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          In this city, November 2nd, at St. Stephens Memorial church of Bishop
          Burgess, by Rev. A. Dalton, Mr. Joseph H. Short and Hattie A., daughter
          of S. R. Leavitt, Esq., both of Portland.
          In this city, November 8th, Rev. P. M. Hobson, of Standish and Martha
          Nevens of Gorham.
          In this city, November 3rd by Rev. W. H. Fenn, Mr. Isaac Bushey of
          Richmond, Canada, and Miss Lizzie  A. Morrill, of Danville, Canada.
          In this city, October 29th, William R. Simpson, of Gray and Sarah A.
          Dickerson, of Portland.
          In this city, October 30th, John A. Scott and Mary E.  Deering, both of
          In this city, October 30th, Edward Cobb and Lucy Robinson, both  of
          In Cape Elizabeth, November 4th, by Rev. B. F. Pritchard, Daniel P.
          Graffam and Annie F. Scott, both of Cape Elizabeth.
          In Lynn, Massachusetts, November 2nd, by Rev. A. H. Currier, Mr.
          Rudolph Greenwood and Addie Bancroft, both of Lynn.

         In this city, November 8th, Jabez C. Woodman, Esq., aged 65.
         In this city, November 3rd, Mrs. Ellen O. Adams, aged 26 (?)
         In this city, November 14th Nathaniel J. Miller, aged 68.
         In this city, November 1st.,  James Poole, aged 83.
         In this city, November 3rd., William E. Kimball, aged 64,
         and Susan A. Thorn, aged 17 years, 7 months, 5 days.
         In Bridgton, October 21st, Sarah Belle, daughter of Gardner
         B. and Sarah J. Boynton, aged 2 years, 8 months.
         In Windham, November 4th, Hattie S. Rice, only daughter of
         Sawyer and Mary rice, aged 15 years, 2 months.
         In Scarboro, suddenly at the residence of Samuel Durgin, Daniel
         J. Towne of Saco, aged 37 years, 4 months, 2 days.
         In Sacarappa, October 29th, Jonas E. Buterfield,  aged 29 years. He
         bore his illness with Christian calmness and patience, without murmur
         or complaint, and at last fell asleep in the arms of his Savior, no more
         to  return to us but if we are good and true, we can go to him when
         Jesus come to make up his jewels.

         In this city, October 29th, Anna Eloise, only daughter of N. S. and
         and Susan J. Fernald, aged 1 year, 5 days.

                                       Close the eyelids, close them gently;
                                         Sever one dear golden tress;
                                       Fold her icy hand, all meekly
                                         Smooth the little snowy dress.
                                       Farewell Abbie, now the tear drops
                                          Falleth for alas! we know,
                                      That our fireside will be lonely,
                                         We shall miss our darling so.
                                      When the  evening shadows gather,
                                         We shall wait in vain to feel,
                                      Little arms all white and dimpled,
                                        Round out neck so softly steal.

                                      Our wet cheeks will miss the pressure
                                         Of sweet lips so warm and red;
                                      And our bosoms Oh' how sadly
                                         Miss that darling little head.

                                     We'll not murmur, this is only
                                        The clay dress our darling wore,
                                     God has robed her as an angel
                                        She hath need of this no more.

                                     Fold her hand; and o'er her pillow,
                                        Scatter flowers all pure and white,
                                    Kiss that marble brow and whisper
                                       "Annie dear, good night, good night."

           In Bridgeton, October 24th, Willie Warren, child of Albert B. and
           Mary Frost Kilborn, aged 5 months, 26 days.

                                   Go, lovely babe, go to thy rest,
                                     They Savior bid thee come,
                                  Go join the ransomed and the blest,
                                     And leave this earthly home.


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