Sunday, November 24, 2013


                                               INTENDED MARRIAGES
                                         "Risk not through haste a life of love."

          Mr. Thomas Simonton and Miss Keziah G. Ross, of Yarmouth.
          Mr. Isaac Strout and Miss Sarah S. Upton, of Cumberland.
          Mr. Daniel Merryman and Mrs. Sarah Harmon.
          Mr. Henry  L. Carter, of Boston, and Miss Harriet A. Norton of Portland.
          Mr. William H. Hughes and Miss Lucy Griffin.
          Mr. Orrin F. Ham and Miss Abby S. Boynton.
          Mr. A. P. Morgan and Miss Angeline A. Sargent.
          Mr. George Treferthern and Miss Abby Chamberlain, of Scaroboro'.
          Mr. L. P. Jotham and Miss Henrietta S. Brown.
          Mr. D. W. Keyes of Boston and Miss Adeline G. Jones.
          Mr. N. B. Welch and Olive G. Shepard.

                                     "So learn ye whose vows are plighted"
                                   "That heart are one when united."

           In this city, the 4th inst., by Rev. J. R. Scott, Mr. Orlando M. Marrett to Miss
     Louisa O. Small, both of Portland.
          3rd inst., by Rev. Dr. Nichols, Mr. Augusta H. Gilman to Miss Margaret
          In Westbrook, November 30th, by D. W. Dole, Esq., Dr. Albion Cobb, to Miss
     Louisa A. Stockman, both of Westbrook.
          In Chester, Massachusetts, November 18th, Mr. E. H. Thomas of Standish,
     Maine, to Miss Ann Taylor of Chester.
          In Portsmouth, N. H., 5th inst., at the Rockingham House, by J. Bennett, Esq.,
     Mr. Charles G. Innes to Miss Martha A. Tarr, both of Portland.
          Casco, 24th inst., by J. S. Stevens, Richard M. Webb, Esq., to Miss Dorcas J.
     Winslow, both of Casco.
          In Boston, 3rd inst., Mr. Josiah Wallace, of Sharon, Vermont, to Miss Clara
     E. Redman, formerly of Brooksville, Maine.
          In Brunswick, 3rd inst., Mr. John C. Jameson, of Bath to Miss Mary E.,
     daughter of Professor Thomas C. Upham, of Brunswick.
          In Portsmouth, Mr. A. G. Lewis of Portland to Miss Abby Hapgood, of Waterford;
     Mr. Freeman Libby of Biddeford to Miss Rebecca Harmon of Saco; 6th inst., by
     John Bennett, Esq., Mr. Lemuel Williams to Miss Charlotte E. Johnson, both of
          In Saco, 7th inst., Mr. Reuben H. Marbury to Miss Abigail Leighton, both of
     Saco; Mr. Joel Tibbetts to Mrs. Sarah Jane Berry; Mr. Isaac O. Boothbay to Miss
     Joan R. Tibbetts, all of Saco.
          In Biddeford, Mr. Charles Gilpatrick to Miss Louisa Jordan, both of Biddeford.

                                                "This is the end of earth."
          In this city, 4th inst., Charles B., son of Mr. J. K. Morse, aged 20 years, and
     9 months.
          4th inst., Anthony Knapp, aged 72.
          2nd inst., Mr. Charles Frost, aged 67.
          In Harrison, November 23rd, of consumption, Elizabeth R., wife of Granville
     Fernald, aged 20 years and 1 week.
          "She died in hope of a blest immortality." Com.
          In Yarmouth, John S., son of  Daniel Henderson, aged 6 months.
          In Denmark, Maine, 29th ult., William Davis, aged 69.
          In Biddeford, 27th ult., Mr. Nathan Sands, aged 63.
          In Acton, 22nd ult., Mr. Joshua Brackett, a Revolutionary soldier, aged 93.
          In Melrose, Mass., 30th ult., Jeremiah G., only son of John T. Paine, formerly
     aged 17.
          In Swanville, 4th ult., Mr. Jacob Eames, a native of Wilmington, Mass., aged 97
     years, 8 months-a Revolutionary patriot who took part in the battle of Lexington.
          In New Bedford, 11 ult., Mr. Samuel Grant, son of Captain Daniel Grant, of
     Lebanon, Maine, aged 39.
          In Terre Haute, Indiana, Miss Mertha, daughter of the late Major Thompson
     Hall, formerly of Norway, Maine, aged 17 years.
          In Paris, Maine, 3rd inst., Mrs. Julia, wife of Elbridge Fobes, Esq., aged 36.
          In South Berwick, Mercy, wife of Augustus Goodwin, Esq., aged 43.
          In Machias, Deacon Ebenezer Inglee, aged 86, a Revolutionary soldier.
          In Farmington, Iowa, Mr. Samuel Hatton, aged 67. He was on board the
     Chesapeake in her action with the Shannon.

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