Friday, May 8, 2015


                                                       IN GENERAL
          Patents have been issued to F. Hanson Hollis, for the stamp canceller; D. F.
     Lamson, Fryeburg, heater; B. B. Smith, Searsport, apparatus for transferring
     wood graining.
          Mr. T. Frank Jones, manager of the Mercantile Agency, issues a circular in
     regard to business prospects of the State. The potato crop falls far below that of
     last year, but yield proves better than was expected before the harvest. The
     hay crop is deficient in quality and quantity, but the anticipated advance in price
     will benefit dealers, and to some extent produces. Wheat has rusted and is deficient
     in quality, oats are a fair crop, and buckwheat look well. Evidence of thrift are
     noticed in every direction. A large amount of new buildings and repairing of old
     ones is observable all over the State; mortgages canceled or reduced, and the rate
     of interest lessened.
           Ex-Governor E. D. Morgan, who has been confirmed as Secretary of the
     Treasury, is an old man now, seventy, with fifty years of the most active business
     life behind him.-a big, roomy-framed man, with an angular face and a nose like
     a promontory between two striking white whisker. He has been in nearly every
     election position from alderman up, and old as he is, still early at his work and
     his desk.
          Mr. C.H .Lamson  of this city, has made improvement to his already convenient
     bicycle. "Carrier," by which the carrier is prevented from working up and down, and
     wearing the rubber covering. All bicyclists will find Mr. Lamson's invention a great
     convenience for carrying parcels on long tours, or to and from the places of
          FIRES IN MAINE.-Large steam saw-mill belonging to the heirs of William
     Rich, Bath, loss $20,000, insured for $8,00.-Farm building of Mr. Slomon ,
     Litchfield, loss $3,000.


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