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PORTLAND TRANSCRIPT, September 13, 1888

                                                   PENOBSCOT COUNTY

         Captain Joseph Abbott, Jr., of Jordan's' River on the Penobscot is doing well
         in the eel business. He fishes from a boat built like a lobster smack, and
         containing a well in which the fish are easily kept alive.  The fish are packed
        alive in ice for the Boston and New York markets, and bring about seven cents
        a pound, selling readily.
        William F. White a young man employed in the yard of the Maine Central at
        Bangor was run over while coupling cars Wednesday night, and has his right
        leg badly crushed below the hip, though it is hoped the leg may be spared.
        He belongs to the Providences.
        Whitney and Foster, the robbers of Peter Bennett were sentenced Friday to 10
        and 8  years respectively in state prison.  They received the sentence with
                                                         YORK COUNTY

        Thursday afternoon George York of Kennebunk was found lying unconscious
         in the rear of the Highland House, having taken laudanum.  After six hours he
        was restored to consciousness.
        A free high school has been opened in Buxton with a total attendance of 90-55
        upper department, and 35 in the lower.  Mr. Larrabee a graduate of Bowdoin
        College is the principal.
        For about six weeks a good sized bundle  loosely wrapped in brown paper
        has been lying under the counter of the Saco House office.  It was opened
        recently and found to contain dynamite cartridges enough to blow the
        whole house up. No explanation is given.
        At Biddeford, Wednesday morning Mrs. Joseph Cantara gave birth to a child
        with two heads. Both heads were perfectly formed and rested upon  perfectly
        formed necks, with faces turned slightly toward each other. The child live    
        but  a few hours.
        Detective Nicholas Powers, of Halifax who has begun a suit against the Saco
       and Biddeford  Saving Institution to recover the reward offered for the arrest
       of the defaulter McNeally, is   in Biddeford looking after his case which will
       come to trial this week in the Supreme Court at Alfred. The deposition of the
       witnesses are being taken.  Mr. Powers feels confident of the legality  of his
       claim and reward.

                                                   WALDO COUNTY

      Friday afternoon the Waldo county jail was set on fire in the attic by two
      prisoners, with a view to escape.  Damage, a few hundred dollars.
      The Progressive Ages, the Democrat paper in Belfast was sold, and this
      week the new proprietor Captain Winfield Pendleton with take possession.
     The paper will be under the editorial management of Mr. Mark  P. Pendleton.
     It is said $5,000 was paid for the paper.
     Mrs. Margaret Kilman of Prospect will be one hundred years old on April
     21st.  Mrs. Kilman  possess her facilities in a remarkable degree, and is able to
     walk  out  and visit neighbors.

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