Sunday, March 31, 2013



          In Bowdoin, 26th inst., by James Porter, III, Esq., Mr. David Wait,
          formerly of Boston, Mass., to Mrs. Martha Carr, of Bowdoinham.
          In Limerick, Abner Burbank, Esq., to Miss Eliza A. Harmon.
          In Paris, Maine, Mr. Solomon Chase to Miss Nancy H. Stephens.
          In Livermore, M. Daniel F. Putnam, of Rumford, to Miss Larinda
          of Livermore.
          In Bath, Mr. Samuel McCucnon, of Waltham, Massachusetts, to Miss
          Hannah Springer, of Bath.
          In Jefferson, Christopher Erskins, Esq., of Palermo, to Miss Lucy
          Andrews, formerly of Brunswick.
          In Waterville, Mr. Augustine Perkins to Miss Ruth W. Springer.
          In Ellsworth, Mr. A. B. McFarland of Bluehill to Miss Rebecca
          Carter, of Ellsworth. Mr. Ephraim Wentworth of Hancock to
          to Miss Eliza Moore.
          In Bluehill, Mr. William P. Abbot to Miss Julia P. Dodge. G. W.
          Whitham to Mrs. Sarah Barry of Machiasport.  Mr. Andrew Warren
          to Miss Susan Billings.
          In this city, Mr. Mathew L. Pennell to Miss Louisa H. Pyler.
          In Boston, Mr. Joseph Stevens, formerly of Wiscasset, to Mrs.
          Sarah L. Woodland, of Boston.


          In the city hospital on Sunday evening of small pox, Seward
          Sawyer, of Westbrook, 18.
          In Freeport Mrs. Marriet  (sic) Thomas, 31.
          In Saco, Mr. Luther J. Milliken, 35. Mr. William Grace, 71.
          At St. Albans, suddenly , Mr. Phinchas Parker, formerly of
          Bloomfield, 64.
          In Norridgewock, Mr. Eliphalet Robbins, 80.
          In Augusta, Levi Rogers, Esq., 48.
          In Vassalboro, Miss Mary Roberts, 18.
          In this city, Mrs. Mary S., wife of Benjamin Andrews, 34.
          In Cape Elizabeth, Mr. Charles Dyer, 56.
          In Machias, Mr. Joseph Getchell, 80
          In Jonesboro, Mrs. Tinney, 102.
          In Cornish on Tuesday last, Mr. Royal Lincoln, aged 83-
          a Revolutionary pensioner.
          In Hallowell, Captain Daniel Smith, 60.  Mrs. Mary Getchell, 31;
          Mrs. Harriet E. Lewis, 21.  Mr. James Arskin, 50 (Erskin?)
          In Durham, 5th ult., Mrs. Nancy, wife of Captain Paul Daglas,
         and only daughter of Captain Ebenezer Warren, aged 39.
         In Buckfield, 24th ult., Mr. Robert Martin, 98.

          Fire at the State Prison at Thomaston.  A fire was discovered about
         half past 12 o'clock on Thursday night last, in the wheelwrights shop in
          the State Prison, which was entirely consumed with it contents.  The
         loss is supposed to be $3000.  The warden was absent at the time in New
         York. Our information was derived from a passenger in the packet General
         Knox.  Some of the convicts were taken from the cells to aid in extinguishing
         the fire. One new coach for the state company and two chaises were burnt.

         Fire- We learn of a ship from the office of the Bath Telegraph that the brig
         Lapwing, loading at McLellan's wharf in that town, was nearly destroyed by
        fire on Thursday morning last. After all the cabin and quarter deck, including
        the planking and most of the timbers aft the mainmast and most of the standing
        rigging together with several sets of sails were completely destroyed, the
        flames were arrested by scuttling the vessel.  She was owned by the Messrs.
        McLellan's and is understood to be fully insured.  The damage is estimated
         $3000.  The fire is supposed to be the work of an incendiary.



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