Friday, May 1, 2015


                                                             CITY ITEMS
          Hudson has an exhibition at Davis's art gallery, a fine water color and a wood sketch
     at Pleasant Cove.
         The following gentlemen have been appointed curators of the Natural History
     Society: Nathan Clifford Brown, Ornithology; Charles W. Finn,  Mineralogy; Charles
     D. Smith, Comparative Anatomy; C. B. Fuller, Marine Zoology; William Wood, Botany;
     Mr. Fuller recently gathered some specimens  of luminous fungi which shine brightly
     in the dark; the Cabinet is not open to the public on Tuesday and Saturday afternoon.
          Mrs. Eliza Smalley, of this city, and Miss Evans, of Turner's Island, were struck
     by a shifting engine on  the Eastern road, on Wednesday week, and knocked into the
     water; they were rescued, somewhat bruised and cut, but with no bones broken.
          Our Irish citizen will give Honorable T. P.  O'Connor, M. P. for Galway, a
     rousing reception in City Hall on Wednesday evening of this week.
          Messrs. Burnham & Morrill, of this city have put up this season at their factory
     at Minot Corner 530,000 cans of sweet corn; three hundred tons of this product have
     been shipped West via the Grand  Trunk Railway.
          It is said that Mr. Payson Tucker, Superintendent of the Maine Central, has been
     offered the position of  General Manager of the Northern Pacific Railroad, salary
          The third course of Saturday lectures in St. Stephen's Church, by Rev. A. Dalton,
     will begin on Saturday afternoon, November 5th, at 4 o'clock; all interested are
          The Woman's Suffrage Association will give a course of entertainments,
     beginning probably in November, which will possibly comprise lectures by
     Colonel T. W. Higginson, Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and
     other eminent lectures, besides Miss  Susie Hale's amusing "Elixir of Life."


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