Friday, February 12, 2016


                                                MATTERS IN MAINE
          A dispatch from Augusta states that official returns of the late election, as
     complete will be published till the assembly of the Legislature, give the following
     result: Perham 54,051; Roberts 45,176; Perham's  majority 8,875. Chamberlain's
     majority last year in a vote of 93,858 was 7,982. The aggregate majority on
     Congressional vote is between 30,000 and 12,000.
          A correspondent of the Press says that at a barn-hauling in Parkman lately,
     a man named Ayer warned the workmen that he had dreamed that the barn fell to
     pieces at a certain point in the road, and that they had better keep their distance.a
     The barn did collapse at the place indicated, and several pairs of oxen, were buried
     in the ruins.
          Among the representatives elect are F. A. Pike, Calais; Marshall Cram, Brunswick;
     James T. Patten, Bath; Frederic Robie, Gorham; George P. Sewall, Oldtown; W. J.
     Johnson, Augusta; Abraham Sanborn, J. F. Rawson and P. A. Strickland, Bangor,
     Lewiston, Biddeford, Waterville and Bethel are represented by democrats.
          The Androscoggin Herald explodes the notion that an apple grown upon a tree
     set in the ground top end  down would be  without a core. Mr. George Robinson
     has tried it and finds his apples, as a matter of course, have cores like the others.
          The Skowhegan Schutzenfest did not remunerate it projectors, its outlandish
     name frightening those who might have flocked to a "shooting match."  Ella
     Severancee of Skowhegan, took the prize as the best waltser; Mr. S. Buker, of
     Lewiston, was her partner.
          A  little bit of soreness at the defeat of General Hersey in the convention, probably
     had something to do with the results at Bangor last week, as well as the personal
     popularity of General Roberts.
          It seems that a boy named William D. Clough, who stabbed Callahan in the
     affray at Rockland, mentioned last week. Clough is a hard 10 years old. Callahan is
     likely to recover. It was a drunken row they were engaged in.
         Messrs. Averill and Friend, of Sedgwick, aged respectively 70 and 17, belonging
     to a party on a pleasure cruise to Marshall's Island went out in an open boat, on the
     9th, and have not been seen since, though  portions of the boat have been found.
          The town of Abbott supports one of the papers in Parkman. They lately attempted
     to bring her to Abbott, but she declares she will spill the last drop of her blood before
     she will me moved; and so it is to be  tried if the town has a legal right to remove
     her at the risk of shedding that last drop.



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