Thursday, November 14, 2013



          In this city, 27th ult., by G. W. Bosworth, Mr. Frank H. Chase to Fanny Mayo,
     both of Portland.
          In this city, 25th ult., by Rev. W. P. Merrill, Mr. William C. West, of Portland, to
     Miss Mary E. Merrill, of Westbrook.
          In this city, 24th ult., by Dr. Wright, Mr. Jeremiah Field to Miss Ruth Ann Pride,
     both of Windham.
          In this city, 11th ult., Mr. John Kinsman to Miss Clara E. Walker, of South Paris,
          In this city, 28th ult., by Rev. W. P. Merrill, Mr. Frederic Angeson to Miss
     Sarah E. Gooch, both of Portland.
          In Cohasset, Mass., 24th ult., J. W. Woodman, Jr. Esq., of Portland to Miss
     Mary J. Crosby, of Cohasset.
          In Buxton, 28th ult., by Rev. Mr. George Hanson to Miss Hannah C.
     Waterman, both of Buxton.
          In Saco, 25th ult., by Rev. Mr. Nichols, Mr. G. E. Bradbury, of Buxton, to Miss
     Jennie B. Akers of Hollis.
          In Gorham, 28th ult., by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Mr. David W. Brackett, of
     Westbrook, to Miss Phebe A. Willis, of Gorham.
          In Paris, Maine, 28th ult., by Rev. A. Hill, Mr. Leonard Whitman to Ellen F.
     Bryant, both of Woodstock.
          In Lovell, 24th ult., by Sumner Evans, Esq., Mr. Marshall Evans to Miss Abby
     B. Kilgore, both of Lovell.
          In Naples, Maine, 28th ult., Mr. Ansel Gray to Mrs. Emeline Brooks, both of
          In Lowell, Penobscot County, Mr. George E. Porter of San Francisco, Cal.,
     to Miss Harriet Freeman, of Falmouth.
          In Lewiston, 17th ult., Mr. George Whittaker to Miss Sarah A. Conkey, both
     of Lewiston.
          In Pittston, Professor Edward  Mead, M. D., Cincinnati, Ohio, to Miss Mary
    G., daughter of Dr. Alex  McCollom.
          In Arrowsic, 19th ult., Mr. William T. Higgins to Miss Fannie A. Shea, both
    of Arrowsic.
          In West Winthrop, 21st ult., Mr. William H. Hodsdon to Miss Mary E.
    Prescott, both of Winthrop.
          In Melrose, Mass., 24th ult., Mr. Frank M. Rowe, of Bangor to Miss Mary J.,
     daughter of John S. Higgins, Esq.
          In Anson, 7th ult., Mr. Charles H. Magoon, of Bloomfield, (Me?), to Miss
    Olive E. Parlin.
         In Cape Elizabeth, 19th ult., Mr.  Joseph H. York, of Cape Elizabeth, to Miss
     Josephine H. Allen of Brunswick. 
          In Bangor, 22nd ult., by Rev. H. Stebbins, Mr. Edwin D. Marsh to Miss
     Lucretia S. Wasgatt, both of Bangor; also Mr. Oliver G. Ashton, of Bryan, Ohio.
     to Miss Eunice S. March, of Bangor.

         In this city, 28h ult., Edward Herbert, son of Rufus and Deborah E. Deering,
     aged 2 years, 7 months.
         In this city, 25th ult., Miss Eliza Johnson, formerly of Sussex, New
     Brunswick, Canada, aged 28.
          In this city, 25th ult., Lottie Maria, only daughter of Paul and Charlotte
     Prince, aged 4 years, 9 months.
          In this city, 25th ult., Earnest A., son of Alphonso and Lydia Brunel, aged 8
     months, 15 days.
          In this city, 24th ult., Albert  S., son of R. J. and P. K. McPherson, aged 6 months.
          In this city, 23rd ult., Martha Florence, youngest child of George C. and Susan
     E. Slight, aged 4 years, 7 months.
           In this city, 18th ult., Mrs. Lydia R., wife of Stephen Kemp, aged 28 years,
     6 months.
          In Pownal, 25th ult., of typhoid and lung fever, Joseph H., son of David and
     Hannah Toothaker, aged 23 years, 1 months.
          In this city, Miss Eliza Johnson,  formerly of Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada,
     aged 28.
          In Monmouth, 28th ult., Captain Nicholas Hinkley, formerly of Hallowell,
     aged 61.
          In Whitefield, 19th ult., Mr. Edmund Murphy, aged 76 years.
          In Turner, 14th ult., Lois, widow of the  late Ezra Cary, .aged 75.
          In Westport, 23rd ult., Mr. Dexter W. Hodgdon, aged 27..
          In this city 23rd ult., Earnest A., son of Alphonso and Lydia Brunel, aged
     8 months, 15 days.
          In Rockland, 24th ult., Mr. Daniel Vaughn, formerly of Thomaston, aged 72
     years, 10 months.
          In Topham, 20th ult., Frances A. Livermore, aged 35 years.
          In Harpswell, 18th ult., Susan M. Pinkham, aged 26 years, 11 months.
          In Windham, 20th ult., Arvilla H. Maxwell, aged 18  years, 2 months.
          In Edgecomb, 18th ult., Margaret J., widow of the late J. C. Pool, of Portland,
     aged 37.
          In Havana, Cuba, 10th ult., Mr. John Dicks, 2nd Officer of barque Theodore
     Curtis, son of Captain John W. and Annie Dicks, of Portland, aged 21 years,
     3 months.
          In Gorham, 23rd ult., George Cressey, only son of Albion and Jane W., aged
     17 months.
          In Hermon, 23rd ult., Arch Coombs, son of N. D. Coombs, aged 23.
          In Bangor, 28th ult., Sarah, wife of Daniel Greeley, Esq., formerly of Foxcroft.

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