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          In this city, June 7th, Charles, son of James A. and Mary E. Howard, aged 6
     years, 7 months.
          In this city, June 4th, Nellie S., daughter of Sabra A. and the late Thomas H.
     Powel, aged 28 years, 8 months.
          In this city, June 4th, Sarah Jane, daughter of John and the late Fannie McKensie,
     of Maitland, Nova Scotia, aged 15 years and 3 months.
          In this city, June 3rd, John H., only child of Thomas F. and Nellie Burke,
     aged 1 years.
         In this city, June 2nd, Antonia Francis, aged 60 years.
         In this city, June 2nd, Willis H. Beaman, aged 11 months.
         Martinsville, Ind., May 29th, Sarah P., wife of Charles Hamilton of
     Martinsville, and daughter of the late Dexter Valentine of Harmony, Maine, aged
     48 years.
         Deering, June 6th, Mollie E., wife of David D. Clough, aged 38 years.
          East Deering, June 2nd, Charles V. Merrill, youngest son of the late William M.
     Merrill, aged 31 years, 4 months.
         Saco, June 1st, Rev. Stephen L. Waterhouse, aged 87, years, 3 months.
          Oakland, June 1st, L. K. Moody, aged 63 years.
          Orono, June 2nd, Ann b., wife of the late Dr. William H. Allen, aged 68 years,
     10 months, 15 days.   
          Albion, May 20th, Jonathan  H. Fuller, aged 78 years, 6 months.
          China, Me.,  May 21st, John Pinkham, aged 87 years.
          New Portland, May 30th, Ivory Page, aged 70 years.
          Scarboro, June 4th, George Morrill, aged 50 years, 3 months, 22 days.
          North Bucksport, June 1st, Lizzie May, daughter of the late Moses Blaisdell,
     aged 16 years, 7 months, 22 days.
          Belfast, May 30th, Ellen F., wife of John Young, aged 38 years, 5 months.
          Norridgewock, May 30th, Climena Hight.
          Chesterfield, May 30th, Weighty E., wife of William Butlerfield,  aged 50
      years, 5 months.
          Temple, Franklin, May 3st, William Deane, 84 years.
          Auburn, May 30th, Zoe, daughter of S. K. Ballard, aged 4 years.
          Lewiston, May 31st, Sarah, wife of John Y. Scruton, aged 60 years, 6 months.
          Lewiston, May 28th, Mrs. Eula A. Worthing.
          Lewiston, May 20th, Belle V. Morse, aged 35 years, 6 months.
          North Turner, May 30th, Fred L. Merrill, aged 19 years.
          New Gloucester, June 2nd, Carrie, wife of Josiah Foot.
          Cape Elizabeth, May 31st, Frank C. Winslow, aged 68 years.
          Gorham, June 1st, Mrs.  Harriet Weeks, aged 79 years.
          North Scarboro, May 31st., Abigail Libby, aged 81.
          West Baldwin, May 24th, Mercy P. Rowe, aged 25 years.
          Gardiner, May 31st, infant son of Charles H. Berry, aged 8 weeks.
          Farmingdale, May 28th, Ralph S., son of Frank E. Marshall, aged 6 months.
          Augusta, May 29th, Emma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gaslin, aged
      28 years.
          Rockland, June 1st, Bernard W. McNamara, aged 18 years.
          Rockland, June1st., Richard E. Bartlett, aged 22 years.
          St. George, May 29th, J. Gilchrest, aged 22 years.
          Cushing, May 28th, James R. Malcom, aged 52.
          Thomaston, May 31st, Elsie Kelleran, aged 38.
          South Thomaston, May 31st, Bartlett Oliver, aged 85 years.
          Jefferson, May 30th, Ephraim Marriner, aged 78 years.
          Hartford,(Lewiston-Auburn area) June 1st., Hattie, wife of Rufus H. Potter,
     and daughter of John Thompson, aged 25 years.
          West  Sumner, June 2nd, Martha S., wife of William S. McGowen, aged
     27 years.
          Bangor, June 2nd, Betsey E., wife of the late Eben Steward, aged 38 years.
          Bangor, June 2nd, Mrs. Bridget Mogan, aged 45 years.
          Bangor, June 2nd, Grace L., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson,
     aged 5 years.
          Bangor, June 30th, Julia M. Delaney.
          Bath, May 28th, Mrs. Harriet E. Brown, aged 38 years (?)
          Skowhegan, May 31st, Mr. R. Fairbrother, aged 77 years
          North Anson, Augusta A. Benjamin, aged 22 years.
          Carratunk, May 28th, Mrs. Lizzie Martin, aged 27 years.
          Salon, May 30th, Absalom Parkman.
          Cherryfield, June 2nd, Jessie, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. D. Campbell,
     aged 11 months.
          Eastport, May 28th, John  Coggin, aged 42 years
          North Berwick, May 30th Amos  Longley, aged 58 years.
          West Newfield, , May 31st, Lenora Linscott, aged 83 years.
          West Newfield, May 31st, Mrs. Lenora Linscott,, aged 83 years.
          Bristol, May 30th, Nellie G. Cudworth, aged 68 years, 1 month.
          Aurora, May 30th, Robert Milliken, aged 68 years, 1 month.
          Whitneyville, May 28th, Alice, wife of Amos Kennedy aged 28 years.
          Damariscotta, June 3rd, Peter Connell, aged 68 years, 7 months.
          Edgecomb, May 28th, Hollister Davidson, aged 67 years, 8 months.
          Appleton, May 27th, Frank Jones, aged 35 years.
          Thomaston, Clara Vinal, wife of Aaron Winchenback, aged 34 years,
     5 months, 15 days.
           Lincolnville, May 31st, Huldah B., wife of J. H. Mohoney, aged 40 years,
     5 days.
          Whitefield, May 28th, John T. Luce of Union, aged 34.
           Bethel, May 20th, Zilla, daughter of Edward Chapman, aged 17 years.
          Bethel, May 9th, O. C. Frost, aged 73 years.
          Barstow, Florida, May 27th Lillie F., wife of Fred W. Fernald, formerly
     of this city.
          San Antonio, Texas, June 4th, Mr. Mary S. Norton (nee  Russell) aged 72.
         East Sumner, May 21st, Mrs. Elias A. Tucker, aged 61 years.
          In Waldoboro, June 1st, Thomas Weaver, aged 60 years, 3 months.


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