Friday, April 14, 2017



                                William G. Spring of Fryeburg, mail agent on the Ogdensburg
                            road,  has lately received a legacy of $15,000.
                                 A correspondent D.,  writes, the 29th anniversary of marriage of
                          Rev. C. T.D. Crockett   was celebrated at the Grange Hall, Canton.
                          October 20th, by a very pleasant gathering of some 150 friends and
                          relatives. An excellent  supper was served, and the Canton band
                          gave some fine music. Appropriate remarks were made by J. B.
                          Swazey, Esq., Rev. Mr. Gould, William Stevens and Hiram Ellis.
                          F.L. Berry  presided over the pleasant festivities.

                                  Thomas Shaugnessy. a lad 17, it is found is the burglar
                              that  broke into several stores in Bangor  lately.
                                   An unknown insane man ,claiming to be Jesus Christ, has
                              appeared in Bangor. Bare headed and in his shirt sleeves he
                              prayed aloud as he walked with clasped hands. He is about
                              30 years old.   It is a singular coincidence that the next day
                              another insane man, named Dunham, of Orland, came into
                              the police station at Bangor, claiming to be Jesus Christ. The
                              man  first alluded  resolutely refuses to eat, and his stomach
                               rejects water, though he drinks it with avidity.
                                      Ship standard, 1,535 tones, was launched at Phipsburg,
                               October 30th, by C. V. Minott.
                                       Our Richmond correspondent, E, writes; The Kennebec
                               Steamboat Co.'s   wharf, just completed, is said to be the best
                                wharf in the State.
                                       Mr. Chapin Watson finds large beds of oysters shells at
                                New Meadows river. The deposit above the shells indicates
                                an accumulation of at least two centuries. Why may not
                                oysters again thrive on the coast of  Maine? It will keep a
                                good deal of money in the State, for the demand increases year 
                                by year in the interior, now that the facilities for keeping and
                                 transporting them are so great.


Saturday, April 1, 2017



                                    A correspondent writes:  There was  a recently a an
                               interesting reunion of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
                               Mitchell, of Cambridge  at the homestead. Their eight sons
                               present, the youngest 44 years old, and the eldest 61. All
                               are temperate and us no tobacco. The father is 87, and the
                              mother 85 years old.

                                    The Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. M. W.Ferguson was
                               celebrated at Belfast October 26th.
                                    In the case of Isa M..Patterson vs. City of Belfast, for
                              damages by defective streets, $15,000 being claimed,  the  jury
                              awarded $6,473 being claimed,  the jury awarded $6,473,
                              and the city moves for a new trial.
                                       Antoinette, wife  of John C. Talbot, of  East Machias,
                              died suddenly of heart disease at her mother's in Addison,
                              October 30th.
                                      Amaziah Fickett  of Lubec, in reefing mainsail of Schooner
                             Frank Baker, of Nantucket Shoals, on Monday, fell from the boom
                            and was drowned.
                                       Two aged and prominent members oft the Shaker family at
                           Alfred died a fortnight ago within a few hours of each other, viz:
                           Shubal B.Vance aged 76 and Eldress  Jane Tarbox, aged 86 years.
                            Mr.Vance, of Readfield and he connected himself the United Society
                           in 1850, since which time he has been zealous and influential
                           community. Eldress Tarbor joined the Society in 1813. She was at
                           installed in office, and continued without intermission one of the
                           most efficient leaders of the Society, and a wise  and trusted
                           counsellor,  until she  was 75 years old. The funeral services of these
                           aged  Shaker were very impressive.



Thursday, March 16, 2017



              In Portland by Rev. Mr. Bisbe, Mr. Samuel Armstrong to Miss Martha Langley.
              In Cambridge, Somerset County, by the Rev. Mr. Whitmore, Mr. Odin Willard to
          Susan Wyeth.
              In England, Thomas Leach, M. P., to Miss Turner, only daughter of William Turner,
          Esq., of Shrigley Park, Cheshire.  This is the lady whose abduction by Wakefield 
          made so much noise a few months since.

              In Williamantic, Connecticut, on Monday, 24th ult., Mr. Nelson Wilkinson, aged 24.
          This young man was highly esteemed for his upright and virtuous conduct, and his early
          exit is deeply lamented by all his friends and acquaintances.  In his religious faith, he was a
          Universalist.  Those of his acquaintance who were believeres, in the doctrine of endless
          misery, we are informed, visited him during his last illness, both preachers and laymen, and
          by various methods, endeavoured to shake his faith and draw from him a renunciation of
          the doctrine which he had professed when in health; but all their efforts proved abortive. He
          remained firm and composed in the faith to God's universal and saving grace to the last
          expiring moment.
              A  short time previous to his death, he gave directions concerning his funeral, and he left
          it his dying request that his remains might be brought to the village of Pawtucket, R. I., for
          interment, and that Rev. Mr. Cutler should deliver a discourse on the occasion. That request
          has been complied with.
              We can not but regret that believers in endless misery should act so ungenerous and
          cowardly a part, as that of besieging a young man in his last hours, and labouring to terrify
          him out of his confidence in the grace of God, which alone can give support and comfort
          to the dying. If by fair and honorable arguments they can convice us, when in health, that
          we hold any error in doctrine, but when they obtude themselves into the presence of the sick,
          and the dying; not for the purpose of comforting and strengthening their hope, but for the
          purpose of taking advantage of their weakness to proselyte them to their peculiar creed; they
          render themselves unworthy the common civilities of society. Such practices ought to be
          condemned, as barbarous  and unfeeling, and the zealous assilant should be promptly repulsed
          and treated with stern disapprobation which the rashness of his conduct so richly deserves,
              In Wilboro, New York, a child of Mr. Sawyer Sewell, aged 2 years.  His death was
          occasioned by drinking from the nose of a tea kettle, a quantity of boiling water.


              We learn thaat a saw mill, grist mill, bark mill, hide mill and box machine were
          burnt at East Pittston on Saturday night, 15th inst.  Loss estimated at about $2000,
          and no insurance.  The grist, bark and Hide mills belonged to Mr. Joseph Blish, of
          this town. The saw mill and box maching of Messrs. Cllarks and Youngs, of that
          place.  Bath Inquirer

              A man by the name of Morgan was drowned in Hallowell on last Friday.

              A new Post Office has been established in Strong, Maine, called "Porter"s Mill,
          P.O," and Samuel Eastman, Esq., appointed Post Master.



Sunday, March 5, 2017



                                L. S. Voter's spool factory at New Vineyard  has started up
                           with a large order for spools.
                              A farmer named Kelliher at Mariaville has  twice been
                          assaulted of late, the last time with a heavy club, and it is feared
                          the injuries may prove fatal.

                               Peter Waitt, of South Gardiner, aged 82, while leading  a
                          refractory cow, the other day; was thrown down and  dragged
                         and was very seriously injured.

                             Mr. A K, Meservey, upon whom Mr. A. R. Dunton throws
                       suspicion of being the murderer of Mrs. Meservey  St. George,
                       denies to a reporter all the principle statements of the expert.
                       He say he never wrote anything in the log-book upon which
                       Dunton bases his conclusions, and that he never saw the
                       anonymous letters on the strength on the of which Hart was
                        convinced. He and his wife believe Hart is innocent. The
                        Argus says of Dunton that his statement applied to an
                       eminent lawyer to defend him, but that gentleman after a
                       long interview with him, refused to undertake the defense,
                       believing him to be  guilty.  Mr. Dunton  is out  with a second
                       letter in the Camden Herald. In this he accuses the county attorney
                       of altering the spelling of the same word in anonymous letters.
                       He also says that County Attorney Staples several times told
                       him that if he could convict Hart he should go to Congress, and
                       if he failed it would ruin him.  Dunton  promises a third letter
                       showing up other parties. The temper of his communications
                       indicates an excited state of mind that detracts much from the
                       force of his statements.  He seems to be anxious to make a
                       great sensation.  But he is not so crazy that his story, with all
                       corroborates it, can be entirely overlooked by those who are
                            Alpheus Dodge, of Boothbay, 15 years  old accidently
                       shoot himself in the arm last Friday. He may lose one eye.
                             Honorable Abner Stetson, a  well-known citizen of
                       Damariscotta, died on Monday, aged  79.  He was formerly
                       a shipbuilder on a large scale. He was Presidential elector
                        of 1860.

Friday, March 3, 2017


                                                         MAINE MATTERS
                              A little daughter of P. M. Spofford was fatally scaled on Monday
                          by falling in to a pail of hot water used in washing the floor.
                              On the morning of October, 31st., Mrs. Fanny Towne, of Auburn
                         died from the effects of chloroform. Her mother on rising passed
                         her a two ounce bottle of chloroform to induce sleep. It is thought
                        that she dropped asleep and the contents of the bottle spilling on the
                        bed clothes were inhaled, causing death.

                               The Aroostook Valley Sunrise suggest the name of William
                         Dickey of Fort Kent for Speaker of the next house.
                               Honorable W. J.  Corthell, Superintendent of Common Schools
                         is mentioned in connection with  the Gorham Normal School, as a
                         suitable principal of the institution.
                              Gorham Grange gave a handsome reception to Honorable
                      Frederick Robie on occasion of his return from Europe. Many ladies
                      and gentlemen from the adjoining towns participated in the festivities.
                             George Taylor, representative elect from Bridgton, died suddenly
                    at Uxbridge, Mass., last Friday.  He was agent of Pondicherry Mills, and
                    a prominent Mason. He was highly esteemed in business circles.
                             Miss. Charles E. Hill, the husband  of the woman who assaulted
                    Captain McGilvery, who had  called to arrange terms of separation
                    between them, is native of Naples. He is the one  who built the fine
                    houses two miles above Naples, overlooking Long Lake, which is
                    noticed by all tourist on the Sebago and Long lake steamboat route.
                            William J. Allen, of Cornish, returning from Portland Monday
                   evening, having been  to market, was stopped by two men near Gorham,
                   who presented a pistol and demanded his money. He gave up fifteen
                   dollars and  they drove off towards Gorham. But is supposed they were
                   from Portland as they told them they saw him receive money at
                    Green Street.  P. S. The above is contradicted by Mr. Allen himself.



Sunday, February 26, 2017


                                                                 CITY ITEMS
                                                           (Glances about Town)
                                      On Sunday morning last a pile of wood in the cellar of
                                  Mr. C. M. Gore's residence, State Street, took fire, and burned
                                  up through  the parlor floor; the fire was extinguished with
                                  little damage.
                                     Mr. Herbert A. Bishop-from England-got drunk last Saturday
                                  evening, and brought up at the station; the managers of the Inn
                                  were evidently imposed upon in a his services.
                                     Quint Brothers have opened a soap manufactory at the corner
                                 of  Congress and St. John street.
                                     Mr. James Harris has been connected  with the postal service in
                                 this city for thirty-five years.
                                      In City Hall, on the 13th Miss May Bell Sherman will attempt
                                 to walk fifty miles inside of eleven hours.
                                     Governor Connor visited the Beet Sugar  works last week,
                             and expressed himself pleased with the results of manufacturing
                            sugar from beets; he thinks it will continue on a larger scale, when
                            probably better prices can be paid the  farmers.
                                     Petty burglaries are getting to be frequent about town; the
                           fruit store of Ivory Bean, Commercial Street was entered on
                           Wednesday night of last week, and about $15 worth of money
                           and goods were taken.




Wednesday, February 15, 2017


          At Bath, Master John McDonald, will launch a ship in June, and is
     getting out the frame in Virginia for a ship to be put up probably next fall.
          Messers. Deering & Donnell have a schooner frame in their yard, and
     will also build a fisherman of 60 tons.
          A. Palmer has a schooner of 200 tons on the stocks.
          Adams & Hitchcock are at work on a schooner of 500 tons, and will
     commence work on  a ship of 2,200 tons in May.
          B. W. & H. F. Morse have a schooner in frame, and will build another
     when she is launched.
         Houghton   Brothers will build a 1,700 ton ship this summer. Samuel
     Packard will build two vessels this season.
          Arthur Sewall will build a ship of 2,000 tons. A ship of 2,000 tons is in
     frame at the Hitchcock yard.
          Goss, Sawyer & Packard will build a steamer for the International  Steamship
     Co., a steam whaler for New Bedford parties, and have other contracts on hand
     which will keep  them busy until  next fall.
          William Rogers will build a large ship and probably a schooner this summer.
          The new schooner on the stocks in William Roger's yard has been sold to
     parties in Saco.

          Steamship  Franconia, New York for Portland, put into New Port,  R. I., p.m.
     1st inst., being unable to proceed through Vineyard Sound on account of ice.
          Barque Casco, Leavitt, from Philadelphia for Cardenas (N W Cuba,)  was
     damaged by running ice at Delaware Breakwater 31st and started a leak. She will
     be repaired at the Breakwater.
           Schooners W. G. R. Mowery and E & G. Hinds, were caught in a field of ice
     and dragged out of the harbor. The Hinds lost an anchor and went ashore in the
     Sound, but was hauled off and towed into Wood's Hole.
          Brigg B. F. Merry was at Lewes, Delaware 2nd inst., with flag in rigging, union
          Schooner Arcularius, of Rockland, loading at New York from Richmond, Va.,
     was cut through by the ice 2nd inst.
          Schooner Lookout, of Lubec, Dinsmore, from New York for Calais, with corn
     went ashore while beating into Cutler, Me., night of 21st inst., and a total wreck;
     the captain and the crew were badly frostbit.