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          Nobloboro, May  28th, to Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Linscott, a son.
          Nobloboro, May 31st, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trask, a daughter.
          Nobloboro, to Mr. and Mrs. John Hodgkins a daughter.
          Rockland, June 3rd, to Mr. and Mrs. Isaac B. Simmons a son.
          South Thomaston, June 1st., Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Tibbetts, a son.
          Canton, June 1st, to the wife of Mr. R. A. Barrows, a daughter.
          North Jay, May 30th, to the wife of Mr. Charles Rich, a daughter.
          Canaan, June 7th, to the wife of  Mr. Edgar D. Amos, twin daughters.
          Liberty, May 29th, to the wife of Mr. John Sherman, a daughter.
          Rockland, May 31st, to the wife of Mr. Otis A. Lord, a daughter.
          Cherryfield, June 2nd, to the wife of Mr. Gilbert H. Ward, a son.
          Wilton, May 23rd, to the wife of Mr. Willard E. Sawyer, a son.
          Phillips, May 27th, to the wife of Mr. Charles E. Berry, a daughter Cora May.
          Phillips, May 28th, to the wife of Mr. Fred S. Farmer, a son Hiram Fuller.
          Mason, May 27th, to the wife of Mr. Charles Brown, a son.
          Auburn, May 31st,  to the wife of Mr. A.  S. Bowker, a daughter.
          Lewiston, June 3rd, to the wife of Mr. John Hoey, a son.
          Turner, May 28th, to the wife of Mr. George B. Bradford, a son.
          Cambridge, Somerset County, June 2nd, to the wife of Mr. Fred Stafford, a
          East Dixfield, May 31st, to the wife of Mr. Sidney Wheelwright, a son.

          In this city, June 6th, by Rev. A. K, P. Small, Charles D. Burnham and
     Alice E. Kimball, both of Portland.
          In this city, June 4th, by Rev. A. K. P. Small, Horace K. Fowler, of Chelsea, Mass.,
     and Helen W. Kimball, of Portland.   
          In this city, June 1st., by Rev. Henry Blanchard, Charles Brown and Minetta
     Nash, both of Portland.
          In this city, June 1st., by Rev. W. P. Merrill, William A. Hatch of Portland, and
     Annie E. Pruett of Portsmouth, N. H.
          In this city, June 2nd, by Rev. M. Crosley, Lewis E. Pease of Saco and Alberta
      S. Howard of Portland.
          In this city, June 1st., by Rev. D. W. LeLacheur, James H. Soule of Cape
     Elizabeth and Sarah Harris of Portland.
          In this city, June 3rd, by Rev. D. S. LeLacheur, Frank Milligan and Kate
     Spratt, of Portland.
          In Cumberland Mills, June 3rd, by Rev. E. M. Cousins, John R. Peterson and
     Alice G. Hallowell of Cumberland Mills.
         Winthrop, May 27th, Chester A. Shaw and Rose B. Jackson, both of Winthrop.
         Deering, May 20th, Algernon S. Cram of Lynn, Mass., and Mary A. Boothby
     of Deering.
          Brunswick, June 2nd, by Rev, Mr. Matthews,  J. E.  Sargent of Portland, and Isa A
     Brown, of Brunswick.
          Scarboro, May 27th, William E. Seavey and Louise F. Baker, both of Scarboro.
          In Greene, Androscoggin County, May 20th, Carroll L. Packard of Webster and
     Ruth B. Dodson, of Greene.
          Richmond, May 28th, William R. Farelough of Richmond and Alice Kinney, of
     Wakefield, Mass.
         Winterport, May 27th, Eben D. Weed and Sarah Wentworth, both of Winterport.
          Lagrange, May 30th, by William Banton, Esq., N. H. Stearns and Minnie Sherman,
     both of Lagrange.
          Bucksport, June 2nd, by Rev. William  Forsyth, Willard W. Wescott, of Brewer and
     Mary Hopper of Bucksport.
          Belfast May 31st, by Rev. T. B. Gregory, William F. Wildes of Searsmont and
     Minnie Smith of Appleton.
          Belfast, May 30th, Rev. W. Henry Williams, G. Nelson Wight and Louise M.
     Grady, both of Belfast.
          Morrill, May 31st, by N. L Jackson, Esq., Frank R. Weymouth and Kate
     Vickery, both of Morrill.
          Oldtown, May 28th, by Rev. Hebert Tilden, George E. Mills and Annie Grover,
     both of Oldtown.
          Oldtown, May 30th, by Rev. Herbert  Tilden, Samuel Cole and Georgia Parrio,
     both of Oldtown.
          Auburn, June 3rd, by Rev. H. C. Westwood, D. D., Mr. Willis O. Foss and
     Virginia O. Peables, both of Auburn.
          Lewiston,, May 30th, by Rev. G. M. Howe, Mr. Lorenzo S. Lambert of Durham,
     and Lena A. Kidder of Auburn.
          Damariscotta, May 27th, by Rev. Charles D. Crane, William C. Asborn and
     Lizzie Huston.
         Hartford, Oxford County, June 3rd, at the residence of the bride's father by
     Rev. R. Scott of Sumner, Benjamin P. Adkins of Paris ((Me.)  and Edie F. Harlow of


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