Wednesday, October 29, 2014



          In this city, October 6th, by Rev. W. H. Fenns, Charles L. Orne, of North Yarmouth,
     and Miss Kate M. Hutchins, of Portland.
          In this city, September 30th, by Rev. Mr. Southworth, Thomas Decker and Lizzie
     Greene, both of Portland.
          In this city, October 5th, by Rev. F. Southworth, Oscar Downs and Maria Goss,
     both of Portland.
          In this city, October 7th, George W. Graffam and Lizzie Palmer, of Portland.
          In South  Standish, October 7th, Daniel U. Paine, and Albronie B. Berry.
          In Brunswick, September 30th, Louis H. Merry, of Edgecomb, and Alfarata M.
     Graves, of Brunswick.
          In Providence, October 5th, Henry P. Merrill of Portland and Mary Elizabeth
    Hodges of Portland (?)
          In Hope, October 3rd, by Josiah Hobbs, Charles T. Melvin of Lowell, Mass.,
     and Ella M. Wentworth, of Hope, Me.
          In Standish, September 30th, Herman S. Whitney, Esq., of Gorham, and Miss
     Flavilla A., youngest daughter of Honorable Asa Berry, Esq.
          In Clarence, Iowa, by Rev. Jesse Helsel, William Lord of Orleans Bar, California,
     Miss Eleanor H. Locke, of California, both formerly of Milo, Maine.
          In Bath,  October 8th (?) Henry S. Tucker, of Boston and Nellie F. Winslow, of
          In Belfast, September 20th, Benjamin F. Barlow, of Freedom and Ida L. Baker,
     of Montville.
          In Milo, September 12th, Horace Meserve and Fannie  E. Baker.
          In St. Paul, Minn., September 21st, Albert T. C. Cobb, formerly of Portland, and
     Jennie Hazzard of South Portland.
          In Augusta, September 21st, Arthur S. Chase , and Lizzie A. Turner.
          In August, September 30th (?) John Gilmore, and Rachel J. Reed, both of
          In Ellsworth, September 25th, Miller N. Foster and Lucell F. Powers.
          In Bluehill, October 3rd, Sewell A. Wood, and Sarah A. Joy, both of Ellsworth.
          In Ellsworth, October 24th, Henry W. Pomeroy, of Trenton, Hancock County,
      and Arvilla S. Murch, of Ellsworth.
          In Saco, October 6th, Frank L. Harmon and Mary E. Lane.
          In Farmington, October 2nd, William H. Hunter and M. Abbie Hartwell,
     both of Strong.
          In Strong, September 4th, A. J. Odell and Eva M. Jewell, both of Farmington.
          In Gardiner, October 7th, William H. Day, and Susie McCurdy.



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