Wednesday, July 29, 2015


          In this city, January 10th, to the wife of  John S. Eustis, a son.
          Perry, January 4th, to the wife of Captain h. F. Patterson, a daughter.
          Saccarappa, January 2nd, to the wife  of Simon Cutter, Jr., a son.
          Skowhegan, December 31, 1874, to the wife of C. F. Haynes, a son.
          Auburn, January 6th, to the wife of N. H. Alden, a daughter.
          Auburn, January 4th, to the wife of Frank W. Brooks, a daughter.
          In this city, January 11th, Horace F. Blake and Eva L. Harris.
          In  this city, January 6th, Joseph Ring and Carrie E. Libby, both of  Portland.
          In this  city, January  6th, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Dr.
     Hill, George H. Burgess and Marcia Hill, daughter of Honorable N. Woodbury.
          In this city, January 7th, Neal D. Winslow and Fannie M. Cannon.
          In this city, January 7th, Albert M. Hamblen and Ida O. M. Libby
          In this city, January 6th, Edward J. Whitney and Alice E. Haley, both of Portland.
          Brunswick, December 16th, by George C. Crawford, Esq., Frank W. Prince and
     Fannie Mattocks, both of Brunswick; December 19th, 1874 Charles Morang and
     Jane Nickerson, both of Brunswick, December 27th, James E. Goddard of Durham,
     and Clara M. Jones, of Brunswick.
          Parsonsfield, December 2, 1874 at the residence of the brides' father, by Rev.
     H. P.  Lamprey, assisted by Rev. W. Packard, Charles Hunt, of Gilford, New
     Hampshire, and Hannah Seavey.
          Scarboro, December 19, 1874, at the residence of the bride's, father Captain James
     M. Small, by Rev. H. G. Storer, Charles A. Libby, M. D., of Arlington, Mass., and
     Maria H. Small.
          Pownell, January 3rd, George W. Larrabee and Sarah F. Libby, both of Pownell.
          South Paris, Me.,  January 2nd, Cyrus W. Twitchell and Alice B. Libby.
          Auburn, December 24th, James C. Drew and Mrs. Julia Etta Leavitt.
          Bath, December 31, 1874, Leonard L. Brown and Abbie E. Hodgdon.
          Lyman, January 1st, Henry T. Carl, and Joanna Roberts, both of Auburn.
          Lewiston, January 8th, Frank G. Vickery and Etta Penly.
          Auburn, January 2nd, Matthias Ripley and Lydia Libby, both of Auburn.

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