Wednesday, May 6, 2015


                                                        CITY ITEMS
          Captain B. W. Jones been appointed assistant to  Captain Hasty, Port Warden,
     to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Captain Mountfort.
          The wife of Coroner Gould fell from a horse car in Boston Friday week, and
     broke her arm.
         The Farmer's Almanac is for sale by Bailey & Noyes,  Loring, Short & Harmon,
     and Dresser, McLellan & Company; everybody buys it.
          Rev.  Homer H. King is holding crowded gospel meetings at the mission rooms.
          Dr. J. M. Buzzell, Woodfords Corner, who has been very sick is reported better,
     and his recovery is considered certain.
          Mr. Royal Leighton, Woodfords is recovering from the injuries inflicted on him
     by a kick of his horse last week.
          At the shipyard, back of Munjoy's Hill, last Saturday the Rev. S. F. Pearson
     administered the ordination of baptism to a number of converts; a large crowd
     witnessed the ceremony.
          Mr. W. C. Cushman, who has for thirteen years past been a clerk in William C.
     Sawyer & Co.'s agricultural warehouse, has recently removed to Massachusetts; his
     employers presented to him an elegant silver pitcher as a token of their appreciation.
          Harry Brown has put the finishing touches to a large painting ordered by Franklin
     Simmons, the sculptor; it  is a sunset scene at Grand Manan, and its colors are very
     soft and warm.
          The woman who stole Mr. Robert's horse on Saturday drove to Lunt's Corner,
     where she stopped at a house and called for a cup of tea, setting in a strange manner;
     nothing since has been heard of her, and it is thought she is crazy.
          It is understood that Superintendent Tucker has decided not to accept the offer
     of the general superintendency of the Northern Pacific Railroad; a good thing for
     the Maine Central.
          On Tuesday while Captain Charles Shaw, of the schooner Uncle Sam of
     Rockland, was oiling his gun on board the vessel in the harbor, it accidently went
     off, hitting Edmund Shaw, brother of Captain Shaw who was seated with his back
     towards his brother; the wounded man fell back, saying  "Oh, Charlie!" and died
     within five or ten minutes; he belonged in Rockland, was 29  years of age and
     unmarried; Coroner Hall decided that an inquest was unnecessary and Undertaker
     Rich took charge of the body.
     The woman who stole Mr. Roberts's team was arrested on Tuesday on Cumberland
     Street, still in possession of the team with which she had driven to Brunswick and
     returned; her name is Hindall; she escaped from the Almshouse last week, and has
     been crazy for some time.
     Perry & Flint of this city, expect to evaporate 20,000 bushels of apples in their East
     Baldwin factory.


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