Wednesday, July 15, 2015


                                                        MAINE MATTERS
          Some 300 of the former lawmakers, with their wives and daughters, were gathered
     at the State House, Thursday to attend the mock session. They were called to order at
     10:30 a. m. , and S. J. Chadbourne was elected clerk of the House, and Honorable
     C. A. Spofford was elected speaker. After the election of other minor officers the
     Senate came in for a joint convention,  with Honorable J. W. Porter as President, and
     Honorable S. W. Lane as Secretary. Next in order came the election of Governor,
     and Honorable George A. Wilson, of Paris, Me., was declared to be elected, having
     received the smallest number of votes. All through these proceedings much fun was
     created by the witty and peculiar reports of the committee, who usurped the rights of
     the committees, who usurped  the right of the House, and both cast and counted the
     vote. During the proceedings some one introduced an order suspending for the day
     the prohibitory law in Augusta. A number called for the name of the member
     introducing the order, and the speaker announced it to be Mr. Dow, of Portland,
     the announcement creating much merriment. The Governor-elect then took the oath
     of office, a humorous document containing many a hit upon his Excellency, to which
     he replied in his message, a paper of the same style. The burlesque of legislative work
     was continued until the dinner hour. Dr. Martell contributed to the fun by addressing
     the House in the French language. A brilliant ball at Granite  Hall in the evening ended
     the first Legislative Reunion in Maine. Honorable James G. Blaine was among those
     present, and improved the opportunity to make a speech against biennial  sessions.
     His opposition to the change, it is well-known, was most energetic. The total expenses
     of the reunion were $2,029.49, which is $8.51 less than the receipts. It is believed that
     the next reunion will be held sometime during the summer months. A fine portrait of
     late Lot M. Merrill, procured by a few of his many friend, was presented to the State.
          C. A. Hendrickson has presented the Owl's Head Baptist Chapel Society with a
     cottage lot at Hendrickson Point, which will be sold for the benefit of the cottage fund.
          A Rockland work is rapidly being pushed on the western extension of Tilson
     wharf, whereon to be erected Stephen Chase's large fish house, which will be 130 x50
     feet and will be provided with all appliances for curing and caring for fish.
          Monday of last week Mrs. Sophia Emery, of Owl's head broke one of her legs
     while coming up the steps from the house-shed to the cook-room. She is doing well.
          Mr. Heal of Lincolnville, mother of Mrs. Henry Horton of Hope, was terribly burned
     a day or two ago by her clothes taking fire.
          A. G. A. R. post, with 18 charter members, has been organized at Warren. it is called
     William Payson Post, for one of their comrades who gave up his life in service.

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