Friday, February 13, 2015


                                                             CITY ITEMS
                                                       Glances about Town
           A large audience assembled at the New Jerusalem Church, last Sunday to hear
     Rev. B. N. Stone give his reasons for leaving the Orthodox church, and adopting the
     New Jerusalem faith; he thought the doctrine of the Trinity as taught by the
     evangelical churches was erroneous and held that there never can be but one God,
     and he is the Savior
          General Neal Dow of this city, is delivering lectures on prohibition in North
     Carolina towns.
          A young sculptor of Yarmouth, E. E. Thaxter, has a creditable specimen of his
     work at Schumacher's gallery; it is a spirited bust of a sailor lad, and show decided
          Colonel Edward Moore and A. R. Wright, of this city after a thorough
     competitive examination by a board of English engineers, have been given an
     important contract at Quebec; a new harbor is to be made at the mouth of the
     Charles River at a cost of about $1,500,000; the work is to be completed
     in four years.
          Honorable Benjamin  Kingsbury, Jr., of this city has been appointed
     Deputy Grand Templar for Cumberland County, by ex-Governor Perham,
     on the death of Alfred B. Roberts, censures the Boston & Maine Railroad
     Company for negligence for not erecting and maintaining a suitable bridge
     guard at High Street bridge as required by law; it ought to be somebody's
     duty to see that the railroads comply with the provisions of this law.
          Frank Coffin, of this city was knocked overboard and drowned from bark
     Selina on the passage to Buenos Ayres, March 11th; he was a promising young
     man whose death is mourned by a large circle.
          Woodford's Corner is growing fast; the district now has 379 scholars, a
     large increase over last year; the two new stores at the foot of Spring Street
     will be finished in June, and are already rented to residents of the place; one
     of the offices will be rented by Dr. C.W. Foster and one  H.  H. Tukey,
          The representatives of the press were handsomely entertained by Messrs.
     O. J. Shaw & Son the new landlords of the Falmouth Hotel, on Saturday
     evening last; the bill of fare did honor to the house and was duly honored by
     the guest; this fine hotel is now in excellent hands and we cordially
     recommend it to the patronage of the public.
          The new store foundry of Messrs. Clark & Lawrence formerly of Bangor,
     is now in operation; it is located upon Fore Street, is fitted for the manufacture
     of all kinds of stoves, and will employ about thirty men; the proprietors are
     thoroughly acquainted with their business, and  employ only experienced
     mechanics; as there is no similar foundry in this part of the State there can
     be no doubt the enterprise will prove successful.
          The Messrs. Milliken, proprietor of the Glen House, are receiving  many
     application for rooms the coming season, and all the indications point to an
     early unusual rush of summer visitors to this favored nook among the
          Mr. W. F. Moody, who was injured at the Rolling Mills, died on Thursday
          Frank L. Collins popular song, "Only A Sweet Litter,: has crossed the Atlantic,
     and is meeting with great favor and large sale in England; a convincing proof of
     it merit.
          The oil painting presented to Honorable L. Washburn by the officers of
     the customs has been put on exhibition in Schumacher's window; it is the
     work of E. T. Eldren, of New Bedford, Mass., and if a fine work as well.

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