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Portland Transcript March 3, 1860


          At Woodford's Corner, Westbrook, 26th inst., by Rev. H. M. Blake, Mr. Albert
          H. Woodford of Westbrook, to Miss Harriet A. Huckins of Portland.
          At Saccarappa 25th inst., by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Mr. William Dingavan to
          Miss Margaret Conway, both of Westbrook; also by the same 27th ult., Mr.
          Charles T. Roberts to Miss Harriet McIntosh, both of Gorham.
          In Wayne, 18th ult., James Moulton, Esq., to Mrs. Rosaline Bean, both of
          In Fryeburg January 31st, Mr. William Thompson of Cumberland to Miss
          Lucretia Dillingham, of Freedom.
          In Poland, Me., 17th ult., Mr. Eben Witham, of Abbott to Miss Eliza Stedman
          of Poland.
          In Greene, 14th ult., Mr. Jefferson Sprague to Miss Celestia A. Wilkins, both
          of Greene.
          In Buxton, 21st ult., Mr. R. C. Harmon to Miss Cordelia L. Rounds, both of
          In Oxford, 26th ult., by Rev. A. Moore, Mr. John W. Chadbourne to Miss
          Harriet E. Wolcott, both of Oxford.
          In Harpswell, 4th inst., Mr. Albert T. Trufant to Miss Sarah B. Watson, both of
          In Southport 2nd ult., Mr. Warren E. Allen of Bath to Miss Martha E. Pierce of
          In Gardiner, 13th ult., Robert Forbes, Esq., of Brandon, Vermont, to Miss
          Martha S. Nutting of Gardiner.
          In Bristol, 16th ult., Mr. Thomas W. Baker to Miss Mary A. Hanley, both of
          In Livermore Falls, 12th ult., Mr. Samuel Knowles, Jr. to Francis E. Robbins,
          both of Chesterville.
          In Brookville, 15th  ult., Mr. Richard Condon to Miss Abby Cousins.
          In Waterville, 15th ult., Mr. George W. Terry to Miss Bertha Wentworth.
          In Rockland 7th ult., Mr. Alvin H. Fogg, of St. George, Knox County, to Miss
          Emily L. Lewis, of South Thomaston.
          In Biddeford, 12th ult., Mr. William C. Littlefield of  Kennebuck to Miss
          Olive Ann Drew of Saco.
          In Temple, 19th ult., Mr. Henry Conant to Miss Augusta Mitchell, both of
         In Kingfield, 20th ult., Mr. Emerson S. Phillips to Miss Huldah P.Abbott,
         of Kingfield.

          In this city, 26th ult., Cora Bell, only daughter of S. L. and C. E. Carleton,
          aged 11 months, 3 days.
          In Pownal, January 27th, Amos so of George and Sally Allen, aged 27; 26th
          ult., Anna,  widow of the Samuel Scales, of Freeport, aged 91.
          In Gray 25th ult., Mrs. Lizzie C., wife of W. W. Green, aged 29 years,
          4 months.
          In Brunswick, 21st ult., Bernard, son of George and Abby Whitman, aged
         10 months.
         In Brunswick, 20th ult., Miss Joanna Staples, formerly of New Gloucester,
         aged 18 years, 10 months.
         In Jay ult., Moses Stone, on of the earliest settlers of the town, aged 82 years,
         6 months.
         In Machiasport, 17th ult., Captain James Crocker, aged 56.
         In Boothbay, 11th ult., Captain Joseph Tibbetts, aged 74.
         In Norway, 16th ult., Mary W. P., wife of Abner F. Jackson, and daughter
         of Col. John Millett, aged 80 years, 2 months.
         In Arrowic (Aroostook) , 5th ult., Mr. John G. Oliver, aged 55.
         In Lewiston, 20th ult., Mr. Josiah Ester, aged 56.
         In Fryeburg, January 12th, Simeon C. Walker, Esq., aged 84 years.
         In Phipsburg, 19th ult., Captain Hugh Patten, aged 71 years.
         In Fiskdale, (Sturbridge) Massachusetts, 19th ult., Jane S., wife of Augustine
        Snell, and daughter of the late Joseph Cox, of Steven's Plains.(Westbrook)
        In Boston, 13th ult., Frances Ellen, daughter of the late William Henry
        Gilbert, formerly of Gorham, aged 12.
        In South Weymouth, Massachusetts, January 31st., of consumption, Mrs. Helen
        G., wife of Bethuel W. Thomas, aged 20 years, 10 months, 15 days; 21st ult., very
       suddenly of congestion of the lungs, Mr. Nathaniel Shaw, aged 56 years, 28 days.
       In Middleton, Connecticut, 23rd ult., after an illness of a few days Lucy A., wife
       Rev. George W. Quinby, aged 38 years, 9 months- her remains were taken to
       Yarmouth, her native place for interment.
        In Aspinwall, PA  8th ult., of active sanguineous effusion into the air-cells of the lungs,
       Lucy J., wife of Mr. John F. Bateman, Superintendent of motive power, Panama
       Railroad, formerly of Portland aged 31.
       In Roxbury, Massachusetts, 27th ult., Mrs. Elizabeth Seaver, aged 85 years, 9
       In San Francisco, January 16th, Samuel Thurston, son of Samuel and P. I. Adams,
       a native of Hallowell, aged 19 years, 8 months.
       In Downieville, California, January 10th, E. D. Porter, formerly of Maine, age
       19 years, 18 months.
       In Liverpool, England, January 29th, Captain Charles M. Morrill, last master of
       ship  Katahdin, aged 60.
       Lost overboard January 23rd, on the passage from New Orleans to Antwerp,
       Henry L. Sweetser, of North Yarmouth, first officer of ship Corinthian, of
      Portland, aged 25.


          Sudden Death.  Isaac Heaton, Esq., an old and respected citizen of Washington,
          was found lying senseless, on the floor of his barn one day last week, and
          remained unconscious till his death, a day or two  after. W. P. Cushing of
          Brewer, who had been ailing for several days with a cold stepped out of doors
          on Thursday week, fell on his face into woodhouse, and died in twenty minutes.
          It was thought his death was caused by congestion of the lungs, His age was 62.

          A letter in the Belfast Age tells how Captain Kinney, and his crew of the brig
          B. G. Chaloner, of East Machias were seized by a gang of armed men while
          lying in the Saltilla River, Georgia, and brutally beaten until their backs ran
         blood, because they were "damned Northerners."

         Mr. Reuben E. Ester of Holden, Maine while on a hunting expedition, last week,
        shot himself through the his hip by carelessly putting his gun out of a sleigh.  He
        survived by a short time.
        A woman named Mary Curtis was found dead in Rockland on Monday  week.
        It is supposed she got intoxicated and fell down and froze to death.

        Daniel McAllister of Stoneham, aged forty-five years, has killed or captured
        eighty-three bears on or about the range of mountains separating the Oxford
        and Androscoggin valleys.

        Infamous Crime.  A correspondent of the Bangor Whig says that Richard
        Grindle of Sedgwick, who for some years past has run a wood coaster between
        that place and Rockland, has been committed to jail for vicious and inhuman
        conduct toward his own daughter.  Last summer, instead of hiring a cook for his
        vessel, he took his oldest daughter, about 14 years of age to act in that capacity. 
        By severe pains and sad penalties he compelled her to submit to the most cruel
        licentious treatment, both by himself and the men employed on board the vessel with
        him.  The girl at last disclosed the matter, and Grindle was arrested and brought
        before a Justice of the Peace.  He pleaded guilty and offered to go to jail alone or    
        directly to the State Prison at Thomaston, if it was wished.  He was committed to
       jail at Ellsworth to take his trial at the April term of Court.



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