Sunday, February 21, 2016


                                                 CITY MATTERS
                                             (Glances About Town) 
          Lizzie Colley, daughter of James A. Colley, was badly poisoned last week by
     holding in her mouth one of the colored slate pencils which has become common;
     Monday evening the child was very low; with little chance of recovery.
          A little child of Mrs. Edward Hatfield, living on Monjoy Hill, fell down stairs
     last week, and broke his leg.
          Mattice alias Brown, the horse thief, has been detected in an attempt to break out
     of Portland jail.
          On Tuesday a tray containing twenty diamond, ruby and pearl rings, valued at $900,
     was stolen from the jewelry store of William Senter & Co., Exchange Street; it was
    not missed until the tray and one of the rings were found under a mat at the head of a
     flight of stairs.
          A reward of $100 is offered for the capture of the thief who snatched the tray of
     rings at Senter & Co,'s.
          Ex- Governor Dingley delivered an  admirable temperance address at Congress Hall,
     Tuesday evening; Honorable A. E. Stevens presided; on Thursday evening ex-Governor
     Perham speaks.
          While visiting the schools at the island on Friday week, Mr. J.W. Colcord, School Agent,
     was quite badly hurt by a fall, and it is feared the  injury may prove serious.
          Rev. Mr. Bicknell of India Street Church, preached his sixth annual sermon last
     Sunday; during his six years pastorate he has united in marriage 400 persons, attended
     336 funerals, of which but 31 were families connected with his society and preached 655
      sermons; improvements exceeding $4,000 have been made upon the church without
      increasing the indebtedness of the society a dollar.
          On Monday, Mr. Charles Farris, machinist, had the end of his right thumb taken off
     in a shackle at the Grand Truck yard.
          Honorable J. L. Pickard, formerly of Lewiston, a graduate of Bowdoin, Class of 1844,
     for thirteen years Superintendent of the schools of Chicago, has resigned that position,
     was recently presented with a watch and chain, valued at $300 by the pupils and teachers
      of the schools of the city.
          Mr. Samuel Scoles, who has been in ill-health for several years from the effects of
     a fall, has not been considered of sound mind; made an attempt to commit suicide on
     Monday, by cutting his throat from ear to ear; it was not thought that he would recover,
     he has a wife and three children.
          It is understood that Voorhees, will be appointed successor to Senator Morton.
          A powder mill in Acton, Mass., explored last Saturday. The only operative in the
     mill was Charles H. Perry, of Brownsville, Maine, who had been in the employ of the
     company seven years. His body was found fearfully mangled about 75 feet from the
          Three Maine men sit side by side in the U. S. Senate. For between Blaine and
     Hamlin sit Howe, of Wisconsin, who is a native of this State.


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