Wednesday, July 1, 2015


          In this city, December 24, 1885, by Rev. F. T. Bayley, Lewis T. Soule and Mary
     A. Taplin, both of Portland.
          In this city, December 24, 1885, by Rev. S. F. Pearson, Manfred W. Cusick,
     and Maud E. Dobson, both of Portland.
          In this city, December 4, 1885, by Rev. S. F. Pearson, George W. Watson and
     Sarah E. Handron, both of Portland.
          In this city, January 6th, by Rev. Henry Blanchard, Edward E. Sherman and Clara
     L. Waterman, both of Biddeford.
          In this city, January 6th, by Rev. A. H. Wright, Eugene Edward Carney and
     Geneva Tucker, both of Portland.
          Deering, January 7th, by Rev. Mr. Shinn,  C. F. Bartlett of Portland and Martha W.
     Thurlow, of Deering.
          Ferry Village, January 2nd, by Rev. T. P. Adams, Freeman H. Brown and Alice
     E. Willard, both of Cape Elizabeth.
          Peaks Island, January 3rd, by Rev. J. B. Lapham, Joseph M. Smith of Portland and
     Mrs. Emeline Sterling of Peaks Island.
          Bangor, January 7th, John A. Colby, of Haverhill, Mass., and Ada Young of Portland.
          Houlton, January 1st, Miles McElwee and Ida M. Manson, both of Holton.
          New Limerick, January 1st, Hudson M. Drew and Annie J. Pipes, both of New
           Brunswick, January 6th, Willis B. Crockett  of Portland and Carrie E. Rolf of
          Bath, January 6th, William B. Rush of Bath and Mrs. Judith A. Lawrence of Arrowsic..
          Bowdoinham, January 1st, E. P. Kendall and Alma Sampson.
          Oxford, December 22, 1885, Thomas Jackson of Otisfield and Mrs. Lena Holmes,
     of Oxford.
         Naples, Me., January 1st, Joseph Pitts of Harrison and Effie Robinson of Naples.
         Steep Falls, January 2nd, Charles H. Seeley of Boston and Francis H. Allen of
     East Denmark, Me.
         Fryeburgh, January 5th, John F. Barnes of Conway, N. H., and Lillian B. Ward of
          Tremont, December 31st, Elmer E. Smallbridge of Mount Desert and Louise L.
     Lawler  of Tremont.
          Amherst, January 1st, Millard W. Foster of Amherst and Esther E. Graves of
         Franklin, Joseph Colson of Sullivan and Delia A. Gordan of  Franklin.

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