Friday, July 31, 2015


          In this city, January 11th, Mrs. Adeline, wife of William E. Edwards, aged 66.
          In this city, January, 19th, Freeman S. Clark, aged 64.
          In this city, January 9th, Mrs. Minnie N., wife of Melville Meserve, aged 29.
          In this city, January 19th, Mrs. Susan N., wife of John Yeaton, aged 60.
          In this city, January 7th, Ezekiel McKesa, aged 51 years, 6 months.
          In this city, January 7th, Mrs. Lucia T. Kimball, of Bethel, aged 83 years, 9 months.
          In this city, January 7th, M. H. Hall, aged 47.
          In this city, January 7th, Moses M. Sawyer, aged 62 years, 6  months.
                              Leaning his head on the Savior's breast,
                              Calmly and peacefully sunk to rest.

          Gorham, December 21, 1874, Mary H., wife of Lewis McLellan, only daughter of
     Captain   John Larrabee, aged 36 years, 7 months.
           Manchester, New Hampshire, December 27, 1874, Lillia J. Welch, aged 16 years,
     6 months.
          Auburn, December 30,1874, Charles R. Jordan, aged 41 years, 6 months, 21 days.
          Georgetown, January 6th, Samuel S. Swett, aged 72 years, 8 months.
          Rumford, January 3rd, Joseph Hall, aged 93 years,  7 months.
          Kennebunk, January 2nd, Benjamin Larrabee, aged 74.
          South Auburn, December 26th, Mrs. Hattie E., wife of I. F. Merrill, aged 30.
          Livermore Falls, November 25th, Oliver Lyford, aged 85 years, 16 months.
          Rockland, December 27th, Captain Hector M. Rhoades, aged 57 years, 9 months.
          Hollowell, December 31st, Mrs. Mary, widow of the late John Davis, Esq., 88.
          York, January 5th, of Paralysis,  Joseph Bradbury, aged 71.
          Wiscasset, December 25th, Mrs. Susan, widow of Joseph J. Kennedy, aged 66.
           By the death of Freeman S. Clark, a great loss has been  sustained not only by his
     immediate family and friends, but by the community at large. He was born in
     Limington, York County, March 18, 1810, and about the age of twenty years removed
    to this city, where he has since resided.  At first he was engaged in trade, until the at this
    administration of James Buchanan, when he was appointed an inspector of customs,
    and remained in this position utile the end of his term. when he entered into the
    service of the Grand Trunk Railway, where he remained until his death. His brief and
    painful illness was borne with patient fortitude, and he died as he had lived, beloved
    and respected by all who knew him. Prompt and faithful in business, genial in
    disposition, he had many friends and no enemies. His loss will be will be deeply felt
    wherever he was known, and he will be long remembered as a warm-hearted friend and
    friend, and an honest man.

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