Friday, February 6, 2015


          Rockland, April 27th, to the wife of Captain Anthony Greeley, a daughter.
          Hurricane Island, April 29th, to the wife of James Robinson, a son.
          West's Mills, April 23rd, to the wife of J. L. Coughlin, a son.
          Freeman, April 21st, to the wife of Albert Knowles, twin sons.

         In this city, May 1st, by Rev. C. J. Clark, Charles H. Douglas, of Gatesville,
     Wisconsin, and Millissa C. Williamson of New York City.
         In this city, April 29th, by S. L. Carlton, Esq., Washington Babson and Mrs.
     Helen M. Dale.
          In this city, May 1st, by Rev. T. N. Lord, assisted by Rev. Mr. Lord, Mr.
     George S. Swasey, of Westminster and Emily O'Brion, of Portland.
          Raymond, April 24th, by F. H. Witham, Esq.,  Winfield S.Estes and Mary
     A. Eveleth, both of New Gloucester.
          Boston, April 25th, by Llewellyn M. Marr and Isabella B. Shapleigh, both
     of Boston.
          Gorham, April 29th, Winfield S. Libby and Isora Hamlin, both of Gorham.
          Augusta, April 25th, E. F. McKinney and Catherine M. McNally.
          North Vassalboro, April 25th, Will A. Morey, of Morrill, and Clara W. Wyman,
     of North Vassalboro.
          Bridgton, April 29th, R. Prince Waldron and Emma I. Leavitt.
          Naples, Me., April 22nd, Madison Clark of Naples and Addie Adams of
     North Harrison.
          Brunswich, April 25th, Walter S. Merryman  and Mrs. Nancy L. McManus.
          Topham, April 24th, W. W. Thomas of Farmington, and Emma F. Malleth,
     of Topham.
          Strong, April 28th, Charles E. Whitney and Julia Burbank, both of Freeman.
          Biddeford, May 1st, William Armstrong and Sarah E. Skillings, both of
          Tremont, April 26th, Benjamin Gilley and Lizzie Harmon, both of Tremont.
          Skowhegan, April 26th, by Rev. O. J. Hancock, Charles N. Maxwell, at
     Winthrop, and Pamelia A. Jewett, of Skowhegan.
          Freeport, April 26 John C. Dennison and Lucy M. Joselyn.
          Gardiner, April 24th, George Thomas of Lewiston, and Clara E. Donnall,
     of Bowdoinham.
          Dover, Me., April 28th, Henry A. Fogg and Mrs. Martha A. Stackpole.
          Rockland, April 28th, Frederick Blackington  and Lizzie F. Brown.
          Warren, April 24th, William H. Harrison and Mary M. Cummings.
          South Norridgewock, April 24th, Robert Hussey and Mrs. Esther Adams.
          Rockland, April 28th, H. M. Brown and Nellie Blood, both of Rockland.


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