Wednesday, February 25, 2015


          In this city, January 1st., George H. Libby and Miss Emma G. Nutter, both of
     this city.
          In this city December 31st., Frederick A. Bibber and Miss Ellen E. Skillings, both
     of this city.
          In Lewiston, December 24th, Mr. Edward S. Pridle of Portland, and  Miss Jennie
     M. Clement of Lewiston.
          In Cape Elizabeth, January 2nd, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. F. C.
     Ayer, Mr. Ivory Libby, of Gorham and Miss Susan A. Jackson of Cape Elizabeth.
          In Vineland, New Jersey, December 13th, by Rev. J. O. Wells, Mr. Thomas
     Scales (?) of Vineland, to Mrs. Hannah A. Higgins, formerly of Calais, Maine.
          In Wayne, Kennebec County, December 30th, by Dr. C. H. Barker, Mr. William
     L. G. Clark and Miss Marcia Erskine, both of Wayne.
          In Westbrook, December 19th, by S. H. McCollester, Mr. Edwin I. Cate to Miss
     Mary J. Blaisdell.
          In Saccarappa, December 31st, by Rev. A. W. Pottle, Mr. Frank A. Calkins and
     Miss Martha M. Morriss (?), both of Westbrook; also Mr. William Payne, of
     Arlington, Mass., and Miss Alice B. Robinson, of Westbrook.
          In Gray, January 1st, by Rev. J. M. Purkis, Mr. Edward Cobb and Miss Abbie D.
     Allen, daughter of R. A. Allen, Esq., both of Gray.
          In Gray, January 4th, Mr. James M. Morris and Miss Olive J. Gilbert, both of
          In Cape Elizabeth, (Ferry) December 24th, Charles A. Parsons, of Portland and
     Eunice C. Lovett, of Cape Elizabeth; January 1st, John Willard and Mary E.
     Winslow, both of Cape Elizabeth.
          In Westbrook, January 1st, General I. W. Starbird, of Portland, and Miss Emma
     S. Merrill of Westbrook, daughter of Rev. W. P. Merrill, the officiating clergyman.
          In Bradford, Mass., January 1, 1868, by Rev. J. Mariner, Mr. Albert G.
     Dearborn, of Limington, Me., and Miss Susie E. Hanson, of Bradford, Mass.
          In Raymond, January 1st, by Rev. James S. Porter, Robert T. S. Smith and
     Miss Abbie M. Sawyer.
          In Windham, by Rev. Luther Wiswell, George M. Leach of Raymond, and Miss
     Sarah M. Harmon of Naples.
          In North Bridgton, Samuel Ring and Miss Cornella M., daughter of Honorable
     Luke Brown, all of Bridgton.
          In Gardiner, December 26th, Captain C. B. Waite of Freeport, and Fredericka
      F.  Bennett, of Farmingdale.

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