Friday, March 14, 2014


                                                               PORT OF PORTLAND


          At Jonesboro, Master William L. Tupper will launch in a few days a schooner of
     100 tons,, owned by the Jonesboro Lumber Company.
          At Bath, the large four-masted schooner "Benjamin F. Poole" will be launched from
     the yard of William Rogers, Tuesday at 11 o'clock.


           Calais, July 3rd.-Schoon Wyoma  (?)  from Calais for Parsboro, Nova Scotia,
     capsized in a squall this afternoon off Devil's Head, crew saved.
           Schooner James W. Drury, from Bangor for Philadelphia arrived at Delaware
     Breakwater, 3rd inst., with loss of spanker and boom.
           St. John, New Brunswick, July 30th-Schooner T. W. McKay, from New York
     reports that at 12 o'clock yesterday a small schooner bound from Eastport to Grand
     Manan , ran into the T. W. McKay. The unknown schooner had her bowsprit, fore-
     mast and main topmast carried away. Captain Roberts went on board the schooner,
     cleared up the wreck, secured her main mast and got her under way. Captain
     Roberts says the schooner was about six or seven tons register. He did not ascertain
     her name.
          Calais, July 3rd, Schooner Wiona (Wyoma?) before reported capsized was towed
     to Red Beach on her beam ends. Crew saved.
           Rockland, August 2nd, Schooner Roger Drury, from Bangor for Richmond with
     ice, left this port Thursday and ran on a sunken ledge near Ash Island; was towed here
     Saturday leaking badly and will go on the marine railway for repairs.
           Schooner Frank Herbert, Herrick, from Bangor for Boston sprung a leak 3rd inst.,
     50 miles 8W from Monhegan, and came near filling up, but by hard work to the pumps
     managed to keep afloat and reached Boothbay with five feet water in hold.-Will try
     to stop leak without discharging.
          Ship James Drummond Curtis from  Cardiff for San Francisco put into Port
     Stanley, Falkland Islands, about 4th inst., with sickness on board.
          Barque Niphon which went ashore recently near Cowes Isle of Wright, has
     recently been sold at auction for $2,500. She registered 1,094 tons and was built in
    1869 at Bath, where she was owned by J. W. Marr and others.
          Schooner L. A. Burnham Harding (Captain) from Gardiner for Savannah, put into
     Boston 5th inst., and reports in a squall a.m. 31st ult., 40 miles south of Block Island,
     carried away foremast and main topmast and received other slight damage.
          Biddeford, August 6th- Schooner Fairdealer, from Castine with cargo bricks ran
     on Niger Ledge off Niger Island, last night and sunk. Crew saved. A diver will
     strip her. The schooner lies in seven fathoms water with her back broken and will be
     a total wreck. The vessel was uninsured. Her cargo of 60,000 bricks were insured.
          Schooner Edward Stanley, of Camden, Carle (Captain) from Lincolnville for New
     Bedford, sprung a leak a. m. 4th inst., while hove to during N W gales 30 miles
     E N E off Highland Light, Mass. She sunk in five hours. All hands taken off by
     schooner Raven, of and from Bangor for New York, and landed at Cottage City,
     Martha's Vineyard.-Nothing saved but some sails and the crews personal effects.
          Schooner James W. Drury at Philadelphia 6th inst., from Bangor was run into
     by unknown schooner during the passage and lost spanker and boom.
          Schooner Lady Elgin, Pierce, (Captain) at Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton
     reports while hove to in a heavy sea, had seine boat badly stove and had to let it go.
          Brig Addie Hale, Nichols, (Captain) Humacoa, Puerto Rico, North of Hatteras,
     put into St. Thomas 7th inst., leaking badly.



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