Wednesday, February 10, 2016


                                      MAINE MATTERS
          The Lewiston Journal says that Mr. Richardson, of Jay, never rode a mile
     by stage or rail. His "one horse shay" is nearly worn out, but he is still hale,
     hearty, though over ninety.
          The new Congregational Church at Bridgeton, planned  by Mr.  Harding, of
     this city, approaches completion, says the News, and it is a very beautiful
          We learn that the drought is so severe at Naples, Me., that Honorable S. F.
     Parley has been obliged for some time to send three miles to Long Pond for water
     for his cattle.
          Waldoboro has lost 305 in population since 1860. Friendship has gained 70.
     George and Mary A. Mink, of Waldoboro, respectively 91 and 88, have been
     married 69 years.
          Caleb Woods, of Norridgewock, had lost his house, and barn by fire on the13th.
     His wife, who has lately become insane set the fire.
          Moulton Jennings of Readfield, was seriously injured on the 11th by his horse
     breaking through a plack (small) culvert, throwing his rider over his head.
          Benjamin Robinson, of Thomaston, lost a valuable horse, overdriven to secure
     the very considerable majority of the "unterrified" in that town.
         We regret to learn that Mr. Gallison of the Dexter Gazette, is seriously ill, his
     friends not expecting him to live.
          William Freeman, Jr., of Cherryfield, has raised apples from a dwarf tree, three
     feet high, planted in 1868.
          Joseph E. Davis is appointed postmaster at South Freeport.
          B. F. Gatchell, of Detroit had his store and dwelling burned on the `!5th.  Loss $4,000,
     partly insured.
          William H. Hust of Liberty, has two large tanneries which turns 20,000 sides (hides)
    of leather yearly.
           The Morrill papers claim that the results of the late election assure the continuation
     of Morrill in the Senate.



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