Sunday, March 17, 2013

This blog has been created because their is a great deal of information in old newspapers that people don't  always have access to.  I am publishing excerpts from the hundreds of old Maine  newspapers that I have in my personal collection.  The papers contain Births, Deaths and stories that may be useful to other people who love genealogy as much as I do.


                                              The Portland Transcript  and Eclectic                                    
                                                            December 15, 1855

                                                             "This is the end of Earth"
                     In this city, 11th inst., widow Susan Pearson, aged 78.
                     In this city, 1st inst., Miss Ellen Gray, aged 53
                     In this city, 5th inst., Mrs. Sarah D., widow of the late James L. Body, aged 49.
                     In Gorham, 3rd inst., Mr. Edwin M Burton, aged 29.
                     In Augusta 2nd inst., Elizabeth A. Lombard of North Windham; 1st., Mary J.  
                     Annable, aged 37.
                     At sea, Oct 2nd, on the passage from Genoa to Palermo Capt. John A. Lee
                     of Boston, master of barque of Tally Ho.
                     In Salem, Mass., 2nd inst., Mrs. Sarah J., wife of Mr. P. H. Foss of Saco,
                      In Fryeburg, 6th inst., Rev. Carlton Hurd, D. D., aged 60.
                      In Bangor, 5th inst., Mr. Royal B. Smith aged 55 years.
                      In Norway, 3rd inst., Mr. Levi Crockett, aged 24.
                      In Gardiner, 1st inst., 1st inst., Mr. Reuben Griffin, aged 72.
                      In Jonesboro, 8th ult., Hannah, widow of the late G. F. Whitney, aged 62.
                      In Cape Elizabeth, 6th inst., Miss Rhoda Phillsbury, daughter of Enoch L.
                      and Roxana Pillsbury, aged 27.
                      In Bath, 6th inst., Caleb Leavitt, Esq., formerly of Hingham, Mass.,
                      aged 75.
                      In Newcastle, 6th ult., Charles Cargill, Esq., aged 53.
                      In Round Pond, 25th inst., Mrs. Mary T. Hinds, aged 86.
                      In Presque Isle, 9th ult., Mr. George Forster of Machias, aged 80.
                      In Lawrence, Kansas Territory, Oct 10th, Nathan Herrick, Esq., formerly
                      of East Corinth, aged about 70.
                      In Cape Elizabeth, 8th inst., Margaret T., wife of Capt. Noah B. Knight, aged
                      In Thomaston, 1st inst., Mary S, daughter of  A. Fales, aged 18.
                      In East Machias, 6th inst., Loring Bryant, seaman aged 21
                      In Hollis, 7th inst., Mrs. Sarah Bradbury, relict of the late Deacon Samuel
                      Bradbury, aged 85.
                      In Buxton, 9th inst., suddenly Nancy, wife of Mark Dresser, aged 86.
                      In Bath, 8th inst.,  Frances W., daughter of the late David Morse, aged 18.

                      Church Burning.  Joseph Stowell of New Gloucester and Samuel M. Hardy
                      of Raymond have been committed for trial on a charge of setting fire to the
                      Congregational meeting house in New Gloucester, Nov. 20th.
                      Sad Accident. William Allen, aged about 13 years, while at work in the factory
                       in Yarmouth, had his hand caught in the "picker' and before he could clear
                       himself, his right arm was ground to a pumice nearly to his shoulder.  The
                       arm was amputated, and the lad is  doing as well as could be expected.



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