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          A young  man named Joseph Robinson, of Brewer, aged about 16, a student in
     China (Me.) Academy committed suicide by hanging himself on Thursday last.
                                                                                                                 Bangor Adv.

          East Machias.-We learn by the last Calais Gazette, the J. Dickinson and others, will
     petition the Legislature to be incorporated by the name of the East Machias Canal
     Company, for the purpose of making a   canal uniting the tide waters of the East
     Machias River with Hadley's Lake, so called, and many other lakes between said lake
     and the source of said river, and the Gardiner's Lake, and other lakes in the Gardiner
     river and the Gardiner's Lake, and other lakes in the Gardiner stream, so called-and so
     forth,-all of which we should be right glad to see accomplished.-Bangor Adv.

          Distressing Casualty-The child of Rev. Hervey Hawes of Hampden, was burnt so
     shockingly on Saturday morning last that it survived only about eight hours. The
     little sufferer-a girl about 4 years of age-had in the absence of its parents for a few
     moments, approached the fire so near that her clothes caught, and in one minute she
     was enveloped in flames, which when first discovered blazed two or three feet above
     her head. Her clothes were burnt to a cinder. Mr. Hawes, in attempting to extinguish
     the flames had his hand badly burnt, but not so much as to permanently deprive him
     of its use.  We would recommend to parents that their children be clothed from top
     to toe in woolen during the cold part of the season, when large fires are indispensable.
      "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Bangor Adv.
          We learn from the Radical, that a saw mill  on Webb's Brook in Waltham, owned
     by S. G. Woodward of Ellsworth, was burnt down on Friday morning.

          Painful-We learn that Mr. Charles W. Pine, of Portland, formerly of this town,
     was killed by a fall from the main topsail yard  of the brig Caroline, about the 6th of
     November. The brig had just arrived at Pictou, Nova Scotia, and the crew were in the
     act of furling the sails. Mr. Pine was standing upon the main topsail yard, which being
     covered with ice, caused him to slip off. In his descent, he struck upon the main yard
     and it is supposed,  broke both his legs, from thence he fell to the deck and was
     instantly killed. The deceased was 33 years  of age, and has left a wife and two
     children.                                                                                             [Eastport Sentinel.

          Maine Wesleyan Seminary-Kent's Hill, Readfield.  From a catalogue of the
     officers and students of this institution, we learn that the whole number of students
     at present attending the seminary is 142 males-females 52. Rev. William C.
     Larrabee is Principal-Miss Phebe Paine, Preceptress. A library of 500 volumes is
     connected to the seminary. There is also a Laboring Department connected with it-
    45 are at present employed in the Mechanic shop and 10 in agriculture labor.

          An address was delivered last evening, in the 2nd Parish Meetinghouse, by Rev.
     Mr. Vail, before the Female Charitable Society, after which contribution was taken
     in aid of its funds. The amount collected was $135. We understand this was the
     largest sum ever taken at one time by the Society.

          PROMISSORY NOTES-Caution.  All person are cautioned against purchasing
     a NOTE signed by the subscriber dated the twentieth day of August, A. D. 1835,
     for four hundred and six dollars and six cents. Said note is endorsed by said
     Brazilla Latham or bear in ninety days.  Said note is endorsed by said Latham,
     without recourse to him,  to one D. C. Aldrich or order, and by said Aldrich without
     recourse to him,  to Alden Jackson or order. This NOTE was originally obtained by
     fraud, and is without consideration and will not be paid.
                                                                                          JOHNSON WARREN
     Hollis, November 20, 1835.

          CAUTION. All person are hereby  cautioned not to buy notes of hand given by
     the subscriber to Joshua Ricker, in November and December last, to the amount of
     four hundred dollars, as said notes were given without consideration and will not be
     paid by me.  HENRY RICKER
     Portland, October 22, 1835
                                                 MARINE INTELLICENCE

          Fears are entertained for the safety of three of the packets which left August for
     Boston over a fortnight ago; the schooners Mary, Captain Heath, the Fame, Captain
     Beale, and the Hellespont, Captain Beck. They were out in the N E storm, and have
     not been heard of since. Other vessels which sailed afterwards arrived in due season.

          Revenue Cutter M'Lane, Sturgis (Captain) has sailed from New Bedford for
     Noman's Land, to assist in saving the materials of brig Hunter.
          Brig Navy of Thomaston, is not known to have been ashore at Sydney. Brig Olive
      Branch of Sametport, (Eastern Gulf Coast?) was the vessel supposed her, and got off
      without injury.


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