Friday, September 5, 2014


                                                  CITY ITEMS
                                             Glance About Town

          The Young Women's Christian Association has voted to purchase the residence
     of  Captain Charles M. Davis, 16 Spring Street, to be used as a boarding house for
     young women seeking employment; the price of the house is $5,500.
          The Boston and Maine road has been perfecting their depot accommodations at
     the Walker House by the addition of a restaurant to be in charge of C.C. Spring, of
          A deck hand on the New York Steamer, named Martin Kennedy a Nova Scotian,
     fell from the plank while intoxicated, one evening last week, and all attempts to
     rescue him were unavailing until too late to save his life; he had a wife and two
     children in Halifax.
          Wagner, and other York county prisoners were removed to Alfred from the jail
     in this city last week, the new jail at that place being ready for occupancy.
          Last Wednesday the jury in the case of E. T. Cotton, of Brownfield, accused of
     passing counterfeit money, returned a verdict of not guilty.
          The father of James Brooks was a native of England, and for several years a
     shipmaster from Portland; he commanded the ill-fated privateer Yankee, which
     sailed from this port in June 1814 and captured an armed ship which was sent here
     as a prize in July; after that nothing was ever heard of the Yankee, which probably
     foundered at sea; it was  a flat bottomed sloop with a deep keel; Capt. Brooks left
     a son and daughter, James and Eliza, and Erastus was born several months after his
     father sailed; the orphans received an  annuity from the government, and their guardian
     guardian was the late David Trull.
          Rev. D. H. Hannaburg of the Pine Street Methodist Church, takes leave of his flock
     this week; he contemplates spending  the summer in California.         
          The steamer John Brooks has been thoroughly renovated, and is on the Boston
     route this week.
          (Anton?)  Rubenstein, the great pianist and composer will be here the 6th.
          The art of telegraphing will be taught by D. C. Shaw, operator at the Western Union
      Telegraph office; he will open a school.
         The last steamer of the Allan line, for the this season sailed from the port on
     Saturday last.
             Mr. and Mrs. George E. Taylor celebrate their Silver Wedding Monday evening;
     a host of friends greeted them with presents and good wishes.
          The new choir of High Street Church is composed of Mr. Samuel Thurston, tenor
     and leader; Mr. George F. Mariner, bass; Mrs. Warren P. Chase, Soprano; Mrs. Noyes,
     contralto; Mrs. George O. Gosse, organist.
          Lewis Whidden & Co., has leased Hog Island of the Deering heirs for ten years,
     for curing and drying fish.
          President White of the Boston & Maine road, thinks stockholder of his road will
     not consent to consolidation with the Eastern Road.
          The Masonic meeting brought large numbers of members of the Order to this
     city from all parts of the state; the Grand Lodge elected David Cargill of Augusta,
     Grand  Master; Albert Moore of North Anson, Deputy Grand Master; E. P. Burnham,
     Saco, Senior Grand Warden; W. O. Poor, Belfast, Junior Warden; Moses Dodge,
     of this city, Grand Treasurer; Ira Berry, of this city, Grand Secretary; the Grand
     Chapter elected Horace H. Burbank,  of Limerick, Grand High Priest.
          Rev. Burke F. Leavitt was ordained pastor of Williston Church on Wednesday.


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