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          In this city April 3rd, by Rev. Dr. Dalton, Bernhardt Landolph and Mrs. Martha
     Cook, both of Portland.
          In this city, April 4th, by Rev. Howard C. Dunham, Herbert G. Gay, of Boston
     and Winnifred F. Sterling, of Portland.
          In Kennebunk, March 28th, Oscar W. Clark and Addie M. Goodwin.
          In Saco April 2nd, Lewis Ridlon and Mrs. Sophia M. Kelley, both of Saco.
          In Houlton, March 31st, Almon Howard and Nellie Davenport, both of Boston.
          In Sullivan, Hancock County, March 27th, George W. Chilcott and Nellie Smith,
       both of Sullivan.
          In Brooklin, Hancock County, March 27th, Eugene B. Day and Lizzie Hall,
     both of Brooklin.
          In Salem, Mass., C. Herbert Nichols of Salem, and Elizabeth H. Newhail,
     of  Wells.
          In Minot, March 27th, Algernon H. Briggs of Poland, Maine, and Ada
     Marshall of Minot.
          In Bowdoin, March 27th, Edwin Babb and Susie V. Whitney.
          In Phillips, March 30th, William M. Dutton and R. Jennie Cushman.
          In Lewiston, April 3rd, Horace G. Jaqueth of Lisbon, Maine and Mrs.
     Abbie E. Dingley of Durham.
          In Nobleboro, March 26st, William M. Barnes and Lettie E. Hatch.
          In Newcastle, Lincoln County, March 29th, Howard N. Moorey and Susan
     T. Stewart, both of Bristol.
          In Newcastle, March 27th, Frank A. Thorsen, of Rockland and Lizzie M.
     Perry of Damariscotta.
          In Boothbay Harbor, March 22nd, V. B. Pinkham and Hattie E. Campbell.
          In Yarmouth, March 30th, by Rev. L. Reynolds, John H. Curtis of Yarmouth,
     and Joanna L. Wilson of Pownal.
          In Searsport, March 14th, Henry M. Griffin  and Henrietta L. Berry.
          In West Sumner, March 24th, Charles E. Hadley and Harriet L. Bacon.
          In Oakland, Kennebec County, March 30th, W. H. Hinkley of Gardiner, and Eva
     M. Palmer of North Wayne.
          In Canaan, Somerset County, March 28th, George W. Howard, Denmark, Maine,
      and Cora E. Marr of Canaan.
          In Casco, March 28th, Francis Wood of Eaton, New Hampshire, and Mrs. Katie
     T. Tenney of Casco.
          In Rockford, Illinois, March 12th, Frank L. Minard of Rockford and Abbie H. French,
     of Brunswick, Maine.
          In Oakland, March 27th, Hiram H. Poole, of Canton and Josie A. Starr of  Orland,
     Hancock County.
          In Brooklin, March 27th, Eugene B. Day and Lizzie Hall. (As recorded above)
          In Limington, March 20th, Caleb Cole and Susan M. Nason, both of Limington.
          In Skowhegan, March 27th, Henry H. Richardson and Alma M. Davis.
          In Belgrade, Mach 31st, Amos W. Furbish and C. Aredel Faugut(Fougot?) both of
          In Bethel, April 3rd, Howard V. Chapman, of Bethel and Sadie E. Bryant
     of Greenwood, Oxford County.
          In Freeport, April 3rd, by Rev. Daniel Lane, Herbert S. Talbot and Elsie M.
     Jones; Ralph Merrill and Angie C. Ward, all of Freeport.
          In Buxton, March 25th, Cyrus L. Jenness and Myrtle I. Cotton, both of
     Wolfboro, New Hampshire.
          In Boothbay Harbor, March 31st, Charles E. Gilpatrick and Estelle M. Adams.
          In Milbridge, Washington County, James Strout and Mrs. Ella Strout.

          In this city, April 6th, Mary, wife of Michael  McDermott.
          In this city, April 7th, Maria W., daughter of the late Thomas Chadwick, Esq.
     (Boston and August papers please copy.)
          In this city, April 7th, Delia Wilson, wife of Henry Ballard, aged 54.
          In this city, April 5th, Mary, daughter of Daniel and Mary Ellen Driscoll, aged
     5 months, 5 days.
          In this city, April 6th, Phoebe, wife of Franklin Perry, formerly of Yarmouth.
          In this city, March 2nd, Martha, widow of the late Ira F. Moore, of Rockport,
          In this city, April 5th, Marguerite, daughter of Charles A. and Hattie I. Cushing,
     aged 6 months.
          In this city, April 8th, Mary E., daughter of Eliza and John McCarthy.
          In this city, April 8th, Paul Ellis Merrill, aged 53 years, 6 months. (Western
     papers please copy.)
          In this city, April 8th, Alice May, daughter of James and Honora Logue, aged
     8 months.
          In Gouldsboro, March 18th, Capt. Elijah Doane,  formerly of Portland.
          In Oakland, Deering, April 2nd, Samuel E. Heartz, aged 54 years, 3 months.
          In Deering, Cumberland County,  April 2nd, Barzilla (Brizillai) Jordan, aged 74 years,
     6 months.
          In South Portland, April 1st., William Fred, son of William H. and Agnes
     S. Henley, aged 2 years, 6 months.
          At Peaks Island, Casco Bay,  April 6th, Charles Parsons, aged 75 years,
     3 months.
          In Turner, March 15th, Sewall G. Woodbury, aged 59 years.
          In Bucksport, March 28th, Mrs. Rebecca E. Hamlin, aged 60 years.
          In Waterville, March 31, Augusta Tarbell, aged 41 years.
          In Saco, April 2nd, Mrs. Mary A. Granger, aged 77 years.
          In Kennebunkport, April 3rd, Captain Sylvester Brown, aged 67 years.
          In Keza Falls, March 31st, Mrs. Abbie B. Wadleigh, aged 68 years.
          In Belfast, March 24th, Jeremiah Jewett, aged 82 years.
          In Woolrich, April 2nd, Mrs. Louis Hathorn, wife of George Stinson,
     aged 67 years.
          In Mt. Vernon, April 1st, Mrs. Sarah A. Smith, aged 78 years.
          In Paris, Maine, March 31st, Mrs. Betsey Fickett, aged 60 years.
          In Oxford, April 3rd, Lokuska C. Stone, aged 31 years.
          In Buckfield, Oxford County, March 28th, Mrs. Maria Packard, aged 31 years.
          In Buckfield, March 17th, George Davee (as written,) aged 37 years.
          In Cushing, March 21st, E. Catherine, wife of Sylvanus C. Conant, aged 54 years.
          In Waldoboro, March 24th, Benjamin B. Cushing, aged 75 years.
          In York, Captain Joseph Low, 82 years.
          In York, March 12th, Mrs. Jane, wife of Asa Parson, aged 43 years.
          Waterboro Center, March 2nd, Mrs. Lucinda  wife of Dawson W. Raes,
     aged 71 years, 4 months.
          In Biddeford, March 20th, Fred Leland, aged 18 years.
          In Biddeford, March 31st, Charles H. Foss, aged 38 years.
          In Wayne, March 29th, Lizzie, wife of Dr. Fred L. Chaney, aged  ?5 years.
          In Bowdoinham, March 31st, Mrs. Standish B. Read, aged 29 (?) years.
     (Maine 1870 Census, Clara Read wife of Standish B. B. Read, age 21.)
          In Jonesboro, March 23rd, Mrs. Lois I. Thompson, aged 30 years.
          In Falmouth, April 2nd, Sarah H. Winslow, aged 72, 7 months.
          In Roxbury, Mass., April 2nd, Emeline A., wife of the late Joseph G. Torrey,
     and daughter of the late Dr. Samuel Adams, of Bath.
          In Waterford, April 21st, Charles W. Perry, aged 60 years. 
          In Rockland, March 23rd, Mrs. Clarissa Davis, aged 63.
          In West Camden, March 21st, Hudson D. Martin, aged 4? years. (Maine
     1870 Maine Census, Hudson Martin, age 21.)
          In Boothbay, April 3rd, Mrs. Mary Hutchins, aged 88 years.
          In Saco, April 2nd, Ann H. Andrews.
          In Sanford, March 31st, Anna, daughter of S. A. Wright, aged 15 years,
     7 months.
          In Bucksport, Marcy 21st,. John Douglas, aged 63 (?) years, 5 months.
          In North Penobscot, March 22rd, Mrs. Elisha Hatch, aged 77 months.
          In Eden, March 19th, Thankful C., wife of Reuben  Salsbury, aged 70 (?) years.
          In Orland, March 25th, Roxanna D., widow of the late John Hopkins, aged
      64  years.
          In Vineland, New Jersey, April 4th, M, widow of the late Nathan Elden, aged
     88 years.
          In Falmouth, April 4th, Jefferson Dobbin, aged 82 years, 2 months.
          In Rockland, April 1st, Augustus Brown, aged 34 year; Jane Ann Simmons,
     aged 73? years.
          In East Union, March 25th, Sterling Davis, aged 35 years, 2 months.
          In Lincolnville, March 22nd, John A. McKenney, aged 64 years.
          In Elsworth, March 23rd, Margaret L., wife of Joseph Silvev?, Jr., 31 years.
          In Hebron, March 27th, Mrs. Ann Bearse, aged 87 years 
          In Poland, Maine, March 23rd, Mrs. J. W. Dunham.
          In Livermore Falls, March 28th, Edward Thurston, aged 22 years.
          In Augusta, March 29th, Mrs. Walker Longfellow.
          In Augusta, March 26th, I. H. Hol?say, aged 70 years.
          In Porter, March 16th, Joseph J. Jenkins, aged 63 years.
          In Cherryfieldl, March 27th, Mrs. Walt A. Lawrence, aged 82 years.
          In Waldoboro, March 25 , Joseph Burgess, aged 87 years.
          In Freeport, April 1st, Mrs. Almira Fitts, aged 55 years, 10 months.
          In Benton, April 2nd, Isaac Holt, aged 98 years.
          In Princeton, March 28th, Matthew T.  Sprague, aged 90 years.
          In Cushing, March 28th, Mrs. Hannah Young, aged 97 years.
          In South Monmouth, April 5th, Robert Goddard, aged 78 years.
          In Turner, March 27th, Herbert M. Atkins.
          In Chesterville, March 25th, Mrs. Calestina Crockett, aged 78 years.
          In Lewiston, March 28th, Julia E., wife of George B. Cross, and  daughter
      J. S. and James M. Felts, aged 36 years, 2 months, 12 days.



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