Sunday, May 31, 2015


          Farmingdale, April 5th, to the wife of E.H. Stevens, a son.
          East Fryeburg, March 27th, to the wife of J. J. Pike, a son and daughter.
          South Bridgton, April 5th, to the wife of Thomas Smith, a son.
          Naples, Me.,  April 8th, to the wife of Thomas Edes, a daughter.
          Lewiston, April 26th, to the wife of Lewis Ware, a  daughter.
          Lewiston, March 25th, to the wife of William J. Rodick, a daughter.
          North Fayette, March 26th, to the wife of Dr. Charles Russell, a daughter.
          Clinton, April 2nd, to the wife of William G. Foster, a daughter. 

          In this city, April 7th, Charles E. Gurney and Jessie E. Hunnewell.
          In this city, April 11th, John Sutherland of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Maggie
     McNeil, of Clinton, Ontario.
          In this city, April 9th, Charles N. Davis and Nellie M. Dyer, both of Portland.
          Newport, Me., April 13th, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, J. F. Hiscock, of Newport,
     and S. M. Ladd, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
          Saco, April 6th, Stephen S. Smith and Augusta Coffin, both of Biddeford.
          South Paris, April 4th, Frank A. Thayer and Alice Phelps.
          Gardiner, March 30th, Martin Horn and Anna Hoyt.
          Lewiston, April 6th, John Atherton and Sarah Jane McKay.
          New Sharon, March 25th, Enoch L. Greenleaf and Frances A. Smith.
          Biddeford, April 11th, John S. Derby, Esq., and Mary Tripp, both of  Auburn.
          Auburn, April 6th, C. N.  Pratt, of Auburn, and Carrie M. Pattes, of Harrison.
          Kent's Hill, April 3rd,  Dudley W. Ladd, of Wayne, and  Betsey H. Williams,
     of Readfield.
          Lewiston, April ?, J.  H.  Leonard and Victoria M. Walker, both of Livermore
          Waterville, April 8th, Levi R. Moody, and Jennie R. Morgan, both of Waterville.
          Wells, April 5th, Eli Woodman of South Berwick, and  Pauline Trafton, of
     North Berwick.
          Snow's Falls, South Paris, Me., April 5th, Thomas E. Stearns and Mrs. Augusta
     M. Thayer, both of Paris.
          Standish, April 5th, Ingalls Blake of Standish, and Abbie Riley, of North
     Conway, New Hampshire.
          Saco, April 6th, Stephen S.  Smith and Augusta Coffin, of Biddeford.
          Charlestown, Mass., April 4th, John B. Trefethen and Arvilla Wentworth, both
     of Kittery.
          Oxford, April 7th, Eri W. Wyman of Dead River, and Augusta M. Williams of
          Oxford, Edward Scribner and Caroline Bumpers, both of Oxford.
          Biddeford, April 6th, Frank H. Cousins, of Chicago, Illinois, and Marilla M.
     Smith, of Biddeford.
          Lewiston,  April 11th, George H. Godwin and Nancy J. Hayden, both of



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