Wednesday, July 8, 2015


                                                             CITY ITEMS
                                                       (Glances About Town)
          Mr. George H. Merrill, who died suddenly of bilious colic in Boston, last Saturday,
     at the age of 55 years, was a native of this city, and learned the printer's trade in the
     Advertiser office, where he remained twenty years as printer and reporter; he afterwards
     connected, as reporter and city editor, with the Star and the Press, and in 1872 was
     connected with the Providence Journal, and afterwards was employed on the Boston
     Journal; he was a good printer and a capable journalist, and will be kindly remembered by
     all who knew him; he leaves a widow and one daughter, the wife of Mr. E. W.Robinson.
          Last Saturday while the three-masted schooner Joyce, was buffeted by the gale forty
     miles off this port a white dove sought shelter on board and was easily caught; it was
     brought into port perched on the back of a chair in the cabin.
         The rooms of the Portland Turnverein, Congress Street, have been remodeled and refitted
      with apparatus at a cost of $3,000, and it is now one of the best appointed gymnasiums
      in the country.
          The 13th Stockbridge entertainment, Wednesday evening, 13th, by the Boston Symphony
     Orchestra, 60 musicians, Wilhelm Gericke, conductor; Misses Radecki and O'Brion perform
      with the orchestra on two grand pianos; it promises to be the musical event of the season.
          The case of Benjamin F. Andrews against the city for salary come up Thursday of this
          Thomas Cameron of Missouri, arrested for pension frauds, was brought here from
     Monticello, and has been taken to Missouri.
          The grand jury has reported 36 indictment for violation of the liquor law.
          The three-masted schooner Bradford G. French, coal laden, took fire at the Eastern
     round house Tuesday, and was damaged forward.
           James Duffy, aged 23, fell unconscious on Commercial Street, Tuesday, and died
      soon after being taken home. 
           Amanda L. Sawyer is appointed postmistress at Seal Cove; George H. Nichols has
      been appointed post master at Bath.
           Mary Welch of Lewiston, aged 60 or 70, was fatally burned Tuesday by dropping
       a kerosene lamp.

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