moren of Prospect, aged 40.

              Death of a Subscriber.  A subscriber writing us from Bangor, requesting us
          to change the direction of a paper, thus speaks of person, now deceased, to whose
          address it was formerly sent. The writer adds-'I thought it might not be uninteresting
          to you to hear from some of your friends, who have so often heard from you,
          though they have never had the pleasure of seeing you.'
              We assure our correspondent it always affords us pleasure to hear from our
          friends, although it is a melancholy one, when the subject of the communications
          is of the sad tenor of the one before us. The writer says: 'The ravages of time
          have been visible here. She who teemed with life and hope during the course of
          your last volume is now on more.'
              Juliette A. the daughter of Joseph Dudley, departed this life on the 10th of
          November last,  aged 17 years and 10 months.  The deceased was ever  gentle in
          her manners-thoughtful, but not melancholy, an apt scholar, a true friend; a
          person of high and noble mind, and loved by all who knew her.  She seemed too
          frail a plant for this cold world of ours. In her long and tedious illness, not a
          murmur escaped her lips; she bore her sickness with Christian fortitude, and in
          last hour, while weeping friends stood around, she bade them weep not for her,
          but prepare, by a life of usefulness, to meet her in another and better world;
          where sorrow never can come.  In her last moment, she thrice arose and bade
          her friends farewell, and then fell asleep in Jesus, with a smile on her
          countenance, that still remained when the grave shrouded her from our sight.
          And shall not that bright spirit smile on, in its own pure sphere with a more
          radiant smile, lit up by the light of heaven, as she moves amid the angel throng
          of the redeemed and blessed of earth?  Who does not feel to thank the great  giver
          of all, for  placing us here in a land of light and liberty, and giving us minds to
          look through the veiled future by the eye of faith, up to that world of promised





              In this city, September 1st., by Rev. H. P. Winter, Charles M. Hunt and Fannie
          A. Small, both of Portland.
              In South Portland, August 29th, Fred L. Harrington and Arietta A. York,
          both of Cape Elizabeth.
              In Waldoboro, August 27th, Austin M. York, and Dora B. Howard, both of
              In Gray, August 27th, Charles L. Dow and Alice B. Merrill, both of Gray.
              In New Gloucester, August 27th, Herbert L. Berry and Celia E. Valentine.
              In Farmington, August 25th, E. C. Winslow of Farmington and Ida E.
          Barker, of New Vineyard.
              In Augusta, August 29th, Melville Bragg and Lavina McCormick, both of
              In Hallowell, August 30th, Alexander M. Connell, of New York, and Mabel
          G. Page of Hallowell.
              In Knightville,  Cumberland County, August 29th, Frank L. Minott and
          Hattie E. Williams, both of Cape Elizabeth.
              In Lewiston, August 29th, William W. Nichols and Mrs. George A. Dean,
          both of Auburn.
              In Brunswick, August 22nd, Albert T. Horn and Julia E. Greenlaw, both
          of Brunswick.
              In Bangor, August 28th, Albert T. Horn, of Skowhegan and Annie B.
          Hoxie, of Fairfield.  (As written in the newspaper)
              In Hampden, August 25th, Charles E. Lawrence and Flora A. Stone,
          both of Hampden.
              In Madrid, Maine, Franklin County, August 19th, William R. Hinkley
           and Leona M.  Brooks, both of Phillips.
              In Brewer, August 22nd, Albert W. McKeen and Vinnie M. Roberts.
              In Calais, August 15th, John E. Stanton of Norton, Massachusetts, and
          May E. Ford, of Calais.
              In Sanford, August 21st, Edward C. Pike and Mrs. Rose Littlewood.
              In Athens, Maine, August 18th, Elmer Downs and Miss Lydia Davis.
              In Pownal, August 29th, James R. March of Portland and Miss Effie M.
          Merrill of Portland.
              In Bath, August 28th, George W. Gilchrist, of Portland, and Carrie L.
          Parshley of Bath. 
              In Boothbay, August 2?, Captain J. H. Pinkham and Mrs. Mary A.
          Simpson, both of Boothbay.
              In Newport, Penobscot County, August 25th, Edgar A. Philbrick, of
          Corinna and Nettie W. Dearborn of Newport.
              In Oakland, Kennebec, August 24th, Honorable James T. Track and
          Miss Louisa Cochran.


              In this city, August 28th, Mary J., infant child of Daniel and Mary J.
          McGowan, aged 5 days.
              In this city, August 28th, Willie, youngest child of Owen and Julia Murray,
          aged 6 years, 2 months, 16 days.
              In this city, August 29th, Carolina R., wife of Hansen M. Hart.
              In this city, August 30th, Oliver P. Sheppard, aged 69 years, 8
              In this city, August 30th, Charles S., son of James T. and Annie S.
          Rand, aged 20 years, 3 months.
              In this city, August 31st, Florence Hart, second daughter of C. C. and
          Abbie L. Chapman, aged 12 years, 1 months, 4 days.
              In this city, September 1st, Mary, wife of George Rielly, (Reilly?)
          aged 39 years.
              In this city, September 1st, Edward Carians, aged 9 months.
              In this city, September 3rd, Elizabeth, wife of Alfred Haskell, aged
          69 years, 6 months.
              In North Berwick, September 2nd, Stephen L. Harris, of New
          Gloucester, aged 76 years, 18 days.
              In Biddeford, September 9th, Mrs. Frank H. Chandler, of Somerville,
              At Long Island, Cumberland  County, September 1st., Isaac Doughty,
          aged 60 years, 3 months.
              In Auburn, September 1st, Mrs. Louisa A. Bathe, aged 55 years.
              In Denver, Colorado, August 23rd, Mrs. Mary S. Foster, formerly of
          Portland, widow of the late Eben S. Page, of Melrose, Massachusetts,
           aged 67 years.
              In Knightville, Cumberland County, August 28th, Sarah H. widow of the
          late Alvin B. Ilsley, aged 68 years, 3 months.
              In Bridgeton, Nellie Burnis, daughter of Phebe A. and Martin C. Mortensen,
          of Portland, aged 5 months, 9 days.
              In Newton, Massachusetts, August 30th, James T. L. Files, formerly of
          of Portland, aged 48 years.
              In West Newton, Mass., August 30th, Annie L., wife of E. A. Kingman,
          and daughter of O. M Nash of this city.
              North Yarmouth, August 30th, Adaline C., wife of Seward M. Prince,
          aged 56 years.
              In Cumberland, August 20th, Mary E., widow of the late Jonathan
          Bradford, aged 87.
              In Phippsburg, August 27th, Ada daughter of Andrew T. and Phebe
          Harrington, aged 1 year, 11 month.
              In Bath, August 27th, infant son of Howard D., and Angeline Whitmore,
         aged 14 days.
              In Jay, August 23rd, Mrs. Sarah Coolridge (?), aged 49 years.
              In Auburn, August 26th, Mrs. E. L. Tobin, aged 54 years.
              In Harmony, August 25th, Joseph Batchelder, aged 57 years.
              In Mechanic Falls, August 24th, Daroma Bates, aged 24.
              In Auburn, August 28th, Bertha Abby, daughter of Charles F. and
          Carrie V. Guild.
              In Cherryfield, Washington County, August 21st. Frances Ricker, aged 40.
              In Amesbury, Mass., August 27th, Lieutenant James W. Goodrich, formerly
           of Saco.
              In Otisfield, August 26th, Alice, wife of David C. Jillson, aged 67 years.
              In Bangor, August 27th, Alfred F. Davis, aged 41 years.
              In Kennebunk, August 28th, Charles Storer, aged 48 years.
              In Biddeford, August 27th, James Nield, aged 68 years; 28th Clara M.
          Verrill, aged 66 years.
              In Cleveland, Ohio, August 27th, Walter P. Ricker, son of Robert  and the
          late Hattie Ricker, formerly of Portland, aged 19 years.
              In Lewiston, August 24th, Mrs. Ann W. Lamb, formerly of Windham,
          aged 64 years, 6 months.
              Readfield, Kennebec County, August 23rd, Leander Hodgdon, aged 75 years.
              In North Auburn, August 18th, Miss Sarah A. Merrill, aged 64 years, 6 months.
              In Waldoboro, August 20th, Captain Damon W. Pitcher, aged 45 years.
              In South Paris, Maine, August 26th, Charles A. Shurtleff, aged 42.
              In Bangor, August 25th, William Coombs, aged 79 years.
              In Springvale, August 26th, Mrs. Lizzie Beals, aged 82 years.
              In Acton, August 28th, Mrs. Benjamin Mason, aged 92 years, 10 months.
              In Auburn, August 28th, Mrs. Lurana Richmond, aged 75 years, 2 months.
              In Pittsfield, August 28th, Leshe (?) R. Patten, aged 23 years.
              In Bath, August 27th, Alden L. Leeman, aged 33 years.
              In Biddeford, August 28th, Charles R., son of Charles and Frankie Bosner,
          aged 11 months.
              In North Fryeburg, August 23rd, Mrs. Joseph Irish.
              In Edes Falls, Cumberland County, August 24th, Mary A., wife of Isaac
              In Denmark, Maine, August 27th, Joseph Goldthwaite, aged about ? years.
              In Watertown, Mass., August 27th, Susan, wife of Charles H. Burnham, and
          daughter of the late John Mead, of Bridgton, aged 63 years, 3 months.


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                In this city, 1st inst., by Rev. J. Perrin, Mr. John McVain to Miss Sarah Ann
          Anderson, both of Portland.
               Also, by the same, 4th inst., Mr. James Linscott to Miss Eliza Frances
          Doughty, both of Portland.
               In this city, 7th inst., by Rev. W. P. Merrill, Frank Noyes to Miss Susan S.
          Lord, both of Portland.
               In Falmouth, 7th inst., by Rev. Mr. Adams, Mr. Frederick Gilbransen, of
          Lewiston, to Miss Matilda F. Corliss, adopted daughter of Josiah and Margaret
              In Cumberland, 7th inst., Mr. William D. Sweetser to Miss Elizabeth G.
          Loring, both of Cumberland.
              In Gorham, 7th inst., Mr. George W. Sanborn, of Biddeford to Miss
          Martha A. Brackett of Gorham.
              In Kittery, 21st ult., George W. Weare, Esq., of Oguinguit, to Miss
          Abba Parson, of Cape Neddick.
              In Brunswick, 1st inst., Mr. Albion Woodside to Miss Harriet M.,
          only daughter of Allen Colby, Esq., of Brunswick.
              In Harpswell, 2nd inst., Captain George D. Brigham to Miss Abby R.
          Eastman of Harpswell.
              In Bowdoin, 24th, ult., Mr. Levi Totman to Miss Frances E., daughter
          of Moses Thompson, Esq., of Topsham.
              In Durham, Androscoggin County, Mr. James  Doten to Miss Harriet
          J. Hamilton, both of North Yarmouth.
              In Skowhegan, Mr. John A. Woodward to Miss Mary E. Crosby,
          both of Norridgewock.
              In Biddeford, 27th inst., Mr. William S. Stevens  to Miss Elizabeth
          Libby, both of Biddeford.
              In Brewer, 22nd ult., Mr. Mark Pitman to Miss Lizzie Webster,
          daughter of Dr. David Shepherd, of Sebec.
              In Pittston, 8th inst., Mr. James L. Rogers to Miss Mary E. Campbell,
          both of Bath.
              In Biddeford, 8th inst., Mr. Augustus H. Moore to Miss Sarah A. L.
          Andrews, both of Biddeford.
              In  Bowdoin, 4th inst., Mr. Reuben G. Meserve, of Richmond to Miss
          Ruth L. Coombs, of Bowdoin.
              In Edgecomb, Mr. I. H. Baker to Miss Marietta Moors, both of
              In August, 28th ult., Mr. Hiram B. Couch to miss Sarah J. Stafford,
          of Hallowell.
              In Saco, 8th inst., Mr. William A. Moses to Miss Shauh B. Pillsbury,
          both of Portland.
              In Stockton, 28th ult., Captain Andrew D. Griffin to Miss Aurilla A.
          Mudgett, both of Stockton.

              In Gorham, 7th inst., George W., only child of Edmund and Almira
          Green, aged 5 months.
              In Scarborough, 25th ult., Mrs. Olive Storer, widow of the late
          Colonel John Spring, aged 75.
              In Gorham, 8th inst., Polly, widow of the late Joseph Hamblin,
          aged 28.
              In Gorham, 2nd inst., Mr. David McLellan, aged 73.
              In New Glooucester, (Shaker Village) 8th inst., of lung fever and
          disease of the heart, Sarah Palmer, aged 64.
              In Paris, Maine, 16th isn't., Sabra Maria, wife of Micah C. Allen,
          aged 26.
              In Brewer, 8th inst., Mr. William Marston, formerly of Orrington,
          aged 75 years, 6 months.
              In Brooklin,  Hancock County, 27th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Freethy, aged
           about 104 years. She was the first white child born in Brooklin, then a part
           of  Sedgwick.
              In Sedgwick, 3rd inst., Betsey Maria, daughter of Freeman and Judith
          Dority, aged 21.
              In Bangor, 7th inst., Mr. William J. Harris, aged 29 years.
              In Hartland, Somerset County, 6th inst., Mr. Obadiah C. William,
          aged 85.
              In Ellsworth, 17th inst., Olive S., wife of Mr. J. B. Johnson, aged 41.
              In Bruwnsick, 7th inst., Hannah D., wife of Rev. Charles W. Morse,
          aged 53.
              In Poland, Maine, 4th inst., Sarah, widow of the late John Cousens,
          Esq., aged 53.
              In  Auburn, 4th inst., Sarah Maria, daughter of Caleb P. and Sarah
           N. Butler, aged 22.
              In Chesterville, Franklin County, 1st inst., Dorcas, wife of Mr. Moses
          Rich, formerly of Gorham, aged 74 years, 10 months.
             In South Bridgton, 28th inst., Robert, son of Mr. Hugh Bennett, aged 18.
             In Freeport, 28th inst., Mr. Washington Dennison, aged about 70.
             In Brunswick, 4th inst., Mr. Cyrus L. pierce, aged 29 years, 8 months.
             In Bath, 8th inst., Arabella J., daughter of Johnson and  Martha
          Rideout, aged 24 years, 11 months.
             In Chelsea, Mass., 10th inst., Mr. Judah Lunt, formerly of Portland, aged 72.

              Jedediah Burbank, Esq., The death of Jedediah Burbank, Esq., of Bethel, announced
         in the journals of last week, was for some time expected. he had reached the good old
         age of 75 years, and although more vigorous than most men at that age he was not
         able to resist the attacks of complicated disease and yielded at last to the irresistible
         summons. Mr. Burbank had been one of the pillars of society in Bethel during half
         a century.  Born in Bradford, Massachusetts, he removed to Bethel in  early life, and
         marrying a daughter of Lieutenant Clark, one of the original settlers of the town, he
         located himself upon the spot which he occupied during the remainder of his life.
         He was forward in sustaining the institutions of  education and religion, was
         always interested in the civil affairs of the town, and active and judicious in
         promoting its welfare.  The large  assemblage, gathered at his funeral, bore testimony
         to the respect with which his memory is cherished by his friend and fellow citizens.

            On Monday a man named Patrick Mitchell, stabbed his wife in the breast,
        inflicting a dangerous wound.  he was arrested after showing some fight, by
       Officer Beaumont and Gould.

          On Saturday, Mr. C. B. Welch of Parsonsfield, Me., while on his way to New
       York, to purchase a cargo of flour, was robbed between Springfield and
       Hartford, of a package containing  $14,000.


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THE CHRISTIAN INTELLIGENCER & Eastern Chronicle May 14, 1830 & May 21, 1830


                In Portland, Theophilus Hamlen, Esq., of August to Mrs. Jane Carter.
                In August, on Sunday evening last, Mr. Thomas Wadsworth to Miss
           Rosanna Webber.
                In Belfast, Albert G. Jewett, Esq., of Bangor to Miss Hannah Wilson,
           daughter of John Wilson, Esq.
               In Winthrop, Mr. Noah Sturevant to Miss Angeline Cole.
               In Fayette, Mr. William Thompson to Miss Selvina W. Page.
               In Sidney, Mr. Robert Wells, of Embden to Miss Mary C. Sawtelle.
               In Boston, Mr. John G. Appleton to Miss Abigail Ann P. Merrill,
          of Scarborough.


              In this town on Wednesday last, Mrs. Sarah Perkins, wife of Alvin
          T. Perkins, aged 25. Funeral from the residence of Mr. A. T. Perkins,
          this afternoon at 2 o'clock p.m.
              In August on Monday last, Mr. Ezekiel Page, aged 84. Mr. Stephen
          Huse, aged 23. Mr. Stephen Crosby, aged 74.
             In Vassalborough, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Barnaby, aged 69.
             In Portland, Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Henry Poor, aged 21.
             In Dresden, George Houdlette, Esq., aged 51.
             In Wiscasset, Miss Emeline Smith, aged 18.
             In Sidney, Mr. George Hammond, aged 42.
             In Fairfield, 4th inst., Mr. Samuel B. Tibbets, aged 57.
             In Hampden, Ms. Rebecca Emery, wife of Cyrus Emery, aged 19.
             At Great Falls, Somersworth, New Hampshire, James S. Stanwood,
          Esq., late Postmaster at that place, aged 29.
             At Audley, her residence in Frederick County, Virginia, on the 9th of
          April, 1830, in the 60th year of her age, Mrs. Betsey Carter, relict of the
          late Mr. Charles Carter, and only daughter of the only sister of the Father
          of our Country, General George Washington.


                   In Augusta on Monday last, by the Rev. Mr. Tappan, Frederick
              A. Fuller, Esq., to Miss Catharine M. Weston, daughter of Hon. Nathan
             Weston, Jr.
                  In Norridgewock, Rev. Francis Drew to Miss Flavilla Dinsmore.
                  In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Ezra Carter, of Concord, N. H., to Miss
             Abby T. Clark of Portsmouth.
                  In Hampden, Mr. Benjamin W. Smith, of Truro, Massachusetts, to Miss
            Priscilla N. Hopkins, of the former place.
                  In Bath, Captain Samuel Swanton to Miss Ann Maria D. Robinson.
                 In Millburn, Mr. Solomon W. Bates, of Norridgewock, to Miss Mary
          Ann S. Neil, daughter of Colonel J. G. Neil, of the former place.
                  In Bangor, Mr. Samuel Eastman to Miss Harriet Holmes, of Monroe.
                  In Kennebunk, Barnabas Palmer, Esq., to Miss Sarah Grant.
                  In Kittery, Mr. Alpheus Dearing to Miss Hannah B. Hutchins.
                  In Cushing, Captain Stizaker, formerly of Nantucket, Mass., to Mrs.
            Sarah Wilson, of Warren.


                 In Wiscasset, Mr. Barnabas Sullivan, a Revolutionary soldier, aged 74.
                 In  New Gloucester, Miss Charlotte, daughter of Mr. Thomas Wharff, aged 16.
                 In Newburyport, James Prince, Esq., late Collector of Newburyport, aged 70.

                 Another Revolution worthy gone.  Died in Buxton, on the 30th ult., Captain
             Jabez Lane aged 88. He entered the Revolutionary Army in the summer of 1775,
                 in the capacity of 2nd Lieutenant In 1776 he was in the army under the command
                 of General George Washington, when  New York was evacuated by the American
                 troops and bore a part in the action at Harlem and White Plains, and in the
                 capture of the Hessians at Trenton. In the spring of 1777 he received a captain's
                 commission, and at Fort Edward, joined the army, then on its retreat from
                 Ticonderoga, and took command of the a company in Colonel Nixon's
                 regiment. The regiment to which he was attached bore an active share in all
                 the action which  preceded the capture of Burgoyne. Capt. Lane continued in the
                 service until 1780, when his domestic affairs requiring his attention, and
                believing that the independence of his country was virtually accomplished he
                requested a discharge.  During this period he was engaged in much active service
                and no officer of his grade bore a higher reputation for bravery and military skill.
                Although he took part in many engagement, Capt. Lane had the good fortune to
                escape from them all without a wound. His company when it left Long Island,
                numbered 120 men, but the battles at Harlem, White Plains and Trenton, and the
                suffering of retreat through the Jerseys, reduced it to 20. After he retired from the
                service, he resumed the business of a farmer, and continued in that peaceful and
                respectable occupation through the long reminder of his life, sustaining to the end
                the character of an industrious intelligent and upright citizen. His latter days were
                 cheered, in some measure by the tardy justice of his country, having awarded him a
                 pension-and he went down to the grave full of years and liquor.  It may perhaps
                not to be amiss to mention that at  the commencement of hostilities, two brothers of
                Capt. Lane also entered the service of their county; one of them as Captain and the
                other as  2nd Lieutenant;  of the same company with the subject of this brief and
                imperfect notice, they having enlisted the whole company by their own efforts.


Thursday, June 20, 2013




              In this city, March 2nd, John S. Johnson and Petra Neilson.
              In this city, March 4th,, by Rev. S. F. Pearson, Willis B. Allen and Martha
          A. Rand, both of Portland.
              In Saccarrappa, March 5th, by Rev. M. C. Pendexter, Charles T. Garland,
          and Sadie F. Dyer, both of Saccarrappa.
              In Bath, March 4th, John A. Kavanugh of Bath, and Fannie F. Stein, of
          St. Stevens, New Brunswick.
              In Bangor, March 8th, Fed H. Wooster and Maud H. Ricker.
              In Rockland, March 1st, Fred J. Carroll and Clara A. Robbins, both of
              In Skowhegan, February 14th, Hermon A. Comey and Kate S. Rowell.
              In Brewer, March 8th, Edward E. Richardson and Drusilla M. Robinson.
              In Brooklyn, New York, February 24th, S. A. Rich, formerly of Brooklyn,
          Eva A. Elliot, formerly of Portland.
              At Jay Bridge, February 24th, Arthur G. Flagg, of Benton, and Mary Paine,
          of Jay.
              In Turner, March 2nd, George E. Sampson and Ella F. Conant.
              In Denmark, Maine, February 27th, Randolph A. Gilman, of Fryeburg,
          and Hattie D. Dresser, of Denmark.
              In Belmont, February 27th, Charles H. Meader of Belmon, and Kate
          E. Knowles, of Jackson.
              In Vinalhaven, February 23, Charles Clark and Emily Winslow.
              At Round Pond, Lincoln County, February 8th, Theron E. Miller of
          Waldoboro, and Dora Simmons, of Bremen.
              In Alexander, February 18th, G. B. M.  Perkins and Ada L. Craft.
              In Dexter, February 27th, Edwin P. Dearborn and Edna L. Lincoln,
          both of Corrina.
              In Calais, February 26th, William S. Vose and Alice B. Cox.
              In Bradford, March 2nd, Charles M. Robbins and Mrs. Annie M.
              In Etna, March 2nd, George Kennedy of Bath, and Grace B. Friend of
              In West Surry, March 3rd, Rev. Andrew Gray of Eden, and Mrs.
          Mary K. Carter, of Surry.
              In Biddeford, March 4th, James Murphy and Maggie Cassin, both
          of Biddeford.
              In Bangor, March 3rd, Frank L. Tuck and Elizabeth Maxwell, both
          of Bangor.
              In Friendship, February 25th, Charles Willey and Clara E. Prior, both
              In Waterville, February 28th, Sherman L. Berry and Ella L. Lowe.
              In Burnham, February 18th, Theodore G. Goodrich of Clinton, and
          Anna Rassler (?,) of Burnham.
              In Norway, Maine, March 2nd, Scott Saunder and Maud Verrill, both
          of Norway.
              In Rockland, March 3rd (8th?) Almond J. Hewett, of Worcester,
          Mass., and Carrie E. Smart of Rockland.
              In Farmington, March 2nd, Stillman S. Savage and Christina
              In Pittsfield, March 2nd, Charles A. Libby and Kate M. Fisher.
              In Belfast, February 28th, James W. Wood and Sarah E. Dunbar,
          both of Belfast.
              In Searsport, February 24, March 4th, Captain W. M. Parse and Addie
          M. Sargent.
              In Livermore Falls, March 4th, Frank L. Know and Alice Farnum,
          both of Jay.
              In Freedom, March 3rd, William W. B. Choate and Josie B. Gould,
          both of Montville.
              In Effingham, New Hampshire, March 9th, by Rev. W. H. Trafton, Ernest
          Nicklin (?) of Limerick, Maine and Cora M. Smith.


              In this city, March 8th, Thomas M. Carroll, son of  Owen and Catharine
          Carroll, 58 years, 2 months.  Born in Birmingham, England.
              In this city, March 7th, Alice A., widow of the late Jeremiah Wilson,
          aged 61 years, 6 months.
              In this city, March 5th, Caroline S., wife of Otis Williams, aged 70
          years, 8 months.
              In this city, March 5th, Annie, wife of Daniel Green of Otisfield, aged
          58 years.
              In this city, March 5th, Sarah J., wife of John H. Hammond, aged 23
          years, 10 months.
              In this city, March 8th, Daniel Griffin, aged 87 years, 11 months.
              In this city, March 8th, William A. Greeley.
              In this city, March 9th, Wendell H. Roberts, aged 23 years, 8 months.
              In this city, March 9th, Charles William Goddard, aged 63 years, 2
          months, 10 days.
              In this city, March 8th, William A. Greeley.
              In this city, March 9th, George, son of John A. and Hattie N. Gillis,
          aged 3 years.
              In this city, March 9th, Clara T., wife of J. D. Parker, formerly of Lowell,
          Mass., aged 87 years.
              In this city, March 10th, Wendall H., only son of Lenora, and the late
          Eben Roberts, aged 28 years, 3 months.
              In this city, March 21st, Sophia E., wife of Simon E. Armstrong, aged 43
          years, 11 months.
              In South Portland, March 9th, Flora G., daughter of George and Elva
          aged 4 years, 3 months, 5 days.
              In Yarmouthville, March 11th, Isabel, wife of Edward B. Humphrey, aged
          59 years, 3 months.
               In Brooklyn, New York, March 6th, suddenly at the residence of her
          son-in-law, E. G. Davis, Mrs. Mary Ann Sweester, widow of the late John
          Sweester of this city.
               In Bucksport, February 29th, Mrs. Susan O., wife of Sylvanus T. Hinks,
          aged 78years, 10 months, 14 days.
               In Malden, Mass., March 10th, Margaret Holmes, daughter of George M.
          and Clara V. Bosworth, formerly of Portland, aged 5 years, 3 months.
               In Joplin, Missouri, February 28th, Carrie  E. Herrick, formerly of Portland,
          wife of B. B. Harden, aged 25 years.
               In Cumberland Center, March 5th, Saba G. , wife of John Blanchard,
          aged 32 years, 9 months.
              In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 1st, Ellen O'Donnell, formerly of Portland.
              In Brunswick, March 1st, Emery Ward, aged 61 years.
              In Brunswick, March 4th, Daisy Bell, daughter of  George and Adella
          Carlton, aged 3 years, 4 months.
              In Brunswick, March 2nd, Sarah S, Minott, aged 79 years, 9 months.
              In Lewiston, February 26, Cyrus T. Thompson, aged 61 years.
              In Rockport, February 20th, Ada V., wife of Augusta Bagley, aged 87.
              In Weld, February 27th, Mrs. Joel Ireland, aged 93 years.
              In Hallowell, February 24th, George  N., son of Henry Currier, aged 16 years.
              In Cherryfield, February 25th, Mrs. Sally Grand, aged 89 years.
              In Montreal, Canada, March 2nd, Frederick Gold  Lyman, younger son
          of Frederick  G. and the late Mary Goodman Lyman, aged 5 months, 15 days.
              In Bangor, March 5th, Dr. Galen J. Valbon, aged 33 years.
              In Rockport, February 24th,  Honorable Nathaniel T. Talbot, a native  of
          Turner, aged 78 (?) years.
              In South Thomaston, March 2nd, William D. Blake, aged 66 years, 7 months.
              In Warren, March 1st, Harriet  F., widow of Captain O. J. Starrett, aged 59 years,
          1 month.
              In Leeds Center, February 15th, Mrs. Olive L. Hurd, aged 82 years, 7 months.
              In Lewiston, March 5th, Mrs. Emily A. Silver, aged 67 years.
              In Raymond, March 4th George Merrill, aged 75 years. James F. Mordo (?)
          aged 58 years.
              In Hillsboro,  Wisconsin, February 23, Matilda M. Poole, formerly of
          Portland, aged 67 years.
              In August, March 8th, at the Insane Hospital, Enos A. Noyes of Falmouth,
          aged 41 years, 10 months.
              In Westbrook, March 5th, Joseph Hodgdon, aged 72 years.
              In Nobleboro, February 23rd, Mrs. Mary W. Chapman, aged 73 years.
              In Waterford, March 9th, Mrs. Lucinda Reed, aged 77 years.
              In Rockport, March 1st, Captain Chene S. Packard.
              In Mont Vernon, February 25th, William L. Boynton, aged 96 years,
          5 months.
              In Livermore Falls, February 20th, Mrs. Adeline D. Gill, aged 84 years.
              In Waterford, March 7th, Millard  F. Spaulding, aged 33 years.
              In Machias,  February 14th, Rebecca, widow of Thomas Woodward, aged
          71 years.
              In Kingfield, February 14th, Elisha S. Winter, aged 59 years.
              In Ellsworth, March 1st, Mrs. Sarah R. O. Dutton, aged 86 years.
              In Saco,  March 6th, Fred S. Clark, aged 36 years.
              In Raymond, March 4th, James L. Morrill, aged 58 years.
              In Biddeford, March 6th, Mrs. Phebe Lafleur aged 33 years.
              In Auburn, March 6th, Albert E., only son of Stephen H. and Mrs. Lou
          Lovejoy, aged 10 years.
              In Durham, February 24th, Samuel Williams, aged 84 years, 5 months.
              In Farmington, March 3rd, Johana, relict of the late Cornanus (?)
          Coughlin, aged 57 years.
              In Etna, March 6th, Benjamin Jordan, aged 76 years.
              In North Wayne, February 20th, Mrs. Catherine Batchelder,
          aged 90 years.
              In Leeds, February 15th, Hartley Gray, aged 66 years.
              In Rockland, February 22nd, Ada M., wife of Gilbert Hall, aged
          32 years, 10 months.
              In Wiscasset, February 23rd, Philip F. Foyes, 75 years.
              In Wiscasset, February 23rd. Thomas Cromwell, aged 63 years.
              In Boothbay, February 28th, Charles Brewer, aged 82 years.
              At Bosario, (?) S. A., Captain Merill Adams of East Boothbay,
          master of schooner Celina.
               In Freeport, March 5th, Elmira J. Mitchell, wife of W. A. Michell,
          aged 86 (?)  years, 2 months.
              West Paris, February 12th, Enoch  E. Judkins, aged 57 years, 6 months.
              In Monmouth, February 28th, William H. Tilton, aged 51 years, 6
              At Orr's Island, February 27, Mrs. Nancy Orr, aged 51 years.
              In Bath, March 4th, John King, 46.
              In West Bath, March 3rd, Mrs. Mercy Williams, aged 76 years.
              In Cherryfield, February 25th, Mrs. Sally Grant, aged 89 years.
              In Machias, February 13th, Stephen Knight, aged 73 years, 7 months.
              In Fairfield, February 24th, Mrs. Susan Bean, aged 85 years, 7 months.
              In St. Louis, November 26th, Stillman Barbour, formerly of Portland,
          aged  87(?) years.
              In Knightville, March 7th, Mrs. Anna Bent, aged 54 years.
              In Augusta, March 6th, Enos A. Noyes. aged 41 years, 10 months.
              In Biddeford, March 8, Mrs. Robert Mountain.
              In Biddeford, March 7th, Joseph Martin, aged 57 years.
              In Lebanon, February 25, Grace D., wife of Julian Hussey, aged
          26 years.
              In Porter, February 28th, Isaac Bckford, aged about 55 years.
              In West Paris, February 28, Mrs. Calvin Pratt.
              In South Hingham,(Mass?) February 28th, Mrs. Parmelia E. Wight, widow
          of the late James Wight of Oxford, aged 83 years, 3 months.
              In Turner, March 1st, Mrs. berry, aged 4 years, 10 months.
              In Yarmouth, March 6th, Ammi B. Mitchell, aged 73 years.
              In North Gorham, March 8th, Mrs. August E., wife of Enoch Mayberry.
              In East Harpswell, March 6th, George E. Hersey, aged 59 years/
              In Paris, Maine, March 2nd, Horace S. Perkins, aged 55 years.
              In East Hebron, March 2nd, Mrs. Judith Randall, aged 85 years.
              In Rockland, March 2nd, William D. Blake, aged 68 years, 7 months.
              In Waldoboro, March 2nd, Mrs. Betsey, widow of Captain Oliver
          Farnsworth, aged 88 years.
              In Isle us Haut, February 26th, Mrs. Eliza K. Smith, aged 78 years.
              In New York, March 21, Elizabeth  S. McFarlane, formerly of Camden,
          aged 76 years.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013



              In this city, January 19th, by Rev. A. Dalton, James F. Smith and
          Celestia H. Richardson, both of Portland.
              In this city, January 20th, Emmons Chapman and Cleora F. Coolidge,
          both of Portland.
              In this city, January 16th, Lionel Brackett of Westbrook, and Adrianna F.
          Sherman of Edgecomb.
              In Cape Elizabeth, January 2nd, by Rev. Mr. Atkinson, William H. Lindsey
           and Hattie E. Ricker, both of Cape Elizabeth.
              In South Berwick, December 31st, by Rev. Z. S. Knight, Frank A. Knight,
          and Clara J. Johnson, both of North Berwick.
              In Windham, January 20th, by Rev. L. Wiswall, William Wescott and
          Hattie A. Gray, both of Standish.
              In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, January 20th, William B. Bibber and
          Josephine Mason, of Portland.
              In Lewiston, January 5th, Alfred J. Moore, and Jennie E. Hoyt.
              In Buckfield, December 25th, Samuel Record of Lewiston and
          Clementine Turner, of Buckfield.
              In Biddeford, January 9th, William A. Roberts, of Waterboro and
              Henrietta Mcdonald, of Biddeford.
              In Belfast, January 2nd, Stillman Sawyer and Hattie D. Bates, both of
              In North Yarmouth, January 20th, Alvah S. Pickering of Portland, and
          Estella L. Lord, of New York.
              In Augusta, January 11th, Charles F. Stone and Fannie R. Howard.
              In Sanford, January 2nd, Joseph Ridley and Mary A. E. Lord.
              In Bath, January 18th, Samuel H. Colesworthy, Jr., of Portland, and
          Nellie Lee, of Bath.

              In this city, January 21st, of typhoid fever, Stephen Swett, of this city.
              In this city, January 23rd, Sadie F. Hervey, aged 23.
              In Gray, January 4th, Mrs. Olive, wife of David Huston, aged 66 years,
          5 months. (City papers please copy.)
              In Saco, January 3rd, Mrs. Mary J., wife of the late Elisha Wadleigh,
          aged 39.
              In South Freeport, January 20th, Gershom Bliss, aged 44.
              In  Tremont, January 2nd, Samuel Lurver, aged 76.
              In Searport, January 9th, Vienna H. Warren, aged 46.
              In Gorham, January 18th, Mrs.Matilda Prince, daughter of the late
          Stephen Waite, of this city.
              In  Hollis, January 15th, Mrs. Susan Foss, aged 66.
              In Fayette, January 19th, Mrs. Emma E. Fitch, aged 36.
              In Turner, December 31st, Mrs. Lorinda Harlow, aged 32.
              In  Standish, January 2?th, Rev. James Weston, aged 78.
              In Harford, Oxford County, January 3rd, Ephraim Russell, aged 84.
              In Warren, December 6th, Robert Montgomery, aged 86.
              In Saco, January 11th, John F. Seavey, aged 22.
              In East Hampden, January 15th, Mrs. Hiram Prouty, aged 73.
              In Ellsworth, January 10th, N. T. Cunningham, aged 42.
              In Lewiston, January 17th, Charles E. Fogg, aged 27.
              In Waterford, January 18th, Stephen T. Proctor, aged 68 years, 2
          months, 6 days.  Of seven children, their aged ranging from 59 to 77 years,
          this is the first death.
              In this city, January 17th, Eddie F., only child of Captain J. P. and Martha
          B. Grace, aged 2 years, 8 months.
                                 His little life was brief as it was beautiful.


               On Wednesday week a boy named Edward Armstrong, thirteen years
           old, son of Eben Armstrong, cooper, attempting to leave the front part of
           horse car on Spring Street, fell under the wheel and was almost instantly

              On Saturday, Nathaniel Hasty, in the employ of Dr. Buzzell, of Cape
          Elizabeth, being a little tipsy mistook Brooks Wharf for Portland Bridge,
          and drove off the end of it, dislocating his shoulder.

              On Friday, a seaman named Thomas Osborne, who had shipped on board
          a vessel in the stream, attempted to cut his throat at the Pearl Street House,
          but only succeeded in making an ugly wound; trouble with his wife had
          caused temporary insanity, and he said that next time he would cut deeper.

              Mr. Isaac Barnum lost a valuable horse on Sunday; he was found in the
          stable with a leg broken, and Mr. Barnum was compelled to have him shot.

              Mr. Daniel Holiwood was thrown from his wagon on High Street, on
          Thursday evening and very badly injured; a man who tried to stop the
          the runaway horse was also much hurt.

              Mr. Albert S. Fabyan, a butcher was found by the police on Brackett
          Street Wednesday night, in a helpless condition, and placed in a cell in the
          station house, where he was found dead in the morning from the effects of
          lung disease and exposure; being supposed to be intoxicated he was left to
          die  alone; the police should remember that every person who may become
          helpless in the street is not necessarily drunk.

               Mr. and Mrs. John K. Hooper will celebrate their Golden Wedding, being the
          50th Anniversary of their marriage, some time in the coming month.

              The case of William Logan, who killed McCarty in a drunken quarrel at
          Standish, was tried before the Superior Court last week, the jury returning a
          verdict of manslaughter.

             Judge Barrows fined W. W. Thomas, Jr., $100 and costs, and Elias Thomas
          $2. 75 and costs, for  assaulting Mr. Hayes, turnkey at the jail and his wife.
               J. A. Hasty, postmaster and trader at Waterborough, has absconded after
         obtaining thousands of dollar by forging the names of  substantial citizen to
         notes, and raising the wind at the banks of Biddeford and Saco.

               Mr. Nutter of Castine, froze to death in attempting to cross the river from
          Brookville, on the 13th inst. He lost his way in the storm.

              William Hill, of North Berwick, has a barn costing $10,000 said to be the
           best in the state.

              S. N. Taber, agent of the Maine Farmer while crossing China Pond, broke
          through the ice.  It was with great difficulty he recovered his horse.  His fingers
          were badly frozen.

              Isaac Bigford and Isaac Verrill, two young men of Tremont, upset their boat
          and were drowned while out gunning last week.
              Jeremiah Quimby of Boothbay, who lost his life in the shipwreck of the
          schooner Mary, had the presence of mind to secure his address on a bit of
          paper, which he wrapped in birch bark, tied it with twine and stuffed oakum over
          it in his pocket.

             John Matthews, Esq., and Captain Henry Cooper, prominent citizens of
          Hallowell, had an altercation in a store last week. After it was over Captain
          Cooper followed his antagonist to his house, and rung his bell on a summons to
          renew hostilities.  Mr. Matthews reinforced by a cane, knocked him senseless
          injuring him severely.
              Joshua Gray has purchased Factory Dam, at Gardiner, on Cobossee stream,
          with land sufficient for the erection of extensive mills.  Mr. Gray went to Gardiner
          22 years ago as a clerk, and has had a remarkably successful business career.

              A Dixfield correspondent gives us several items of interest that have happened
          in the neighborhood; A plucky girl in Weld named Dorcas White, was met in the
          road by a wild cat, which was being pursued by her brother, who had been hunting
          with a gun. With rare presence of mind, and courage amounting to heroism, she
          took her shawl from her shoulders, threw it over the vicious beast, and held him
          till her brother came up and dispatched him.
              An old lady of Dixfield, Mrs. Wood, has knit 50 pairs of stockings since last

              Schooner Mary W. Hupper, at Savannah 10th from New York, reports on
          9th while coming to anchor outside Tybee the 1st officer, Mr. Hupper of Maine,
          in loosening the anchor was pitched overboard and drowned.  The night was dark
          and a heavy sea running, so that he could not be found.