Wednesday, November 26, 2014


                                                         CITY ITEMS
                                                    Glances about Town

          Mrs. Mary Osborn, residing on Munjoy Hill, was 99  years old on the 3rd, and
     enjoys good health; she is the oldest lady in the city.
          General Appleton, Post No. 128, G. A. R. of Ipswich, Mass., will visit Portland
     during the National Encampment, with fifty men and a drum corps; our old will
     remember the General who was for many years a worthy and honored citizen of
     Portland; and the Post will carry a beautiful flag presented by the General's son D.
     F. Appleton, Esq., of New York.
         Mr. J. C. Pettengill of Woodsford, while at work at Hampton, New York, ran a
     splinter into his middle finger, causing lockjaw and blood poison; it was a serious
    case, but he has now recovered.
       Miss Grace Deering, daughter of Major J. W. Deering, has been assigned the first
     part in the graduation exercises of her class at the seminary she is attending in
          The Boy's Literary Society have formed a company of Cadets, Lewis K. Austin,
          Mr. Frederick Fox, of this city, graduated last week at the Massachusetts
     Institute of Technology.
          The burglars returned the second night to Whyley's store at Woodfords, and
     helped themselves to what the like best; they are a free and easy gang.
          The priest of the diocese of Portland presented Bishop Healey with a purse of
     $2,000 on the anniversary of his consecration.
          Burglars took $92 Saturday night from the house of M. H. A. Muller, Congress
     Street; the rascal coolly peeled and ate oranges in Mr. Muller's sleeping room, after
     overhauling his clothing, but without awaking him; attempts to enter other houses
     are reported.
          A movement is making among Portland physicians to remove the Maine
     Medical School from Brunswick to Portland, and a hearing on the matter is had in this
     city, this week, by a committee of which Honorable J. W. Bradbury, of Augusta and
    Judge Appleton are members.
          In the case of Mr.. Clough, wife of Mr. David D. Clough of Woodfords, who died
     last Saturday after a lingering illness in which she was a great sufferer, a post mortem
     examination disclosed the fact that the due of her death was consumption occasioned
    by degeneracy of the lungs.
          The members of the Salvation Army were brought before Judge Gould last week,
     who ordered them discharged; Judge Gould's decision was that they could parade with
     drums week days, but not Sundays.
          The brigantine Anna P. Odel which arrived at this port Thursday from Porto Rico
     with cargo of sugar, reported the death of one of the mates on the on the passage from
     yellow fever, and that the vessel was placed in quarantine and was thoroughly
          Collin Crossland, who arrived from Nova Scotia Friday, was swindled out of $75,
     his year's saving, by a woman at the Portland & Ogdensburg station who borrowed the
     money  ostensibly to pay charges on her baggage; previously to asking for the money
     she pretended to engage the unsophisticated fellow to work for her husband.
          On Friday evening of last week the Universalist Church at Stevens Plains gave the
     new pastor, Rev. Mr. Shinn an informal installation and reception at which addresses
    were made by Rev. Dr. Weston, David Torre, Esq., and Rev. Mr Crosley; Mr. Shinn
     expressed his thanks for the cordial welcome which has been  extended to him.
          George A. Rogers, Faulkner, Mass., was in this city last week, making
     arrangements for the balloon ascension to take place June 24th, at the National
     Encampment; the balloon is 120 feet in diameter and requires 45,000 feet of gas
    to inflate it.
          Captain Alvin Hall has placed on his lot in Evergreen Cemetery a monument to
     the memory of his son, his son's wife and child, his nephew Charles Prince, all lost
    by the floundering of the brig Carrie Bertha at sea, and of his brother Appleton Hall
    lost at sea may years ago; there is on other monument in the cemetery with four names
    upon it of personal. all lost at sea-two sons of Captain David Keazer, and the wife and
    child of one of them.


Sunday, November 23, 2014



          In this city, June 7th, Charles, son of James A. and Mary E. Howard, aged 6
     years, 7 months.
          In this city, June 4th, Nellie S., daughter of Sabra A. and the late Thomas H.
     Powel, aged 28 years, 8 months.
          In this city, June 4th, Sarah Jane, daughter of John and the late Fannie McKensie,
     of Maitland, Nova Scotia, aged 15 years and 3 months.
          In this city, June 3rd, John H., only child of Thomas F. and Nellie Burke,
     aged 1 years.
         In this city, June 2nd, Antonia Francis, aged 60 years.
         In this city, June 2nd, Willis H. Beaman, aged 11 months.
         Martinsville, Ind., May 29th, Sarah P., wife of Charles Hamilton of
     Martinsville, and daughter of the late Dexter Valentine of Harmony, Maine, aged
     48 years.
         Deering, June 6th, Mollie E., wife of David D. Clough, aged 38 years.
          East Deering, June 2nd, Charles V. Merrill, youngest son of the late William M.
     Merrill, aged 31 years, 4 months.
         Saco, June 1st, Rev. Stephen L. Waterhouse, aged 87, years, 3 months.
          Oakland, June 1st, L. K. Moody, aged 63 years.
          Orono, June 2nd, Ann b., wife of the late Dr. William H. Allen, aged 68 years,
     10 months, 15 days.   
          Albion, May 20th, Jonathan  H. Fuller, aged 78 years, 6 months.
          China, Me.,  May 21st, John Pinkham, aged 87 years.
          New Portland, May 30th, Ivory Page, aged 70 years.
          Scarboro, June 4th, George Morrill, aged 50 years, 3 months, 22 days.
          North Bucksport, June 1st, Lizzie May, daughter of the late Moses Blaisdell,
     aged 16 years, 7 months, 22 days.
          Belfast, May 30th, Ellen F., wife of John Young, aged 38 years, 5 months.
          Norridgewock, May 30th, Climena Hight.
          Chesterfield, May 30th, Weighty E., wife of William Butlerfield,  aged 50
      years, 5 months.
          Temple, Franklin, May 3st, William Deane, 84 years.
          Auburn, May 30th, Zoe, daughter of S. K. Ballard, aged 4 years.
          Lewiston, May 31st, Sarah, wife of John Y. Scruton, aged 60 years, 6 months.
          Lewiston, May 28th, Mrs. Eula A. Worthing.
          Lewiston, May 20th, Belle V. Morse, aged 35 years, 6 months.
          North Turner, May 30th, Fred L. Merrill, aged 19 years.
          New Gloucester, June 2nd, Carrie, wife of Josiah Foot.
          Cape Elizabeth, May 31st, Frank C. Winslow, aged 68 years.
          Gorham, June 1st, Mrs.  Harriet Weeks, aged 79 years.
          North Scarboro, May 31st., Abigail Libby, aged 81.
          West Baldwin, May 24th, Mercy P. Rowe, aged 25 years.
          Gardiner, May 31st, infant son of Charles H. Berry, aged 8 weeks.
          Farmingdale, May 28th, Ralph S., son of Frank E. Marshall, aged 6 months.
          Augusta, May 29th, Emma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gaslin, aged
      28 years.
          Rockland, June 1st, Bernard W. McNamara, aged 18 years.
          Rockland, June1st., Richard E. Bartlett, aged 22 years.
          St. George, May 29th, J. Gilchrest, aged 22 years.
          Cushing, May 28th, James R. Malcom, aged 52.
          Thomaston, May 31st, Elsie Kelleran, aged 38.
          South Thomaston, May 31st, Bartlett Oliver, aged 85 years.
          Jefferson, May 30th, Ephraim Marriner, aged 78 years.
          Hartford,(Lewiston-Auburn area) June 1st., Hattie, wife of Rufus H. Potter,
     and daughter of John Thompson, aged 25 years.
          West  Sumner, June 2nd, Martha S., wife of William S. McGowen, aged
     27 years.
          Bangor, June 2nd, Betsey E., wife of the late Eben Steward, aged 38 years.
          Bangor, June 2nd, Mrs. Bridget Mogan, aged 45 years.
          Bangor, June 2nd, Grace L., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson,
     aged 5 years.
          Bangor, June 30th, Julia M. Delaney.
          Bath, May 28th, Mrs. Harriet E. Brown, aged 38 years (?)
          Skowhegan, May 31st, Mr. R. Fairbrother, aged 77 years
          North Anson, Augusta A. Benjamin, aged 22 years.
          Carratunk, May 28th, Mrs. Lizzie Martin, aged 27 years.
          Salon, May 30th, Absalom Parkman.
          Cherryfield, June 2nd, Jessie, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. D. Campbell,
     aged 11 months.
          Eastport, May 28th, John  Coggin, aged 42 years
          North Berwick, May 30th Amos  Longley, aged 58 years.
          West Newfield, , May 31st, Lenora Linscott, aged 83 years.
          West Newfield, May 31st, Mrs. Lenora Linscott,, aged 83 years.
          Bristol, May 30th, Nellie G. Cudworth, aged 68 years, 1 month.
          Aurora, May 30th, Robert Milliken, aged 68 years, 1 month.
          Whitneyville, May 28th, Alice, wife of Amos Kennedy aged 28 years.
          Damariscotta, June 3rd, Peter Connell, aged 68 years, 7 months.
          Edgecomb, May 28th, Hollister Davidson, aged 67 years, 8 months.
          Appleton, May 27th, Frank Jones, aged 35 years.
          Thomaston, Clara Vinal, wife of Aaron Winchenback, aged 34 years,
     5 months, 15 days.
           Lincolnville, May 31st, Huldah B., wife of J. H. Mohoney, aged 40 years,
     5 days.
          Whitefield, May 28th, John T. Luce of Union, aged 34.
           Bethel, May 20th, Zilla, daughter of Edward Chapman, aged 17 years.
          Bethel, May 9th, O. C. Frost, aged 73 years.
          Barstow, Florida, May 27th Lillie F., wife of Fred W. Fernald, formerly
     of this city.
          San Antonio, Texas, June 4th, Mr. Mary S. Norton (nee  Russell) aged 72.
         East Sumner, May 21st, Mrs. Elias A. Tucker, aged 61 years.
          In Waldoboro, June 1st, Thomas Weaver, aged 60 years, 3 months.


Friday, November 21, 2014



          Waterford, June 3rd, by Rev. J. S. Richards, George H. Kimball and Ida M.
     Stephens, both of Waterford.
         Canton June 2nd, J. Carrol Mead of North Bridgton, and Nelly Mayo of  Canton.
         Bangor, June 3rd, Noah H. Holt of Taunton, Mass., and Frances E. Fiske.
         Brewer, June 1st, William L. Castellow of Eddington and May Fowler of
          Bangor, May 27th, Frank A. Colomy and Annie Maud Moore, both of Bangor.
          Bingham, May 27th, Erwin W. Moore of Moscow (Me.) and Minnie G.
     Goodrich, both of Bingham.
          St. Albans, May 27th, by Rev Daniel Goodwin, David H. Grant and Annie
          Damariscotta, June 1st., by Rev. J. P. Simonton,, Elmore F. York and Lizzie F.
     Barstow, both of Nobloboro.
          Boston, May 30th, by the Rev. Dr. E. Webb, Philip Orne of Boston, and Lizzie
     A. McFarland of Bar Harbor.
          Dover, May 31st, by Rev. G. G. Winslow, George W. Chandler, of Foxcroft and
     Carrie O. Greeley of Dover.
          Harrison, May 30th, by Rev. Mr. Smith, Samuel Stuart of Standish and Minnie
     Fields of Harrison.
          Harrison May 30th, Nellie Kenneson and Seth Keene, both of Harrington.
          Bourne, Mass., June 1st, by Rev. Mr. Burn, Franklin  Murray of Enfield,  Conn.,
     and Clara A. Robinson of South Thomaston.
           Gorham, June 3rd, by Rev. S. B. Sawyer, Charles A. Nason and Mrs. Emily
     Z. Bodge, of Gorham.
          Prospect, May 30th, Leonard Berdeen and Mary Skinner.
          Biddeford, May 29th, Charles L. Hight of Saco and Emma J. Davis of
          Saco, May 20th, George W. Noyes of Biddeford and Louise A. Leavitt, of
          Saco, June 3rd, General L. Hyde and Carrie S. Hendrick, both of Saco
          South Berwick, April 14th, by Rev. Z. Knight, Aaron Bragdon of Wells, and
     Hatty Hasty of South Berwick.
          Waterford, June 3rd, George H. Kimball and Ida M. Stephen.
          Boston, June 8th, by Rev. O. P. Clifford, Moses E. Young, of Boston and
     Carrie A. Loring of Everett, Mass.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014



          Nobloboro, May  28th, to Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Linscott, a son.
          Nobloboro, May 31st, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trask, a daughter.
          Nobloboro, to Mr. and Mrs. John Hodgkins a daughter.
          Rockland, June 3rd, to Mr. and Mrs. Isaac B. Simmons a son.
          South Thomaston, June 1st., Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Tibbetts, a son.
          Canton, June 1st, to the wife of Mr. R. A. Barrows, a daughter.
          North Jay, May 30th, to the wife of Mr. Charles Rich, a daughter.
          Canaan, June 7th, to the wife of  Mr. Edgar D. Amos, twin daughters.
          Liberty, May 29th, to the wife of Mr. John Sherman, a daughter.
          Rockland, May 31st, to the wife of Mr. Otis A. Lord, a daughter.
          Cherryfield, June 2nd, to the wife of Mr. Gilbert H. Ward, a son.
          Wilton, May 23rd, to the wife of Mr. Willard E. Sawyer, a son.
          Phillips, May 27th, to the wife of Mr. Charles E. Berry, a daughter Cora May.
          Phillips, May 28th, to the wife of Mr. Fred S. Farmer, a son Hiram Fuller.
          Mason, May 27th, to the wife of Mr. Charles Brown, a son.
          Auburn, May 31st,  to the wife of Mr. A.  S. Bowker, a daughter.
          Lewiston, June 3rd, to the wife of Mr. John Hoey, a son.
          Turner, May 28th, to the wife of Mr. George B. Bradford, a son.
          Cambridge, Somerset County, June 2nd, to the wife of Mr. Fred Stafford, a
          East Dixfield, May 31st, to the wife of Mr. Sidney Wheelwright, a son.

          In this city, June 6th, by Rev. A. K, P. Small, Charles D. Burnham and
     Alice E. Kimball, both of Portland.
          In this city, June 4th, by Rev. A. K. P. Small, Horace K. Fowler, of Chelsea, Mass.,
     and Helen W. Kimball, of Portland.   
          In this city, June 1st., by Rev. Henry Blanchard, Charles Brown and Minetta
     Nash, both of Portland.
          In this city, June 1st., by Rev. W. P. Merrill, William A. Hatch of Portland, and
     Annie E. Pruett of Portsmouth, N. H.
          In this city, June 2nd, by Rev. M. Crosley, Lewis E. Pease of Saco and Alberta
      S. Howard of Portland.
          In this city, June 1st., by Rev. D. W. LeLacheur, James H. Soule of Cape
     Elizabeth and Sarah Harris of Portland.
          In this city, June 3rd, by Rev. D. S. LeLacheur, Frank Milligan and Kate
     Spratt, of Portland.
          In Cumberland Mills, June 3rd, by Rev. E. M. Cousins, John R. Peterson and
     Alice G. Hallowell of Cumberland Mills.
         Winthrop, May 27th, Chester A. Shaw and Rose B. Jackson, both of Winthrop.
         Deering, May 20th, Algernon S. Cram of Lynn, Mass., and Mary A. Boothby
     of Deering.
          Brunswick, June 2nd, by Rev, Mr. Matthews,  J. E.  Sargent of Portland, and Isa A
     Brown, of Brunswick.
          Scarboro, May 27th, William E. Seavey and Louise F. Baker, both of Scarboro.
          In Greene, Androscoggin County, May 20th, Carroll L. Packard of Webster and
     Ruth B. Dodson, of Greene.
          Richmond, May 28th, William R. Farelough of Richmond and Alice Kinney, of
     Wakefield, Mass.
         Winterport, May 27th, Eben D. Weed and Sarah Wentworth, both of Winterport.
          Lagrange, May 30th, by William Banton, Esq., N. H. Stearns and Minnie Sherman,
     both of Lagrange.
          Bucksport, June 2nd, by Rev. William  Forsyth, Willard W. Wescott, of Brewer and
     Mary Hopper of Bucksport.
          Belfast May 31st, by Rev. T. B. Gregory, William F. Wildes of Searsmont and
     Minnie Smith of Appleton.
          Belfast, May 30th, Rev. W. Henry Williams, G. Nelson Wight and Louise M.
     Grady, both of Belfast.
          Morrill, May 31st, by N. L Jackson, Esq., Frank R. Weymouth and Kate
     Vickery, both of Morrill.
          Oldtown, May 28th, by Rev. Hebert Tilden, George E. Mills and Annie Grover,
     both of Oldtown.
          Oldtown, May 30th, by Rev. Herbert  Tilden, Samuel Cole and Georgia Parrio,
     both of Oldtown.
          Auburn, June 3rd, by Rev. H. C. Westwood, D. D., Mr. Willis O. Foss and
     Virginia O. Peables, both of Auburn.
          Lewiston,, May 30th, by Rev. G. M. Howe, Mr. Lorenzo S. Lambert of Durham,
     and Lena A. Kidder of Auburn.
          Damariscotta, May 27th, by Rev. Charles D. Crane, William C. Asborn and
     Lizzie Huston.
         Hartford, Oxford County, June 3rd, at the residence of the bride's father by
     Rev. R. Scott of Sumner, Benjamin P. Adkins of Paris ((Me.)  and Edie F. Harlow of


Sunday, November 16, 2014



          Launched. At Westbrook, 7th inst., from the yard of Stephen Sargent, a first
     class barque named the Elia, to be commanded by Captain W. H. Lewis.
          At Yarmouth, 7th inst., from the  yard of Giles Loring, a brig of about 500 tons,
     named Carrie Bertha, to be commanded by Captain Samuel Soule. 
          At Richmond, from the yard of James Hagar, a white oak ship of 1888 tons, named
          At Bangor, 7th inst., from Crosby's year, a schooner of 200 tons, named Emma
          At Waldoboro, 6th inst., by Reed, Caldwell, & Co., a ship of 1,120 tons, named
     Alexander McFell, to be commanded by Captain J. H. Kelleran.
          At Thomaston, 5th inst., from  the yard of S. Watts & Co., a ship of 1700 tons,
     named Loretta Fish, to be commanded by Captain John Watts.
          Also from the yard of Walker, Runn & Co., a three-masted schooner of 400 tons,
     named Albert J. Butler.
          At Westbrook, 6th inst., from the yard of the George Russell, a splendid barque
     of 124 tons, named the J. S. Winslow to be commanded by Captain D. O. Davis.


          The following vessels went ashore at Jonesport in the gale of the 8th; schooner
     (?) Holoway and Rising Sun of Jonesport, Mary of Columbia, Two Friends of Belfast,
     Robert Rantout of Trement and Moro, all badly damaged.
           The following vessels are ashore at Machiasport; schooner Paran, bilged,
      Sarah Bernice, high and dry; Eda Brown, keel knocked out; Only Son, of Bangor,
     badly damaged.
          A lumber loaded schooner was seen ashore on the 7th inst., at Munroe Island, near
     Owl's Head. Her stern was on the rock and in a bad position.
          The following are among the disaster at Calais on the 4th:
     Schooner Lookout of Calais, bilged.
     Schooner Boston, of Calais, total loss.
     Schooner Francie Ellen, Ellsworth, total loss.
     Schooner Bob of Calais and Willie Mowe of Eastport, stranded.
     Schooner S. P. Byrnes of Pembroke, bilged and full of water.
     Schooner Starlight, of Calais, three holed through her bottom.
     Schooner Mary Gage, of Jonesport, stranged.
     A new barque of 550 tons from St. Andrews, New Brunswick went ashore at Bliss
     Island and broke in two places. Twelve men lost.

Friday, November 14, 2014


                                                     MAINE MATTERS

          The late Rufus Dwinel, a wealthy lumber dealer of Bangor, made a very liberal
     will, distributing his property among a large number of persons. He must have been
     a good Christian for he did not even forget the press, leaving $1,000 each to Messrs.
     Wheeler & Lynde of the Whig. We congratulate our brothers on their good fortune,
     and the more so because it is well deserved. Mr. Dwinel left large sums in trust to be
     used for charitable purposes.
          Captain George Wentworth, of Orrington, master of schooner Maud Webster, has
     been arrested at Bangor on a charge of committing a rape on the high seas on the
     person of a young girl less than fourteen years old, who was a passenger on his vessel
     from Orrington to New York. The evidence is said to be strong against him. He is over
     fifty years of age.
          That vicious horse that cost Mr. Batchelder, of Cape Elizabeth his arm, ran away
     with him on Thursday week, and threw him out, together with a son of Mr. Maxwell,
     who was badly cut on the head. Isn't it time that reprieve expired and sentences of
     death was executed?
          At the session of the Probate Court held at Alfred last week, Judge Bourne was some-
     what embarrassed by the appearance of two women, each asserting rights as the
     widow of Luther Manson, late of Kittery, and claiming dower and allowances out of
     his estate.
          Miss Martha Jellison, of Ellsworth, has been an active teacher for fifty-five years.
     She has had for her pupils nearly all the public men in the city. She is still engaged in
     teaching, and is now seventy-two years old.
          A son of Samuel A. Hubbard, Esq., of North Berwick while out in the pasture after
     cows, was knocked down by a vicious ram, and has his arm broken, beside being severely
     hurt about his head and face.
           Andrew Hoffes fell from the quarter rail of Mr. O'Brien's new ship at Thomaston,
     on Monday week and was killed. This is the third man killed by falling from this
     ship since she was begun.
             Charles Martin, of Oldtown, undertaking to go through his house in the dark, on
     Sunday week, fell down the cellar stairs, fracturing his skull so as to cause instant

          Calais has lost one her oldest and best citizens in the death of Honorable George
     Downes, formerly Mayor of the city. He was in the 70th year of his age.
          Mr. Eli Hanson of Cherryfield, lost his barn with eighty tons of hay, through
     the explosion of the kerosene lamp in his lantern. Insure for $2,500.
          Rev. G. W. Bicknell, pastor of the Universalist Church at Skowhegan has
     received a call to Portsmouth,  N.H., at a salary of $1,500.
           The Waterville Mail denies that the loss of the village by the late storm was
      anything like $100,000. General Smith's actual lost was $2,500 and that by the
     bridge $10,000 to &12,000.
          In Bath, a little child of Mr. J. F. Stinson was burned to death on Wednesday.
          The Rockland Gazette say the community was shocked last week by tidings of
      by the sudden death of Mr. A. H. Kimball   immediately after attending a wedding
     that morning. Her husband died in a like manner three years ago, just after returning
    from a evening party.
          The Machias Union says Mr. Gardiner, ninety-nine years old took dinner recently
     at his son-in-laws, J. P.. Elsmore, Johnsonville, East Machias with three generation of
    his children, representative of four generation at one table, the oldest not 3 score ten.
     Mr. C. O'Brien, the popular conductor on the Portland & Rochester Railroad, was
     presented with a beautiful badge, by stage drives and employees of the road. Mr.
     O'Brien's geniality cause him to be a general favorite.
          Mrs. Elizabeth Starbird has been appointed Postmistress at Hampden, in place
     of Samuel Phipps, Esq.  William A. Merrill was appointed Postmaster at Belmont,
     vice Charles Potttle resigned.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


                                                          CITY ITEMS
                                                    Glances about Town

          The remains of Mr. J. M. Thompson, late of the Glen House, have been brought to
     this city for interment; his family will also come to the city as soon as the health of his
     daughter, Mrs. Cummings will permit.
          Among the legacies left by the late Rufus Dwinel, of Bangor were three of $1,000
     each, to Miss Anna Evans, Miss Sarah Chaddock and Miss Sherwood, of this city.
          The late Honorable William P. Fessenden left by will the bulk of his property,
     after  making a few bequests to his sister and niece and bequeathing $2,000 to cousin,
     Elizabeth Caroline Warriner, to his three sons, who are named executors.
          It looks a little like old times to see four new vessels lying at our wharves,
     preparing for sea; the fine new ship J.  B. Lincoln, of 1814 tons, built at Freeport.
     was towed to this port last week.
          The store of William W. Peters, Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth was entered by
     thieves on  Wednesday night of last week, and goods to the value of about $35.00
   was carried off.
          A young man named Frank L. Colley, employed at the Press office, has his
     thumb badly torn, on Saturday by catching it is the machinery of Gordon job
          Mr. Asa Greenleaf of Yarmouth fell from a beam in his barn on Friday, and but
     little hope is entertained of his recover.
         Mr. Nathaniel Roberts of Lyman, dropped dead on Sunday morning.
         Captain John Waterhouse of brig Merriwa and mate Cleveland Downes, have been
     bound over for trial at the December term of the U. S. District Court, on a charge of
     manslaughter in refusing to rescue James Fitzgerald, a seaman on board the Merriwa,
     who jumped overboard off Portland Light, after having been beaten by the mate for
     refusing duty, about the first of last April on a voyage to Cuba.

Friday, November 7, 2014


                                                         CITY ITEMS
                                                   Glances about Town

               Mr. G. W. Arnold of Saco, requests us to correct the statement made in our
     last as to the assault upon robbery of Mr. John M. Harding, of that city. Nothing of
     kind of happened. Mr. Harding was drunk. He abandoned his horse, leaving him
     hitched to a tree for three days and the animal died soon after being found by some
          On Thursday night of last week says the Argus, some one entered the sleeping room 
     of Mr. Freedom Milliken of Scarboro', and robbed his pants of $50 and Mrs. Milliken's
     pocket of $14. His store was also entered and $14 taken from the drawer.
          The sad news was received by Cuba cable, last week of the death of Matanzas, on
     the 6th ult., of yellow fever, of Captain Joseph B. Woodbury, master of the bark George
     S. Hunt, of this city;  Captain Woodbury was one of  our ablest ship-masters, and his
     sudden death has been received with feelings profound sorrow by a large circle of
     acquaintances; the flags of the shipping in our  harbor were displayed at half mast
     in request to his memory; he leaves a wife and daughter; he held a policy of insurance
     on his life for $6,000.
          Two lewd women, known as Mahala Hamilton and Nell Tucker, went on  a spree  to
     the Brewer House one night last week, in company with two men, and having imbibed
     a good deal of liquor, the women  got into as affray, when Hamilton stabbed Tucker
     several times in the neck and shoulders, inflicting ugly wounds; Hamilton was
     arrested and bound over to the January term of the Superior Court.
          Honorable John Lynch has been elected President of the Portland & Rochester
     Railroad Company, and Thomas Quincy, Esq.,  of Biddeford, Superintendent and
          The Star Match factory on Kennebec Street, was destroyed by fire on Sunday
     morning last, involving a loss of about $20,000 , insured for $10,000; the factory
     just got well started under the management of a private company of three gentlemen,
     Messrs. Manasseh Smith, J. C. Jordan and Thomas E. Twitchell; the building
     was owned by Messrs. W. G. Ray, of New York, and A. W. H. Clapp, of this city;
     it was valued at $6,000 and was not insured; the walls were left standing; Mr. John
     E. Coffin lost $300 worth of tools, all he had left after the great fire in 1866.
           The course of lectures on Egypt and Palestine by Rev. Dr. Bosworth commences
     at Free Street Church, on Wednesday evening, they promise to be highly interesting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



          In this city September 3rd, Ida Louisa, youngest child of Charles H. and
     Sophia A. rich, aged 5 years, and 3 days.
          In this city, October 5th, Mrs. Mary J. Hopper, aged 26.
          In this city, October 6th, Caleb S. Small, aged 54.
          In this city, October 5th, Mrs. Ann Brooks, aged 94.
          In this city, October (no date) Mrs. Margaret M. Reeves.
          In this city, October 3rd, Libbie Isabella Montgomery, 13.
          In this city, October 10th, Hattie E. Niles,  aged 18.
          In West  Falmouth, October 10th, Franklin Leighton, aged 42.
          In Lyman, October 10th, Nathaniel Roberts, aged 50.
          In Windham, October 2nd,  Elmer Ellsworth  Webb, aged 7.
          In St. John, New Brunswick, October 8th, Mrs. Marion McKee, aged 29.
          In Industry (Franklin-Somerset county line) September 29th, Mrs. Rhoda
     A. Norton, aged 62.
          In Montville, September 4th, Deacon Jonathan Carter, aged 68.
          In Alfred, October 4th, Col. Nathan Kendall, aged 90.
          In Saco, September 30th, Caroline  Augusta Fairfield, aged 35.
          In Brewer, September 18th, Alva L. Davis, aged 24.
          In Otisfield, October 1st, Mrs. Martha Edwards, aged 81.
          In Thomaston,  September 2nd, Orra P. Spear, aged 30.
          In Rockport, September 11th, Daniel Ott, aged 78.
          In Pittsfield, September 18th, Ellen McDonald, aged 68.
          In Madison, September 19th, Captain David Reed, aged  79.
          In Bath, October 4th, Samuel Osgood, aged 78.
          In Biddeford, October 1st, Jacob K. Cole, Esq., aged 67.
          In Biddeford, September 28th, Edgar F. Sawyer, aged 12.
          In Alfred, September 27th, Mrs. Mary Bean, aged 66.
          In Gray, October 24th, Hannah Hill, aged 67.
          In Cape Elizabeth, October 8th, Captain Samuel W. Ramsdell, aged 26.
          In Gorham, October 10th, Mrs. Elizabeth Emery, aged 79.
          In Harpswell, October 2nd, Mrs. Isabel E.  Merriman, aged 18.