Sunday, July 19, 2015


                                                        MAINE MATTERS
           Last fall, two young ladies of Rockland, Misses Sarah M. Thomas and Lizzie E.
     Davis, began the manufacture of apple jellies. These jellies they shipped as a venture
     to wholesale dealers in Massachusetts and New York. Finding a ready sale at
     remunerative prices, they continued the business and up to date they shipped 1,500
     glasses. They have now 150 bushed apples on hand to make up into jelly, and have
     more orders than they can comfortably fill. The do all the work themselves.
          The McDougal block, East Boothbay, destroyed by fire last September, is being
     replaced by a larger and finer structure, by J. R. McDougal and is nearing completion.
          The store of William Gray, Southport, was entered by burglars last week, who made
     quite a haul of groceries and a little cash.
          Mr. W. Gordon has been appointed postmaster in Fryeburg, in place of Tobias
     L. Eastman, who has been removed.
          Wendell P. Foss of Eaton, New Hampshire, who murdered Hartwell D. Wentworth
     at Brownfield, by stabbing him in the abdomen Tuesday of last week, was arrested in
     New Hampshire, and had a hearing Saturday at North Conway. Foss claims the deed was
     was committed in self defense, and says he was dragged from the sleigh and was roughly
     handled by Wentworth. Foss went to Brownfield to get his wife, who had fled from his
     alleged brutality, and had taken shelter at the house of the murdered man, a cousin of hers.
     The trouble between the two men arose over the demand by Foss for his wife's effect's,
     which was refused by Wentworth, who ejected him from his premises. Wentworth was a
     very respected citizen.  Foss has been committed to Ossipee jail to await the necessary
     papers to take him to Maine.
          Edward Weston of Fryeburg, who has been deputy collector and inspector of U. S.
     Customs, stationed at Lowelltown on the Canadian border, has tendered his resignation.
     he will accept a good business opportunity in Boston, as soon as he is released from duty.
         The corn packing  factory in Fryeburg, formally owned by Charles Perry, has been 
     purchased by T. L. Eastman &  Co.
          The Piscataquis Woolen Mills, Guilford are to add twelve Crompton looms and two
     sets of cards-making it a six set mill. Fifty hands are employed and the mill has been
     running day and night for some weeks.
          On the 5th, in the Coburn will case, Honorable W. L. Putnam in behalf of the executor
     said;-The answer of James B. Dascomb, Russell B. Shepherd, General N. Page and Levi W.
     Weston, executors of the last will and testament of Abner Coburn, deceased, to the petition
     Alonzo C. Marston and Julia  A. Long, children of Abner Coburn's sister, claiming that the
     petitioners are practically or to a great extent disinherited.

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