Wednesday, November 5, 2014



          In this city September 3rd, Ida Louisa, youngest child of Charles H. and
     Sophia A. rich, aged 5 years, and 3 days.
          In this city, October 5th, Mrs. Mary J. Hopper, aged 26.
          In this city, October 6th, Caleb S. Small, aged 54.
          In this city, October 5th, Mrs. Ann Brooks, aged 94.
          In this city, October (no date) Mrs. Margaret M. Reeves.
          In this city, October 3rd, Libbie Isabella Montgomery, 13.
          In this city, October 10th, Hattie E. Niles,  aged 18.
          In West  Falmouth, October 10th, Franklin Leighton, aged 42.
          In Lyman, October 10th, Nathaniel Roberts, aged 50.
          In Windham, October 2nd,  Elmer Ellsworth  Webb, aged 7.
          In St. John, New Brunswick, October 8th, Mrs. Marion McKee, aged 29.
          In Industry (Franklin-Somerset county line) September 29th, Mrs. Rhoda
     A. Norton, aged 62.
          In Montville, September 4th, Deacon Jonathan Carter, aged 68.
          In Alfred, October 4th, Col. Nathan Kendall, aged 90.
          In Saco, September 30th, Caroline  Augusta Fairfield, aged 35.
          In Brewer, September 18th, Alva L. Davis, aged 24.
          In Otisfield, October 1st, Mrs. Martha Edwards, aged 81.
          In Thomaston,  September 2nd, Orra P. Spear, aged 30.
          In Rockport, September 11th, Daniel Ott, aged 78.
          In Pittsfield, September 18th, Ellen McDonald, aged 68.
          In Madison, September 19th, Captain David Reed, aged  79.
          In Bath, October 4th, Samuel Osgood, aged 78.
          In Biddeford, October 1st, Jacob K. Cole, Esq., aged 67.
          In Biddeford, September 28th, Edgar F. Sawyer, aged 12.
          In Alfred, September 27th, Mrs. Mary Bean, aged 66.
          In Gray, October 24th, Hannah Hill, aged 67.
          In Cape Elizabeth, October 8th, Captain Samuel W. Ramsdell, aged 26.
          In Gorham, October 10th, Mrs. Elizabeth Emery, aged 79.
          In Harpswell, October 2nd, Mrs. Isabel E.  Merriman, aged 18.


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