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          In Westbrook, Mr. William Hale to Miss Mary Allen, both of Windham.
          In Belfast, Mr. Elbridge G. Pitcher to Miss Nancy M. Pillsbury, both of
          In Bucksport, Mr. Peter Stephenson to Miss Charlotte Viles.
          In Topsham 18th isn't., by Rev. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Charles H. Hall, of this city to
     Miss Rachel Chase of Topsham.
          In Kittery, Maine, on the 20th inst., after a tedious courtship of four days, Mr.
     William McNally, gunner of the U. S. ship Concord, to Miss Louisa Currier, eldest
     daughter of the late Antonio Currier, of the U. S. Navy.
          In Calais, Mr. Daniel Sherman of Perry, to Miss Nancy Lane of Calais.
          In Robbinston, Washington County, Mr. John Bohannon of Calais, to Miss
      Mary Ann Platt, Robbinston.  Mr. Sewell Leighton of Steuben, to Miss Barbary
     Green, of Brandy Cove. (Washington County?)
          In Durham, Androscoggin County,  by Rev. A. H. Cobb, Mr. Hiram Jennings of
     Framington, to Miss Sally D. McIntosh of Durham. Mr. Thomas Murray, Jr., to Miss
     Mary Frickett, both of  this city. Mr. James Jack of this city, to Miss Aurelia C. Williams
     of Durham. 
          In Gorham 1st inst., by Daniel C. Emery, Esq., Colonel Daniel Parson, of Hartford,
     Oxford County, to  Miss Harriet Ward of Gorham.
          Norridgewock, Captain A. Tilton to Mrs. Lucy Parker.

          In this city suddenly, the youngest child of Mr. Eaton Shaw.
          In Cape Elizabeth an infant child of Mr. Nathaniel Loveitt. Also, a child of
     Mr. Caleb Loveitt, aged 2 years.
          In Bath 27th inst., Mrs. Sarah, widow of Captain Simeon Turner, on of the
     oldest settlers, aged 78.
          In this city on Sunday the 6th, in the evening, Mrs. Sarah, wife of the late Mr. Seth
     Barnes, aged 65.
          In this city on Sunday the 6th, Ellen Maria, daughter of  Mr. Moses N. Carr, aged 2.
          In this city, on Thursday the 3rd, Mr. Timothy Cochran.
          In Lynn, Mass., yesterday morning, at the residence of Mr. James Oliver, Mr.
     John Winslow, of the city, aged 32.
          In Durham on the 1st. inst., Mrs. Elizabeth wife of the late John Stackpole, aged 85.
          In Poland, Androscoggin County, Robert Purington, aged 64. Also, in
     November last, Mr. Love Thomas, aged 75.
          In Bridgton, 26th ult., Mrs. Polly Kilburn, aged 81.
          Account of deaths in the city of Portland for February, 1836:-three years, quincy;
      male 45 years, lung fever; male 3 months, croup; male 25 years, consumption, female
     72 years, abscess on live; female 2 years, scarlet fever; female 25 years, parturition;
     female 4 months, whooping  cough; male 68 years, palsy; male 40 years, cramp; male
     3 years, quincy; female  6 years, measles; male 6 months, fits;; female 6 weeks, infantile..
     Males 8.  Female 6. Total 14. {Argus}

          We learn that Colonel John Libbey of this town,  went to Bath on Monday last,
     after a load of corn, and on his way home his horses broke through the ice near the
     old steam mill wharf; and he and another gentleman belonging to Bath, narrowly
    escaped with their lives. His two horses, and his load consisting of about 60 bushels
    of corn were lost.
          Since the above was in type, we learn that the corn has been got up, and sold at
     auction-[Gardiner Intelligencer.]

          Ordination.-Rev. George A. William was ordained as pastor of the Unitarian
     Church and Society, on Wednesday last.



           Schooner Ajax, Pierce, sailed from Savanna, Ga., for Havana, Cuba, about October
     25th, and has not since  been hear of.
          The North Star, Monroe, of this port for Havana, Cumber foundered in lat 36,
     long 60. Crew saved by the Susannah, Cummings, of Liverpool from Savannah.
          The schooner President, New York for Bangor, was fallen in with distress
     December 25th, lat 38 30, lon 62 by the Emma, at Cowes of Matanzas, SW Cuba,
    which rendered every assistance required and directed to steer for Bermuda.
          A letter received in this city from the Captain of the ship John Marshall, at
     Nassau, Atlantic Ocean, states that on the third day out from Portland, he discovered
     a brig on fire, which on coming up with, proved to be brig Baltimore, Capt. Cushing,
    of and from this port. He took of the captain and crew, and in a short time after the
    brig was wholly enveloped in flames. Half of the brig was insured in Boston and the
    other half together with the cargo, in this city.
         Letters received from Captain Kilgore of brig Globe, owned in Boston by Messrs.
     N. & G. Knight, states that he left Havana on the 10th of February ; and on 20th,
     experienced heavy gale of wind, which caused the brig to leak badly; stove 100 hhds
     molasses, in hopes to lighten her-six feet water in the hold-found it was impossible to
     free her, and vessel become unmanageable, conclude to run her ashore; she struck
     about 20 miles N E off Georgetown, S. C. Vessel and cargo insured in Boston, $16,800.

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