Friday, March 21, 2014


           Kennebunkport Depot, June 19th, to the wife of Thomas Jones, a son
          Madrid, Maine, June 16th, to the wife of Ellsbury McCoy, a son.
          New Sharon, June 8th, to the wife of J. T. Hodgins, twin girls.

          In this city, June 17th, by Right Rev. Bishop Neely, John B. Baker, of New York City,
     and Annie S., daughter of the late Oliver B. Dorrance.
          In this city, June 18th, by Rev. Dr. Hill, James A. Gray of Danversport, Essex
      County, Massachusetts, and Georgie J., daughter of P. F. Varnum of Portland.
          In this city, June 18th, by Rev. C. J. Clark,  Joseph T. Stubbs and Lena A. Carr,
     both of Portland.
          In this city, June 19th, by Rev. J. McWhinnie, Oliver M. Nash, and Lucy F. Low,
     both of Portland.
          In this city, June 19th, Rev. A. Dalton, Captain Benjamin J. Willard and Mrs.
     Henrietta O. Gardner, both of Portland.
         Westbrook, June 14th, by Rev. I. Luce, William H. Colbroth of Portland, and Mrs.
     Georgiana H. Horn of Westbrook.
          Saccarappa, May 3rd, by Rev. H. B. Mead, Harry C. Ross of Portland, and Mrs.
     Carrie H. Milliken of Deering.
          Bristol, June 12th, Samuel O. Packard and Esther Erskine.
          Elliot, June 8th, John E. Rogers and Emeretta A. Spinney, both of Elliot.
          Ellsworth, June 16th, Isaac A. Webber and Carrie D. McKenzie, both of Ellsworth
          Franklin, June 14th, Eastman Hutchins and Julia M. Clark.
          Gorham, June 19th, Stephen Hinkley and Maria Paine.
          Lewiston, June 17th, William J. Snow of Bath and Eva J. Ham of Lewiston.
          Princeton,  Washington County, June 16th, E. B. Larrabee and Fannie E. Woodcock,
      both of Princeton.
          Bristol, June 16th, Samuel F. Huston of Boston, and Josie R. Oram of Bristol.
          Bristol, June 21st, Frank W. Weston of Berman and Clara B. Partridge of Bristol.
          Richmond, June 11th, James H. Thomas and Olivia Kittredge.
          Canton, June 18th, by Rev. A. C. Herrick,  Herbert F., Hayford and Nellie M.
     McLaughlin, both of Canton.
          Woolwich, June 16th, Homer F. Corliss and Fannie S. Webb, both of Woolwich.


          In this city, June 23rd, Susan Alice, youngest daughter of Andrew and Ann
     Taylor, aged 19 years.
          In this city, June 22nd, Susie H., wife of William T. Richards, aged 36 years.
          In this city, June 21st, Willie W., youngest son of Samuel and the late Clara F.
     Matthews, aged 26 years.
          In this city, June 17th, Hannah, widow of the late Benjamin Barker, aged 58
          In this city, June 20th, Sarah, wife of James McQuade, aged 26 years.
          East Deering, Cyrus Thurlow, aged 58 years, 8 months.
          Falmouth, June 22nd, Joshua Merrill, aged 83 years.
          Belfast, June 21st, Mrs. Frances, widow of the late Benjamin Kingsbury, aged
     87 years.
          Yarmouth, June 13th, Herman F. Pitcher, aged 56 years.
          Biddeford, June 16th, Cynthia C. Waterhouse, aged 28 years, 11 months.
          Lewiston, June 15th, Mrs. Chloe Plaisted, formerly of Gardiner, aged 81 years,
     3 days.
          Saco, June 16th, Cynthia C., wife of Isaac S. Waterhouse, aged 28 years,
     11 months.
          New York, June 11th, Mrs. Charles Norton, daughter of Mr. George W. Pike
     of Biddeford.
         Bath, June 14th, Rachael A., wife of James H. Bolton, aged 24 years.
         Bath, June 16th, William A. Wright, aged 67 years, 3 months.
         West Ellsworth, May 12th, Mrs. Margaret Gott, aged 81 years; June 17th, Isaac
     Gott, aged 79 years.
          Saco, June 5th, Elveanna, daughter of Joshua and Emily J. Smith, aged 21 years,
     2 months.
          Alna, Lincoln County,  June 12, Alexander Blagdon, aged 74 years.
          Lincoln, June 16th, Nancy, wife of Captain John Warren, aged 69 years.



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