Tuesday, March 26, 2013



          In this city April 22nd,  Phebe E. G., wife of Elijah L. Thompson, aged 61 years,
          3 months, 16 days.
          In this city, April 21st, Carl J., youngest child of Nils C. and Paulina Hanson,
          aged 3 months.
          In this  city April 21st, Lendell C. Morton, aged 24 years, 6 months, 17 days.
          In this city April 19th, Theodore Stone, aged 83 years.
          In the city April 24th, Converse Owen Leach, aged 68 years, 6 months, 7 days.
          In this city April 25th, Edmund J., son of Patrick  J. and Nora E. Sheehan,
          aged 15 years.
          In this city April 26th, William F. Hardy.
          In Knightville, April 22nd, Lydia A., wife of George Dixon, aged 22 years,
          2 months, 21 days.
          In Deering, April 24th, Mary Lucetta, widow of Lot C. Nelson, aged 69
          years, 1 months, 26 days.
          In Boston April 19th, Almon Augustus Strout, aged 63 years, 11 months.
          In Deering April 19th, Annie A., wife of William P. Goss, aged 46.
          In Deering April 19th, Willard E. Riley, aged 33 years.
          In East Hebron April 8th, Mrs. Nathaniel Merrill, aged 80 years.
          In Pittsfield April 9th, Mrs. Sarah Jacobs, aged 78 years.
          In Vinalhaven April 8th, Mrs. Lydia M. Webster, aged 79 years.
          In Saco April 5th, Mary E. Holmes, aged 29 years.
          In North Baldwin, Marion Blackford, aged 84 years.
          In Windham, Joseph Elder, aged 76 years.
          In Eastport, April 10th, Catherine Bridges, aged 90 years.
          In West Sumner, April 5th, Linnie T. Chandler, aged 17 years.
          In South Portland, April 20th, William Ballmore, aged 76 years,
          6 months, 3 days.
          In Scarboro, April 20th, Benjamin F. San
born, aged 72 years, 6 months.
          In Winthrop, April 14th, Cyrus McCully , aged 70 years.
          In Rockland, April 12th, Gilbert M. Day, aged 28 years.
          In Thomaston, April 6th, Mrs. Lucy R. Flint, aged 72 years.
          In Farmington, April 13th, Mrs. Lydia E. Kittridge, aged 73 years.
          In Jefferson, April 9th, Albert Richardson, aged 83 years.
          In Biddeford, Charles T. Moorhouse- no age given.
          In Saco April 11th,  Walter S. Moore, aged  38.
          In Saco April 11th, Mrs. Nellie Wilde, aged 38.
          At Great Chebeague Island, April 20th, Lydia A., widow of Frank
          Hamilton, aged 73 years.
          In Deering April 11th, Bertha H., daughter of Annie E., and the late Walter
          S. Pennell, aged 15 years, 10 months.
          In Belfast, April 13th, Mrs. Jane C. Brown, aged 84 years, 3 months.
          In South Thompson, April 20th, Zilpha, wife of Asa M. Glover, aged 91
          years, 5 months.
          In Machias, Flora , wife of Luther Pinkham, aged 22 years.
          In Springfield, Illinois, April 5th, Almira, widow of Captain
          Rueben Keazar, formerly of Portland.
          In Chelsea April 11th, Peter McAuly, aged 78 years.
          In Rockland April 13th, Francis F., wife of Edgar Crockett, aged 53
          11 months.
          In Augusta April 11th, Isaac A. Hammond, aged 92 years.
          In Belmont, April 10, Allen Murch, aged 30 years.
          In Rockland, April 13th, Albert Staples, 83 years.


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