Sunday, September 21, 2014



               In this city, September 9th, by Rev. Rollin P Hack, assisted by Rev. J. H.
          Hallock, Alfred Eugene Nickerson and Mabel Louise Hopper, both of Portland.
               In this city, September 1st, by Rev. J. L. Jenkins, assisted by Rev. C. E. Gruver
          of Lock Haven, Pa., father of the groom, Elbert A. Gruver of Philadelphia and
          Margaret F. Hinkley, of this city.
              In York, August 26th, Pearl Norton and Florence J. Plaisted.
              In Winthrop, August 17th, Loring Herrick of Leeds, and Linda Clifford.
              In North Vassalboro, August 20th, Augustus Glazier of Winslow, and Elizabeth
              In Richmond, August 18th, Redmon Elliot of South Portland, and Josephine
              In Bangor, August 29th, John F. Berry and Mrs. Louisa Geaton, both of Bangor.
              In Sullivan, August 18th, Fletcher F. Martin and Laura E. Whitten.
              In Augusta, August 20th,  Frank E. McFarrand and Ethel Cummingham, of
              In Blanchard, August 17th, George Day and Bessie Pullen.
              In Farmington, August 28th, Edwin O. Brown and Evelyn L. Jones; Leroy M.
         Pike of Livermore and Lena B. Kinney; Rufus Hodgkins and Annie P.
              In Bridgton, August 25th, Minott S. Brazier and Mrs. Lizzie A. Hogdon, both
         of Hiram.
              At Great Pond, August 14th, Matthew J. Laughlin and Geneva S. Bracey.
              In Gray, August 24th, Fred A. Knight and Fannie E. Pritham.
              In Rockland,  August 22nd. F. F Gray and Mrs. Julia Burke, both of Ellsworth.
              In Wiscasset, August 22, Charles E. Sewall and Ruth B. Groves.
              In Bath, August 24th, Milton H. Douglas and Mary M. Mann.
              In West Bath, August 24th, Edwin W. Haggett and Lizzie A. Lement.
              In Woolwich, August 24th, John C. Preble and Elizabeth A. Carter; Professor
         Leslie Baily of Minneapolis, and Laura Main.
              In Calais, August 24th, Frank P. Yeaton and Helen A. Lucas.
              In East Boston, Mass., August 18th, Sidney J. Treat of Searsport, and Lenora
        E. Haskell, of Deer Isle.
              At Dresden, August 28th, Bert Hasson and Alice V. James, both of Dresden.
              In Veazie, August 27th, Anthony Gallant and Mrs. Mary L. Smith, both of
              In Enfield, August 29th, Alonzo E. Shorey and Millie M. Oldenburg, both
       of Enfield.
              In Norridgewock, August 20th, Leon A. Taylor and Sarah F. Longley, both
       of Norridgewock.
              In Portsmouth, N. H., August  29th, Fred L. Andrews and Julia E. Litchfield,
        of Bath.
              In Ripley, August 27th, George M. Kimball  of Cambridge and F. Josephine
        Hart, of Ripley.
             In Bangor, August 25th, George M. Frazer of Oldtown and Julie Cressey.
             In Gardiner, August 24th, J. H. McKinley of Portland and Georgie Authur;
       Frank Goodine and Ida Gordon.

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