Sunday, November 16, 2014



          Launched. At Westbrook, 7th inst., from the yard of Stephen Sargent, a first
     class barque named the Elia, to be commanded by Captain W. H. Lewis.
          At Yarmouth, 7th inst., from the  yard of Giles Loring, a brig of about 500 tons,
     named Carrie Bertha, to be commanded by Captain Samuel Soule. 
          At Richmond, from the yard of James Hagar, a white oak ship of 1888 tons, named
          At Bangor, 7th inst., from Crosby's year, a schooner of 200 tons, named Emma
          At Waldoboro, 6th inst., by Reed, Caldwell, & Co., a ship of 1,120 tons, named
     Alexander McFell, to be commanded by Captain J. H. Kelleran.
          At Thomaston, 5th inst., from  the yard of S. Watts & Co., a ship of 1700 tons,
     named Loretta Fish, to be commanded by Captain John Watts.
          Also from the yard of Walker, Runn & Co., a three-masted schooner of 400 tons,
     named Albert J. Butler.
          At Westbrook, 6th inst., from the yard of the George Russell, a splendid barque
     of 124 tons, named the J. S. Winslow to be commanded by Captain D. O. Davis.


          The following vessels went ashore at Jonesport in the gale of the 8th; schooner
     (?) Holoway and Rising Sun of Jonesport, Mary of Columbia, Two Friends of Belfast,
     Robert Rantout of Trement and Moro, all badly damaged.
           The following vessels are ashore at Machiasport; schooner Paran, bilged,
      Sarah Bernice, high and dry; Eda Brown, keel knocked out; Only Son, of Bangor,
     badly damaged.
          A lumber loaded schooner was seen ashore on the 7th inst., at Munroe Island, near
     Owl's Head. Her stern was on the rock and in a bad position.
          The following are among the disaster at Calais on the 4th:
     Schooner Lookout of Calais, bilged.
     Schooner Boston, of Calais, total loss.
     Schooner Francie Ellen, Ellsworth, total loss.
     Schooner Bob of Calais and Willie Mowe of Eastport, stranded.
     Schooner S. P. Byrnes of Pembroke, bilged and full of water.
     Schooner Starlight, of Calais, three holed through her bottom.
     Schooner Mary Gage, of Jonesport, stranged.
     A new barque of 550 tons from St. Andrews, New Brunswick went ashore at Bliss
     Island and broke in two places. Twelve men lost.

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