Friday, November 22, 2013


                                                        MATTERS IN MAINE

          Shocking Railroad Accident.-On Friday morning last, the rear car of a train on the
     Fall River Railroad was thrown upon its side by breaking of an unsupported rail across
     a culvert, and dragged a quarter of a mile, to the imminent danger of the passengers
     within it.  Mrs. Drinkwater, wife of Captain Levi Drinkwater, formerly of this city,
     and daughter of the late Mr. D. Augus, of this city, who was on her way from East
     New York to her friends in Portland, had her right arm caught under the side of the car
     and literally torn off. It was picked up by Mr. G. R. Davis, of this city who was on the
     train, still having upon the hand and wrist the glove and fur cuff worn by the unfortunate
     lady.  Notwithstanding her mutilated condition, Mrs. Drinkwater arose without help, and
     simply remarked, "I believer I've lost my arm."  She was taken to Fall River where her arm
     was amputated nearly up to the shoulder.  She was otherwise injured, but was expected to
     recover.  Mrs. Drinkwater is an estimable lady, and the terrible accident which has befallen
     her, is a severe blow to her afflicted relatives in this city. Mrs. Mary Woodman of this city,
     who was on the same seat with Mrs. Drinkwater, was severely bruised, but no bones
     broken. Mrs. Pond, of Bucksport, Me., had her fore arm broken. An infant daughter of
     Captain Marwick of Pittson Me., had it thigh broken, Mr. Hiram Burell, of Canaan, Me.
     had his leg hurt, and his coat torn to pieces.  If the statements made as to the condition
     of the road are true, the company were guilty of  criminal negligence, and ought to be made
     to suffer for it.
          A Severe Operation.-Captain Phineas Ayer, of St. George, had a severe surgical
     operation performed upon him recently. In order to remove an abscess, the surgeon
     cut  through the back, separating a rib from the spine and springing it aside; and
     having reached the abscess, he inserted a tube, and removed the matter. The patient
     has recovered.
          Sad Accident.-On Wednesday week, a little son of Mr. William H. Kenney, of
     Westbrook, who had been left up stairs asleep, set his clothes on fire with matches
     and was so badly burned that he lived only about two hours. His mother, in
     attempting to extinguish the flames, was very badly burned in the hands.
          While Mr. Columbus Hayford and Mr. I. D. Toothaker, of Maysville,
     Aroostock, was camping out, the camp took fire after they had fallen asleep,
     and they awoke just in time to save their lives. Mr. Toothaker grasped a loaded gun
     by the muzzle and drew it from the flames.
          Mr. William Oliver attempted suicide at Kendall's Mills on Thursday, by taking
     laudanum. An overdose prevented a fatal termination. Family trouble brought about
     his own indiscretion, are said to have been the cause.
          Mr.Elisha Sampson, while feeding a threshing machine in Greene, had his hand
     caught in the thresher, and the fingers so lacerated, that amputation of all of the hand
     except the thumb and forefinger, was rendered necessary.
          A Frenchman name Andrew Rancou was drowned at Ticonic Falls, in Waterville
     on Wednesday week. He was driving logs.
          The dwelling house and adjoining buildings of Honorable A. H. Hodgman, at
     Warren Village, were destroyed by fire communicated by a chimney, on the 22nd.
     Loss-$5000, insurances $1700.
          In Rockland, Mr.  Daniel Vaughan, a worthy old gentleman more than seventy
     years of age, was found dead in his bed on Wednesday morning, having retired the
     previous night in his usual state  of health.
          During a row in Jim Barrett's at Calais, on McPherson stabbed John Toner three
      times in the back. Toner passed the night in great distress. McPherson was arrested
      and bound over for trial.
          The Aroostook Pioneer informs us that Mr. Benjamin Soule, of Mapleton, has
     raised potatoes this season weighing over four pounds each, and intimates that we
     should wait till we hear from Aroostook before we pronounce anything "the largest of
     the season." the fact is that the three pound eleven potato story was calculated for the
     meridian of Massachusetts-which of course, can't pretend to compete with Aroostook.
          The fishing schooner Foaming Billow, Captain Condon, of Belfast, was lost on
     Malpee Bar, Prince Edward's Island, 6th inst., all her crew, thirteen in number were
     drowned. Among them was Charles Wash, of Portland. Six of the bodies have been
     washed ashore.
           Richard  H. Martin, Esq., of Molunkus, Aroostook, recently caught a very large
     wolf. There are lots of these savage animals in that vicinity. The state pays eight
     dollars for every one killed.
          Mr. William Hutchins of Penobscot, Hancock Count, now in his 97th year, cast his
     first vote for Washington at the first Presidential election, walking with his father for
     that purpose, several miles to Castine.
          At Farmington on Wednesday last, Thadeus Tuttle was sentenced to one year
     in the state prison, for assault, with intent to main, upon the person of William
     Maines, with a scythe in the hay field, in August last.
          Mr. William L. Boulder, of West Buxton, on Monday last hanged himself to a
     beam in his barn. Loss of property a few years since is supposed cause to this
     melancholy event.
          M. Kelley of Township No. 19 R 5, Aroostook, dropped dead in the road in front
     of his house on Sunday last, while conversing with two men.  He leaves a wife and
     five children.
          Captain Ebenezer Dyer of West Danville, fell upon a scythe which he was
     carrying down stairs, and received a wound on his right knee, nearly severing his
          Douglas Sold.-Caleb Billings of Bangor, has disposed of his valuable gelding
     "Stephen A. Douglas," to Mr. James T. Watson of Newport, for the sum of $2000.00.
          The barn of Mr. Richard Chase, at Walnut Hill, North Yarmouth, together with hay
      and farming utensils, was destroyed by fire last week.
          Mr. Rufus B. Neally, of Munroe, fell one day last week, and broke the largest
      bone of his leg, just above the ankle.
          Rev. Edmond Worth of Kennebunk, Me., raised from one hill this season two
     squashes, one weighing 204 and the other 108 pounds.


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