Sunday, March 16, 2014



          In this city on Monday last, by Rev. Mr. Chickering, Mr. Benjamin Kingsbury, of
     Newton, Mass., to Miss Almira Trowbridge of this city.
          In this city by Rev. Mr. Coe, Mr. Andrew Martin to Miss Sarah Shebane.
          In this city by Rev. Mr. Coe, Mr. Edward Coad to Miss Clarissa Hicks.
          In Saco, Mr. John S. Gilman to Miss Hannah C. M'Kenney, both of Westbrook.
          In South Berwick, Mr. Henry H. Plumer, of South Berwick, to Miss Martha Hale,
     of Bradford, Mass.
          In Alfred, Mr. Nathaniel Leach, of Kennebunk, to Miss Mary Haley, of Alfred;
     Mr. Charles Farnum to Miss Sally Cousins, both of Alfred.
          In Bath on Thanksgiving evening, Mr. S. D. Haley, to Miss H. W. Jameson; Mr.
     Eben Moses to Miss E. T. Parshley. On Monday morning  30th, Rev. S. Hodges, of
     Weston, Mass., to Miss Rosabella Stockbridge.
          In Lubec, Mr. Jeremiah  Parker to Miss Caroline Bailey.
          In Boston, Mr. Charles Mushette, late of New York, to Miss Caroline Carman
     formerly of Deer Isle, Me.
          In Lubec, Mr. Robert Calder to Miss Rebecca Morgan, both of CB (Campobello?)
          In Hallowell, Mr. Alexander Trask, of Patricktown Plantation, Kennebec, to Miss
      Susan Kean, of  Hallowell. Mr. Reuben F. Wass to Miss Martha Ann Gilman. Mr.
     Eben Freeman to Miss Mary Davis.
          In Winthrop, Mr. Osgood Carlton to Miss Ursula Burbank, both of Augusta.
          In Monmouth, Mr. Charles Norris to Miss Almira Blake.
          In Montville, Mr. William H. Bennet to Miss Caroline Rowel.
          In China, Me., Mr. David Pullen to Miss Mary Dudley; Mr. Hollis Broad  of
     Orono to Miss Mary P. Shaw of China. Mr. Pilsbury Bailey to Miss Tamson
          In Albion, Mr. John Libbey II, to Miss Hannah D. Libbey.
          In Eastport, Timothy Darling, Esq., to Miss Lucy Sargent.
          In Hallowell, Mr. Thomas Megroth to Miss Elizabeth M. Freeman. Mr. Shepard
     Davis to Miss Maria S. Gray.
          In Solon, Mr. John G. Norton, of Madison, to Miss Melvina Raymond of Solon.
          In Athens, Somerset County, Mr. Richard L. Brown to Miss Mahala Watson,
     both of Raymond.
          In Orrington, Captain Robert R. Loud, of Orrington, to Miss Mary Gardiner, of
          In Cape Elizabeth, Mr. Simon Armstrong to Miss Mary H. Woodbury.
          In Cumberland, Mr. Rufus Sweetser to Miss Sarah C. Weston.
          In Bangor, Mr. William Hall to Miss Judith E., eldest daughter of John Short, Esq.
          In Westbrook, Mr. Seth Lord of Falmouth, to Miss Jane Sawyer of Westbrook.
          In Brooks, Waldo County, Mr. Simon Silly to Miss Phebe Silly; Mr. Ambrose
      Pearsons, of   Thorndike to Miss Alithea Roberts of Brooks.
          In Swanville, Mr. Cyrus Patterson, of Belfast to Miss Abigail Jane Cunningham,
     of Swanville.
          In Belmont, Mr. Robert Hall to Miss Wealthy Farrow.
          In  Falmouth, Mr. Milton Patterson to Miss Eunice Hatch.
          In Woolwich, Mr. Aaron Hilton to Miss Betsey Blin.
          In Bath on Wednesday evening last, by Rev. Mr. Ellingwood, Capt. William E.
     Harriman to Miss Lucy B., daughter of Charles  Clapp, Esq.
          In Kennebunkport, Mr. Ebenezer Williams to Miss Lydia Wormwood: Mr. Silas
     Skillings of Cape Elizabeth, to Miss Miriam Ward, of the former place. Mr. William
     Durrell, of Kennebunk, to Miss Sally Averill of Kennebunkport.
          In Eden, Mr. James Mayo to Miss Anna  Reed.
          In Mount Desert, Mr. Eben H (?) to Miss Clarissa S. Brown, of the former place.
          In Bath, Rev. Edward R. Warren, of New Castle to Miss Mary Hathorne, of

          In this city, Elizabeth Harding, aged 11 years.
          In Dover, New Hampshire, Miss Jane Bryant of Saco, aged 19.
          In Bangor, Laura Ann Johnson, aged 3 years and 4 months.
          In York, Mr. James Bracy, a Revolutionary pensioner, aged 95. Mrs. Sarah Beal,
      aged 101. Elizabeth Cutts aged 19.
          In this city Wednesday morning, Everlinah, daughter of Joshua Steven, aged  13
     years and 7 months.
          In Eastport, suddenly, Mr. Daniel Ingersol, aged about 30.
          In Boston, Mrs. Hannah Perry, formerly of Bucksport, aged 38.
          In Montville, Mr. Willard Whitaker, aged 18.
          In this city, 4th inst., Mr. Jacob Ham, aged 62 years. On Sunday last, Mrs. Jane
     Runnels, aged 26.
          At Atkinson, New Hampshire, on the 17th inst., Mr. Henry Gates, aged 61
     formerly of this city.
          In Norway, Me., Mrs. Adeline Beal, aged 29. Miss Mary Crocket 29.
          In Gardiner, Mr. Robert Gould.
          In Lincolnville, Ephraim Fletcher, Esq., aged about 79.
          In Bath, John Powers, aged 12.
          In Thomaston, Mr. Charles Demuth, aged 22.
          In Kennebunk, Mr. William Butland, aged 96.
          In Bangor, Mrs. Phillips Harper, aged 80. Her death was caused by her clothes
     taking fire. She was shockingly burnt, and survived the accident but a short time.



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