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          In this city, 8th inst., by Rev. G. W. Bosworth, George R. McIntyre, Esq., of
     Washington, D. C., to Miss Abby L., daughter of H. M. Hart, Esq., of Portland; 28th
     ult., Mr. Charles G. Innes to Miss Sarah Powers, both of Portland; 25th ult., Mr.
     Calvin Hilton, of Lisbon, Maine,  to Miss Laura Ring, of Bath.
          In this city, 5th inst., by Rev. Edward P. Thwing, Mr. Charles Smith of
     Lewiston, to Miss Eliza H. Norwood, of South Bend, Indiana.
          In this city, 3rd inst., by Rev. Mr. Walker, Mr. Benjamin Brock to Miss Emma
     Chick, both of Portland.
          In this city, 30th ult., by Rev. H. B. Ridgeway, Mr. Thomas P.  Clifford to Miss
     Cordelia R. Walker, both of Portland.
          In this city, 3rd inst., by Rev. Mr. Abbott, Rev. Joseph Morse, of Auburn to Miss Emily
     J., daughter of S. R. Leavitt, Esq.
          In this city, 5th inst., by Rev. Alexander Burgess, Corporal Henry M. Smith, Co. C.,
     Tenth Regiment, M. V. M., to Miss Lydia M. Howes, of Portland.
          In Auburn 2nd inst., Mr. William L. T. Davis to Miss Sarah L. Foss, of Auburn.
          In Somersworth, New Hampshire, 3rd inst., Mr. Otis C. Newhall, of Portland to Miss
     Catherine Cuthbert, of West Scarborough.
          In Skowhegan 1st inst., Mr. John Sheaff to Miss Caroline L. Brown, both of
          In New Gloucester, 22nd inst., Mr. Thomas Webster to Mrs. Sarah E. Webster,
     both of Gray.
          In Bowdoin Centre, 30th ult., Mr. William Card, Jr., to Miss Sarah Coombs, both
     of Bowdoin.
          In Biddeford, 23rd ult., Mr. Charles E. Hill to Miss Almira M. Spofford, both of
          In Appleton, Mr. Thaddeus W. Littlefield of Augusta, to Miss Arcanna C.
     Smith of Appleton.
          In Rockland, 28th ult., Mr. John F. Bow, of New Windsor, New York, to Miss
     Sarah S. McAllister, of Rockland.


           In this city 8th inst., Mrs. Jennette, widow of Charles Coombs, aged 62 years,
     8 months.
          In this city 2nd inst., Mrs. Nancy, widow of the late William Shaw, of Boston.
          In this city 5th inst., Mr. Benjamin Larrabee, aged 73 years, 1 month, 17 days.
          In this city 5th inst., Lucy M., wife of Captain Reuel Merrill, of Cumberland,
     aged 45.
          In this city 1st inst., Anna S., wife of George F. Harmon, aged 26.
          In this city 5th inst., George Thurston, only child of John and Maria M. Fitz,
     aged 1 year, 4 months, 6 days.
          In this city, 4th inst., Roscoe G., son of Deacon Charles Barrell, of Cape
     Elizabeth, aged 29.
          In this city 3rd inst., Mattie L., only daughter of John M. and E. A. Howe.
          In this city 7th inst., Mrs. L. C., wife of Thomas Sinnott, aged 34 years, 3
          In this city, 7th inst., Freddie Willistein, youngest child of John G. and Ellen
     C. Libby, aged 2 years.
          In Westbrook 7th inst., Lizzie B., youngest daughter of John R. and the late
     Caroline D. Sawyer, aged 14 months.
          In Falmouth 2nd inst., Herschel Willis, son of Henry H. and Almira S. Norton,
      aged 5 years, 4 months, 4 days;  Lizzie J., daughter of Andrew J. and Cordelia
      Adams, aged 10 months.
          In Thomaston, 1st inst., Mary G., wife of Lorenzo Redman, aged 45.
          In Yarmouth 1st inst., Mrs. Mary Ann Hale, aged 48 years.
          In Westbrook 1st inst., Edward B., son of David and Betsey Sturdivant, aged 17
     years, 2 months; 26th ult., Mary F., wife of Ebenezer Libby, and daughter of James
     Johnson, aged 27 years, 9 months.
          In Strawberry Valley, California, August 30th, Mr. E. A. T. Cushman, of Portland,
      aged 31.
          In Cape Elizabeth, 4th inst., Frances Ellen, daughter of Joseph D. and Eliza R.
     Griffin, aged 1 year, 6 months; 29th ult., John Frederick, son of Thomas  P. Goold,
     aged 8  weeks.


            An Enraged Editor. Brother Knight of the Bridgton Reporter is down on
     women folks. He gave up his seat in the cars to two of them the other day and
     and because they took it as a matter of course he was highly offended, and charges
     them with indulging in "a foolish chuckle,' says the "didn't look respectful or polite,"
     accuses them of manifesting a "want of decency," insinuates that are "weak," that "their
     jewelry was cheap," "their complexion bad," and that they will "never be dangerously
     exposed to the delicate trials of love."  Why, Knight, what a desperate old bachelor you
    are getting to be.
          Captain Stephen Barry of Machiasport, was out fishing for halibut on Wednesday,
     and Friday his boat was discovered containing two halibut, and as the line and gaff
     were gone, it was supposed that having fastened to the third, he was drawn overboard
     while attempting to haul it in. Captain Barry was about 63 years old.

          The dwelling house of Francis Warren, Esq., of Lyman, was destroyed by fire on
     Sunday night last week, and his youngest daughter, about 15 years old, perished in
     the flames.  The rest of the family barely escaped with their lives and the oldest daughter
     who has been sick for some weeks, is not expected to recover. The fire was set by some
     fiendish wretch, for whom hanging would be too mild a punishment.

          Captain Robert Johnson of Gorham, a respected citizen but of unsound mind in
     consequence of a paralytic shock, was struck by a passing locomotive while walking
     on the railroad trunk near Gorham Village Saturday evening, and was instantly killed.
     His body was not discovered until two o'clock Sunday afternoon. This is said to be the
     first person killed on the York and Cumberland Road.

          Mr. Robert Sinclair, of Skowhegan, fell from a tree while gathering apples and
     broke his arm.

          Mr. George Chase, of Waterville, was found dead on Wednesday morning at the
     Williams House in that town, where he boarded.  It is supposed he arose in the night,
     and fell in a fit on his way to the privy.

          On Fast Day a son of Mr. John Moran, of Biddeford, aged 20 years, fell only about
     10 feet from a tree on which he was putting up a swing and was instantly killed.

          Howard S. Griffin, a Private of the Tenth Maine Regiment was drowned on the
     passage from Fall River. Every regiment loses one on its way to Washington.


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