Friday, May 29, 2015


          Schooner Eva Adell, Capt. Eaton, for Boston, was inside the Bar at Galveston,
     January 29th, where she had been detained 33 days by bad weather, making it
     impossible to get away. There were about forty other vessels, which had been
     detained from five to forty day from the same cause.
          Recent sales of vessels at New York-Barque Ocean, Home; 297, built in
     Surry in 1856, metaled 1872 at $8,000; brig Glendale 425 tons built at Bath in
      1873, at $13,000.
          The new three-masted schooner Benjamin B. Church, 759 tons, built at Bath,
     made the passage from the Kennebec to Delaware Breakwater in 48 hours.

              Schooner Levi Hart, of  St. George, Capt. Giles from St. John, New Brunswick,
      for Cardenas,  Cuba, which went ashore at Bliss Island, 25th ult., struck about 3o'clock
      in the morning, the vessel being in charge of the pilot and snowing at the time. The
     pilot was trying for a harbor and misjudging the distance from the light struck while
     endeavoring to round the point. When the tide left the vessel her stern was hanging
     under the water about one third her length, crew again boarded her and got her
     into Bliss Harbor with 12 feet water in her hold. She will be taken to Eastport for
          Barque Mary C. Dyer, Captain Sargent, sailed from New York, November 13th,
     for Cienfuegos, South Cuba, with iron and has not been heard from since. She
     registered ?54 tons, was built at Millbridge in 1856, and hailed from New York.
          Barque Caroline Lamont, Captain Bowker, from Buenos Ayres, Argentina for
     Valparasio, was wrecked on the Chilean Coast December 22nd. Captain Bowker
     reports that on the 20th the wind died away and the current set in towards the shore
     until 10 fathoms was reached, when the anchors were let go and she brought up.
     On the 21st, the sea was too heavy to get out a kedge and the 22nd the vessel
     gave a heavy lurch which parted her chains and she drove up on the rocks. The
     crew reached San Antonio in  the long boat and took refuge on some British vessel.
          Brig Lima, recently condemned and sold at Bermuda, has been purchased by
     Captain H. A. Brightman, of Newport, Rhode Island, who will take her to a
          Schooner J. W. Baxter, with a cargo of flour for St. John, New Brunswick, put
      into Ten  Mile Creek, 1st inst., with part of the crew badly frost bitten. The vessel
      has been ashore at Gardiner's Creek.
          Schooner W. R. Page, of Eastport, recently damaged by collision, has been
     repaired and put in good seagoing conditions.

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