Sunday, July 12, 2015


                                                         MAINE MATTERS   
          The will of Benjamin E. Delano, late of Strong, bequeaths $200 to the M. E.
     Church of Strong, to be held in trust.
          Mr. Charles Moores, Me., of Madrid, died on Tuesday after a long and severe
      sickness. An effort has been made for a long time to obtain a pension ford him, but
      it did not come until a day after his death; then a check for $1,061 came. He leaves
      a widow and two children.
          Lillian Norton, a native of Farmington, and granddaughter of the venerable Rev.
     John Allen, had a most flattering reception at the Boston theater last Friday evening
     when she appeared as Violetta, in the opera La Traviata. She assumes the stage name
     Mme. Nordica.
          Leonard J. Thomas of Salisbury Cove, in the Town of Eden, being over 80 years
     old, is probably the oldest postmaster in the United States. He had held the office
     almost continuously for nearly half a century, under the different administrations,
     and has never change his politics, being an old fashioned Democrat.
          The increasing prosperity of the East Maine Seminary at Buckport, has warranted
     its board of trustees in employing as a special teacher of elocution, Miss Rosalie
     Blanchard who teaches in the Bangor Theological Seminary. Every student is admitted
     to the privileges of this training without extra charge, and the work is arousing much
          Hiram Houston, at work on the ice house at Southwest Haror, Saturday, fell 30
     feet and was instantly killed.
          Mrs. Zelpha Springer, of Franklin, has received a pension and back pay accounting
     to $1,040, on account of her husband Daniel A. Springer, dying from diseases contracted
     in the service. There have been received from mineral right and for pensions, by the
     people of that neighborhood, nearly $5,000 within the last six years.
          Samuel B. Perkins, an eccentric bachelor of forty-seven years, has built a small
      house on one of the Young's Islands in the Begaduce River, and lives in solitude.
     His only companion is his faithful gun; he being very fond of hunting. He has plenty
     of good reading and says he is not at all lonely.
          The railroad transfer business at Augusta has been worked down to a nicety, the
     trains being delayed from ten to fifteen minutes. A temporary depot has been
     established on the east side of the river. The damage to the bridge is estimated at
     $15,000 or more.

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