Sunday, July 5, 2015


                                                      CITY ITEMS
                                                  (Glances About Town)
          Mrs. Martha Wilson and Mrs. Williams were overcome by coal  gas at their
     residence on Congress Street, Tuesday evening of last week; the gas escaped from the
     kitchen stove; Wednesday morning a neighbor found them; Mrs. William was resuscitated
     at once, but Mrs. Wilson, aged 84 continued in a stupor for several days.
          Colonel A. W. Bradbury delivered a lecture Friday evening before the Law Student's
      club on the subject of "Criminal Pleadings."
          During the year 1885 thirty-three well-known citizens passed away at the average age
     of 68 years.; fifteen were over 70 years old and 7 were over 80; the oldest was Captain
     Arthur A. Small, aged 85; the youngest Edward A. Jordan, aged 42.
          The Venerable John T. Walton, of this city, now 88 years old, was a member of the
     Legislature fifty-one years ago; he was also a member of the following year when
     Hannibal Hamlin first took his seat in the House.
          The schooner Juliet which left this port on Friday week for New York, during the gale
     of Saturday went ashore on the rock between Deer Isle and Winthrop Head, and Captain
     B. P. Loct, Charles Tongee, mate, and James Dunn, steward, were drowned; the other three
     men were saved by the tug Sam Little, with a surf boat manned by a volunteer crew of
     prisoners of Deer Island.
          The second Mr. Dickson's art lecture will be delivered on Friday evening of this week,
     on "Art in the Netherlands," giving the audience an opportunity to see reproduced the
     masterpiece of Rubens, Van Dyck and Rembrandt.
          The annual reports of the Diamond Island Association show $2,000 above expenses,
     invested and drawing interest; there are now 28 cottage lots remain in the hands of the
     association; each shareholder has two lots; the wharf at Diamond Cove is nearly completed,
     and the wharf at the restaurant has been named Casco, there have been 14 added to
      membership (not stockholders); J. P. Baxter has been elected president, H. W. Bryant,
     treasurer, P. J. Larrabee, secretary.
          Clark & Chaplin, of this city, say they will have two fields on the Kennebec, which will
     be in about as good condition  as they were last years, so that the jam will not affect them
               Stinson Vose of Warren, was killed Tuesday by a load of wood falling upon him.


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