Sunday, March 23, 2014


                                                                  CITY ITEMS
                                                             Glances about Town

          George A. Jones will bring a Pinafore company here on the Fourth of July, to perform
     in the City Hall afternoon and evening.
          Ex-Governor Hugh J. Anderson and family will spend the summer in Portland,
    occupying the house of General Fessenden of State Street, who will be absent during
    the summer.
           The will of Lydia Caroline Baker, give $100 to Ligonia Lodge, Odd Fellows, to
     keep in order the lot in Evergreen Cemetery where the remains of her father are interred;
     she also leaves $200 each to the Portland Fraternity, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to
     Animals and Old Ladies' Home; by the term of Mr. Charles Baker's will the bulk of the
     property enjoyed by Miss Baker can now be distributed; that will leave $3,000 each to
     Almira Harlow and heirs, and the families of his brother Abel M., and James H. Baker;
     to the Widow' Wool and Portland Provident Societies $500 each; to the American
     Unitarian Association $1,000, to the Martha Washington Society  $100, and to the
      Park Street Unitarian Church $8,000 to form a salary of the minister; the property of
     Mr. Baker has depreciated in value since his death, and it is thought under the
      circumstances, the church will not accept the gift , but allow it to be distributed
     among the relatives.
          In the case of Dr. Charles H. Witham, tried for adultery the jury brought in a
     verdict of guilty; his counsel gave notice that they should file exceptions, and Dr.
     Witham gave bail in $4,000.
         Mr. John Anderson, son of General Samuel J.  Anderson, who has written some
     interesting letter from Florida for the Transcript has recently returned from the state,
     where he has been engaged in the cultivation of oranges, and will remain in town
     during the summer with the intention of returning to Florida in the early fall.
          Miss Annie Louise Cary will pass the summer at home, and give no concerts.
          Mr. J. P. Baxter has obtained and outlet for one of his new streets on the F. O. J.
     Smith property in Deering by exchanging land with Mr. J. H. Clark, on Pleasant
          A little son of Captain Kilby was severely hurt on Friday week by falling from a
     balcony on the new house of Mr. I. A. Wade on Spring Street.
          Harry Brown and  family will pass a month or two at the Glen House.
     The Portland Cades gave their newly married comrade Mr. Joseph T. Stubbs,
     a serenade on Friday week, and presented him with an elegant sliver pitcher; they
     were treated to a fine collation.
          The Blues had a good day and a good time on their 72nd Anniversary; they went
     to Long Island where they engaged in shooting matches, baseball and other
     amusements;  Captain Davis and David Hunt took the active's prizes in the shooting
    match and the honorary prizes were won by ex-Lieutenant Ilsley and Mr. John St. Clair'
    dinner was served with all the delicacies of the season, after which the honorary
    members chose the following officers for the ensuring year; T. A. Roberts, President;
    James Bailey and Stephen R. Small, Vice President; Charles W. Roberts, Secretary.
         Mrs. Mary Jordan, while shopping on Middle Street last Saturday, laid her pocket-
     book , containing about $8.00 on the counter, when a woman standing near by snatched
     it and ran out the store, making good her escape.
          Four deaths last week; consumption, cancer, heart disease and  convulsion one each.

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