Friday, November 21, 2014



          Waterford, June 3rd, by Rev. J. S. Richards, George H. Kimball and Ida M.
     Stephens, both of Waterford.
         Canton June 2nd, J. Carrol Mead of North Bridgton, and Nelly Mayo of  Canton.
         Bangor, June 3rd, Noah H. Holt of Taunton, Mass., and Frances E. Fiske.
         Brewer, June 1st, William L. Castellow of Eddington and May Fowler of
          Bangor, May 27th, Frank A. Colomy and Annie Maud Moore, both of Bangor.
          Bingham, May 27th, Erwin W. Moore of Moscow (Me.) and Minnie G.
     Goodrich, both of Bingham.
          St. Albans, May 27th, by Rev Daniel Goodwin, David H. Grant and Annie
          Damariscotta, June 1st., by Rev. J. P. Simonton,, Elmore F. York and Lizzie F.
     Barstow, both of Nobloboro.
          Boston, May 30th, by the Rev. Dr. E. Webb, Philip Orne of Boston, and Lizzie
     A. McFarland of Bar Harbor.
          Dover, May 31st, by Rev. G. G. Winslow, George W. Chandler, of Foxcroft and
     Carrie O. Greeley of Dover.
          Harrison, May 30th, by Rev. Mr. Smith, Samuel Stuart of Standish and Minnie
     Fields of Harrison.
          Harrison May 30th, Nellie Kenneson and Seth Keene, both of Harrington.
          Bourne, Mass., June 1st, by Rev. Mr. Burn, Franklin  Murray of Enfield,  Conn.,
     and Clara A. Robinson of South Thomaston.
           Gorham, June 3rd, by Rev. S. B. Sawyer, Charles A. Nason and Mrs. Emily
     Z. Bodge, of Gorham.
          Prospect, May 30th, Leonard Berdeen and Mary Skinner.
          Biddeford, May 29th, Charles L. Hight of Saco and Emma J. Davis of
          Saco, May 20th, George W. Noyes of Biddeford and Louise A. Leavitt, of
          Saco, June 3rd, General L. Hyde and Carrie S. Hendrick, both of Saco
          South Berwick, April 14th, by Rev. Z. Knight, Aaron Bragdon of Wells, and
     Hatty Hasty of South Berwick.
          Waterford, June 3rd, George H. Kimball and Ida M. Stephen.
          Boston, June 8th, by Rev. O. P. Clifford, Moses E. Young, of Boston and
     Carrie A. Loring of Everett, Mass.


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